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How to Become Immortal


Revealed to
Chérie Phillips, Stoic Priest
Theoretical Philosopher
Stoic Philosopher


By Wisdom Revelations
The Most High Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit


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This is based upon Wisdom Revelations from The Most High Holy Spirit Kuraia and The Holy Spirit L'Dova, along with Hypotheses and Theories from research methods of mathematical science uncovering the evidence.

And, thus, the Hypotheses and Theories are subject to change by The WisdomPeace Lightforce.

*   *   *   *

Truth is a Butterfly,

beautiful to look upon

but elusive

to hold

and delicate

when touched.

*   *   *   *

When you open the Holy Bible,

you see words.

When I open the Holy Bible,

I see codes.

*   *   *   *






The Living Mind





*   *   *   *


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*   *   *   *





Before your birth,


Becoming Forces

were placed

in your

BacterVira (stem cells)

and periodically


the accelerated

Full Force Evomorphing


during periods in between


the slow

Incremental Evomorphing.


Look around you for signs

of this


that will be followed yet

by a


of sustained and slow changes

in both the Environment




(1) new species may suddenly appear;



(2) some species will suddenly disappear;



(3) some species will suddenly change;



(4) some people in society will suddenly want to end their life, but, instead, you should be prepared to convince them to be saved by Jesus by taking action to participate in the First Resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Second Becoming;



(5) some people in society will suddenly change for the better;


(6) some people will suddenly change with noticeably higher mental functions, and, thus, some will become much more creative, and there will be a large increase of inventions, or a large increase of medical or other scientific discoveries, and so forth;



(7) the environment will suddenly change, or some will change chaotically for a time, and some will become sustained changes;


(8) the magnetic poles may suddenly change, causing fast-moving continental drifts and/or sudden subductions, large earthquakes, several volcanoes to erupt at the same time; and such other associated effects;



(9) the sun may suddenly release massive coronas causing associated disruptions of electronics, lights may suddenly go out for long periods, and such other associated effects;



(10) massive changes will occur in the microscopic dimension, including spontaneous curing of past diseases and sudden appearance of new diseases;



(11) and such other environmental and life changes since they are interdependent and affected together by the sudden changes.



*    *    *    *    *    *   

This is the

Law of Life Physics.

*    *    *    *    *    *   



Once you see the scriptures of the original Holy Bible that I am working on, by translating and code deciphering the ancient scriptures, you will know that the Becoming Forces are the main theme being taught to you in the original Holy Bible.



For over two thousand years you have been deceived by humans.



God does NOT take orders from humans. We don't know many things about Life and the Earth and the Sun and the Universe. But, God is speaking. It is time that you listen to God over and above humans.



You have to know the Nature of God and know the Nature of Jesus and know the Nature of Satan or you will be deceived.



God wants us to survive and knows that our survival depends on us being happy and being Virtuous and being able to solve problems logically, mathematically, and in Wisdom Peace.



Sometimes you ask:

Where is God?

Maybe . . . just maybe . . . God is with you, inside you, all around you, above you, and . . . maybe you are thinking of God as being too human, or too magical.




We think in terms of seconds or minutes, but God thinks in terms of aioms which are segments of vibrations of time in the Creator Mother Universe Womb.  While we want instant results, God takes action for long term results.



God does not say that everyone will live forever, but rather, that Life will always exist wherever it can exist and that God will bring those of us back again when we who have proven to be strong in virtues whenever the environment is livable.



Those who are strong in virtues will become the template for those of the future to build upon.






Sudden Magnetic Pole Reversal

What would you do differently in your life if you knew that you only had:


. . . a month to live?


. . . a week?


. . . a day?


. . . an instant?


One important understanding that we need to realize is that a Lifetime is impermanent. Our ancestors long ago were aware of this.



We think that when someone dies, they go away and leave us and that somehow we are going to live forever.


Even though your Soul can become Immortal, your body is only temporary because it falls into entropy and slowly becomes disordered and can no longer be repaired. Then, you need a new body for your Immortal Soul to live in and continue Life.



Thus, to obtain a new body, we will eventually go to the same place that our loved ones went. And, they would want us to live a long life and remain happy instead of continually grieving for them. Honor them by living in virtues with happiness and a healthy lifestyle.


Further, we never know when the last moment of our life will be.

In fact, our ancient ancestors knew that the magnetic poles may suddenly change, causing fast-moving continental drifts and/or sudden subductions, large earthquakes, several volcanoes to erupt at the same time; and such other associated effects.



Do this thought experiment:


Assume that Life begins in Antarctica. Visualize Antarctica as a huge land mass and that it is the only ONE. It is the Antarctica Continent. Parts of it are very beautiful and it is even what we call the Garden of Eden.



However, the area around the pole or Earth's axis is frozen solid.



Then, something happens. There is a Sudden Magnetic Pole Reversal




All Life is submerged underwater as massive ocean Tsunamis powerful enough to thrust boulders on top of the highest mountains occur



All nations who have nuclear weapons begin to self-destruct as massive nuclear weapons worldwide are spontaneously discharged




The force is so humungous that the entire Earth is submerged in ocean waters that cover the highest mountains.



Volcanoes around the world erupt. The Earthquakes rumble violently and break open the land everywhere.



ALL of this is occurring at the same time.



This is the Real Tsunami. The ONE gigantic wave that covers the Earth.



This we can call:




Now, take a globe of the Earth that you can hold in your hand. The one that is a balloon is easier to use for this experiment.


Hold the globe with Antarctica being at the BOTTOM.


Now instantly turn it upside down with Antarctica being at the TOP.



Look closely at the globe. Notice that Antarctica is up there all by itself, while all of the other continents, the warmer continents, are ALL at the BOTTOM.



This is a thought experiment.


What if . . . the "other continents" are all at the bottom because:



When there was ONE continent worldwide, the magnetic poles suddenly shifted, without warning, causing land masses to instantly part from the ONE continent of Antarctica and break away into several continents and with the oceans smashing against them with unthinkable force and a humungous full-earth-diameter-size tsunami reaching up to heaven like the fountains of the earth exploding upward vertically while moving at phenomenal speed horizontally, taking huge chunks of land masses with it, and magnetic-gravity forces pulling the ocean, broken land masses - everything - except the solid frozen part of Antarctica directly at the pole, and thrusting the broken land masses downward toward Alaska and through earthquake slits, land masses subducting, folding into the earth, and land masses smashing into each other making huge mountain ridges . . .




What if . . .?



Most LIFE  is INSTANTLY gone, except some of the ocean creatures.



And, we are living in the aftermath of random earthquakes and tsunamis that are nothing in comparison during this punctuation until the next instant of activation occurs when the magnetic poles suddenly reverse.



The Earth functions with alternating periods of punctuation and activation. Perhaps life can only exist during the periods of punctuation, which could be aiums (aeons).


Think about it.


There is much evidence that the sudden reversal of the magnetic poles happened before if you study the unexplained events in geology (such as huge boulders on top of a tall mountains and ocean fossils in the desert along with fossil palm leaves originating from the other side of the world) and if you study the visual evidence from this thought experiment staring back at you from the globe.



Since it happened before, then it could happen again.



Is this the details of Noah's Event in the Holy Bible?


Is Antarctica the former Garden of Eden where humans were thrown out, symbolically, because of the turning sword, which could be describing the extraordinary cold, deep, continental ice where no human could exist until recently, and still with great difficulty.



Think also about what undiscovered treasures are hidden beneath the ice from, perhaps, civilizations of the past if it was warm at one time. Since Antarctica was so deeply frozen solid when the magnetic poles suddenly reversed, whatever was there since the beginning of Earth's time, is still locked beneath the ice covered-surface of that continent. Yet scientists can barely survive there, much less search for hidden knowledge beneath the ice.



The "fountains of the deep" . . . could be describing gigantic Tsunamis that look like huge water fountains from the ocean depth. But in your Bible, you only read about the rain and your eyes skimmed over the word "fountains." Read Genesis 7 and see if it could be describing a sudden magnetic pole reversal.




Let us not waste any moment seeking fame or massive fortunes or working so long that there is no time to enjoy today or tomorrow, and no time to rest on the Sabbath which is Saturday.




Live today and every day as if your life could be over in an instant. Live responsibly, but LIVE!!




The original Holy Bible tells us that when one becomes Virtuous, the Wisdom Mind is born, and this causes a physiological change in your DNA, which the Bible describes symbolically as the Mark of God on your Life Soul Lights. These are your lightforce, your living lights. And the Soul Lights of life are different from any other kind of light.



Thus, your BacterVira actually place the Mark of God on your DNA, and this makes you become a chosen one for immortality.



Yet, understand, even when your Life Soul Lights are immortal and saved from the Second Death (the death of your Soul), your body still dies, which is the First Death. And, so, we still need to be cognizant of the impermanence of the body and live a quality life which is a part of being Virtuous. This honors our Mother God and our Father Aidam.


If you do not daily maintain your Virtues, then you will lose your immortality. And, thus, as long as you are Virtuous, then you will remain immortal. And, if you unintentionally fall out of your Virtues, then you Repent and quickly get back on the path.



God knows we are imperfect, but your intent is also known because the BacterVira read your mind every night while you sleep. You are not alone! The BacterVira are the Hand of God.



Thus, taking care of all life, including yourself and other people and other animals, is a part of living a Virtuous life.



Living a Virtuous Life assures you that you are immortal, both spiritually and physically with the Mark of God upon your Life Soul Lights. 




Your daily priority in Time is maintaining your Virtues which  is synonymous with maintaining your Immortality Blessings guaranteed by God in the original Holy Bible. Everything else is secondary in your Schedule of Time daily.



You have to take time to establish a firm foundation of prayer and meditation daily to know the nature of God and to listen for God to communicate with you. If you hear nothing, then pray for God to communicate loud and clear.


God's voice is strong. When God speaks, you know that God is present.



However, it is the nature of a thing that defines God's nonconscious Wisdom as distinguished from your own conscious thoughts, and, when God communicates from the nonconscious Wisdom Mind within you, the Wisdom is profound.



It is important for you to participate in the First Resurrection so that you can receive the Truth from the Second Resurrection of Jesus Christ. And, the Second Becoming (Coming) that already occurred has completed your evolution and metamorphosis as you slowly learn to become the Wisdom Mind of the Buddha Jesus in your thoughts and actions.

*  *  *  *


Be With Us or Be Left Behind.

*   *   *   *



May the Lightforce Be With You

Wisdom Peace



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