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How to Become Immortal


Revealed to
Chérie Phillips, Stoic Priest
Theoretical Philosopher
Stoic Philosopher


By Wisdom Revelations
The Most High Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit


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This is based upon Wisdom Revelations from The Most High Holy Spirit Kuraia and The Holy Spirit L'Dova, along with Hypotheses and Theories from research methods of mathematical science uncovering the evidence.

And, thus, the Hypotheses and Theories are subject to change by The WisdomPeace Lightforce.

*   *   *   *

Truth is a Butterfly,

beautiful to look upon

but elusive

to hold

and delicate

when touched.

*   *   *   *

When you open the Holy Bible,

you see words.

When I open the Holy Bible,

I see codes.

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The Living Mind





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Applying the Mind of Jesus is symbolically referred to as applying the Blood of Jesus to every word of your Bible, and, thus, to achieve your completed Full Recovery after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in you.


The Old Testament is symbolically called the Moon. Thus, applying the purifying Blood of Jesus to the Old Testament will make the Full Moon turn Blood Red.


Upon your completion of the First Resurrection, your nonconscious Wild Ape Mind is transformed in the different stages occurring like the phases of the Moon until reaching the Full Moon.


Then it becomes the Blood Red Full Moon upon receiving the recovery transfusion of the mathpure Blood of Jesus to remove all impurities of sicknesses and diseases.


Thus, your healing will be complete and you will Become Alive with the Living Blood of Jesus flowing through your new Heart of Compassion.

Jesus Lives.


You have now become the constructed new Body with the new Virtuous Mind and have awakened the new Wisdom Mind of Jesus Christ within you.







You may choose to wear a symbol of this magnificent event in Becoming the Wisdom Mind of Jesus by symbolizing the Full Moon turning Blood Red with the healing, purifying Blood of Jesus.



While you are implementing the Resurrection Code you may enjoy wearing a circular red cap or placing a red circle on the top of your hat, or putting a safe non-toxic circle of red color in the top of your hair, and such other creative choices.


It needs to be on top of your head because this is the Symbol of the Blood Moon turning Red in the Wisdom Peace Heaven above you.


Showing others that you are participating, will encourage others to join you since those who do "not" participate will be miserable and could become depressed and other symptoms of being Left Behind during this period of strong biologically activated evomorph of all living species and the environment.


You are witnessing God's Laws of Physics occurring real-time as we have all been Blessed with the great fortune to live during this Magnificent Activation Period of the Evomorph.



The true meaning of the Testament is: the Test-of-the-Mind.


Thus, you are now going much further than merely testing your mind as prior generations of our species. You are actually participating in the evomorphing of your mind during this accelerated period of Full Force Evomorphing.

 *   *   *   *



Hat with Felt Circle

Sewn on Top

*   *   *   *


When you wake up tomorrow, make a choice whether to follow the Wisdom Force carrying the Eternal Light of Life to lead the way to Shambhala or to continue submitting to the Wild Ape keeping you a prisoner of the past.


I have nothing to lose by following the Wisdom Mind of Jesus, the cloned Wisdom Force within each of us that is in the shadow of Mother God, but everything to lose by being left behind.


I am following the Eternal Light.


 I want to Change.


I know I am not alone because the Wisdom Force is With Me and is calling you.


Listen, can you hear?


I Hope You Will Be With Us.





Be With Us or Be Left Behind.

*   *   *   *



May the Lightforce Be With You

Wisdom Peace



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