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How to Become Immortal


Revealed to
Chérie Phillips, Stoic Priest
Theoretical Philosopher
Stoic Philosopher


By Wisdom Revelations
The Most High Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit


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This is based upon Wisdom Revelations from The Most High Holy Spirit Kuraia and The Holy Spirit L'Dova, along with Hypotheses and Theories from research methods of mathematical science uncovering the evidence.

And, thus, the Hypotheses and Theories are subject to change by The WisdomPeace Lightforce.

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Truth is a Butterfly,

beautiful to look upon

but elusive

to hold

and delicate

when touched.

*   *   *   *

When you open the Holy Bible,

you see words.

When I open the Holy Bible,

I see codes.

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The Living Mind





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These instructions and protocol are applicable to any Bible of any religion so that you can understand the original intent of the divinely inspired prophets and/or other writer(s) of your Bible.


God loves diversity and that is why there are several different religions ordained by God so that every mind of every kind finds great happiness in their chosen religion.

*  *  *  *



 1. Daily Pray and Meditate.


2. Daily implement the First Resurrection Code by applying the Wisdom Mind of Jesus, over a period of time, to every word of your Bible,


(a) discerning the Nature of Jesus,


(b) analyzing the Nature of Jesus,


(c) judging the moral values shown, and,


(d) interpreting the scriptures, until you can See and Hear the Circle of Light in the Truth of the Nature of Jesus Christ.


Your goal is to make the scriptures of the Old Testament to be in harmony with the mathpure New Testament Gospels of Jesus.


The Gospels are: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.


First you will make the New Testament Gospels of Jesus mathpure:


For instance when discerning a scripture shown to be stated by Jesus:


(a) Discerning: Know whether this is actually Jesus or a fake.


b) Analyzing: What are the elements (different morals stated or implied), purpose, conclusion, and so forth, of this teaching of Jesus?


(c) Judgment Rendered: Weigh the scales to determine whether the moral values shown are good, bad, or becoming good, or becoming bad.


(d) Interpreting: Conclude what is the meaning of the scripture and any symbolism stated.

*  *  *  *



1. Two Bibles.


 2. Write Symbols in one Bible with an Erasable Colored Marking Pencil.


* *1. Two Bibles. Use two Bibles to implement the Resurrection Code.


First Bible: You will have one Bible to write in since you have to remove the mark of Satan from both your head (by thinking) and your hand (by writing).


Second Bible: You will need to have another Bible to read which has "no" markings on it in order to Test your ability to see the hidden Truth while it is camouflaged, like a chameleon, and to be able to apply the Nature of Jesus automatically.


* *2. Write Symbols and Marks. Use an erasable colored marking pencil to mark out and add words, and then, write category symbols in the margin next to the scriptures:


A. Real Discern, Analyze, and Interpret the scriptures to conclude the category of the individual's or group's nature.


God = Real God Nature


Gog = Deceiver with name mask of God


Jesus = Real Jesus Nature


Magog = Deceiver with name mask of Jesus


R (or V) (Righteous or Virtuous Nature)


S (Satan Nature)


B. Becoming Some of the scriptures are difficult to conclude the category of the individual's or group's nature. You may want to use the ~ symbol to indicate becoming, such as, becoming the Nature of God, becoming the Deceiver of Gog, becoming the Nature of Jesus, and so forth.


~ Becoming God Nature


~ Becoming Gog Deceiver


~ Becoming Jesus Nature


~ Becoming Magog Deceiver


 ~ R (or ~ V) (Becoming Righteous/Virtuous Nature)


~ S (Becoming Satan Deceiver)

 *  *  *  *



As you read or listen to a recording of the scriptures of your Bible, discern, analyze, and interpret the scriptures:


* *3. Think about and apply each Wisdom Virtue: Reason, Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Empathy, Compassion, and Patience.


* *4. Think about and apply the mathpure Nature of Jesus that you learned from discerning and analyzing the New Testament.


Discern whether the individual in the scripture is deceiving, is wearing a mask, is in the mathpure light, is in the wild darkness, is heading toward the mathpure light, is heading toward the wild darkness and so forth.


For instance, is it really Abraham as the name states or implies, or is it the Deceiver wearing the Mask of Abraham because he is not acting in the nature of Abraham according to the Wisdom Mind of Jesus Christ.


Keep in mind that the Nature of ALL Virtuous people is to think and act (take action) with the Wisdom Mind of Jesus.


When the Bible says that God is speaking, is that really God or is that Satan wearing the Mask of God?


You have been mesmerized into thinking that every word of the Holy Bible is Truth. You know that is deception if you have read the Holy Bible and discover evidence of myth, talking animals, curses, sudden change in the nature of the character, magic, extreme violence or immorality committed by model characters.


Further, early Qumran writings clearly show that even long ago religious groups were practicing discernment, analysis, judgment, and interpretation of the scriptures.


Most important, the Wisdom Force is guiding you to participate and shows you the scriptures in the Book of Revelation that tells you the importance for you to participate.


Thus, you will slowly be released from the adamil and evil curse of not knowing right from wrong by participating in the scriptures and in your thoughts and from others, by participating in this First Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 *  *  *  *



 If you are discerning and analyzing and interpreting the Holy Bible:


 * *5. Book of Revelation. Learn and understand ONLY the verses of the Book of Revelation regarding the First Resurrection (Revelation 20:1-11) as interpreted by the Wisdom Force because it applies to You while participating in the Resurrection of the Wisdom Mind of Jesus Christ.

*  *  *  *


Remaining Verses of the Book of Revelation.


* *6. Read the Remaining Verses of the Book of Revelation. Then return to it to analyze and interpret as the very last Book in the sequence and you will better understand the symbolism, but you will NOT be DISCERNING it since all of the Book of Revelation is in Truth.


However, since it is in the language of Symbolism, you will only be ANALYZING it and INTERPRETING it. Then wait until I return to you with the Wisdom Force to interpret it thoroughly.


Thus, do "not" be concerned about the remaining verses of the Book of Revelation, since later those scriptures will be interpreted for you because they relate to instructions on code deciphering and code reading that were used for the Second Resurrection that I worked on with the Wisdom Force guiding me. However, you are working solely on the First Resurrection.



* *7. New Testament Gospels. Begin with the New Testament Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.


Thoroughly analyze and discern the Nature of Jesus and every individual in the Gospels and judge their moral character, and interpret the scriptures.


In the Gospels, there are several scriptures that are Magog (masked Jesus) and intended to deceive you and test your ability to know the Nature of Jesus and to teach you to think with the Wisdom Mind of Jesus.


The deception can occur in the middle of a single scripture or anywhere and can be inserted into profound Wisdom with a single word that is "not" the Nature of Jesus.


That single word is a V-Code, Verification Code, that alerts you to know that this is "not" Jesus, but rather is Magog, the masked Jesus deceiving you.


The Deceiver always accompanies wonderful words and actions with the Nature of Satan to mesmerize you to follow Satan and to abandon the real Jesus.


Why? In logical terms, the real face of Satan is the nonconscious "Wild Ape Mind" within you from which you evomorphed and who wants to have power and control over your conscious Self which is the Free Will of your conscious Thinking and your conscious Actions.


This is the Nature of the Wild Ape Mind that was made for survival in the "Wild." And, by default, in you, without being yet tamed, its nature is to run Free and Wild in the dense forest and to continue being the night predator that all life fears with terror.


The Wild Ape Mind has "no" ability to think and reason, but instead, submits to the leader, that needs to be your Virtuous Mind.



However, understand that the Wild Ape Mind avoids changing its nature and wants to live in the past, and, thus, to remain free to act with all its wild impulses, including power over life and death of others and wild lust, and other impulses that come naturally in the catabolic Realm of Disorder.


The Wild Ape Mind has no conscience. It has no remorse. It has no guilt. All these things have been evomorphed into your new mind when you evomorphed from the Wild Ape into a Human.


Since God evomorphs the new species upon the foundation of the old species, that is why there is the Wild Ape Mind in the Human body. However, the Wild Ape Mind needs to have a new leader, your conscious Self, that must take control or the Wild Ape Mind will take control, and, then, you will be acting impulsively, without a conscience, without remorse, and without guilt.


Thus, with the Wild Ape Mind in control, without your Human Mind and without your Virtuous Self, you will lose most all the powers of Human intelligence.


Drugs and unnecessary or long term use of strong medicines will cause the delicate, newly evomorphed Self to break down with weakness and the nonconscious Wild Ape Mind will take over and make you submit and then think and act like a Wild Ape in Human skin.


In reality, we are the Hairless Ape species, trying to become yet Humankind, the Intermediary Stage, and then to become yet the Wisdomkind species in order to think and act with the Wisdom Mind of Jesus.


Over 2,000 years ago our Virtuous ancestors were divinely anointed to preach and then to write The Holy Code that would save us, but the intent and the instructions were wrongly intercepted and we have been so distracted by unimportant things that we have closed our eyes and ears to obvious realities and allow ourselves so easily to be mesmerized into submission that we now suffer the consequences.


You will notice the difference in feeling after the first session of participation. You will find yourself hesitating before you act because now you know a better way as you awaken like a Lotus flower beginning to bloom and soft petals are surrounding you with magnificence.


Thus, your challenge is to "tame" your Wild Ape Mind within, and use its powerful nature to act like a domesticated dog whose great skills can benefit you and become your companion.


You can "not" destroy the nonconscious Wild Ape Mind within you, but instead, you can tame it to use its nature to become yet an instinctive system of order with its nature of powerful survival skills that will yet become submissive to your conscious Virtuous commands.


Your inner Wild Ape Mind, thus, becomes your tamed Ape Mind that no longer wants to battle you, but being tamed like a dog who was once a wolf, or like a cat who was once a lion, it now realizes its skills are more powerful under your authority than when running wild, and generously wants to enhance your life, and is now tame and under your authority as the new Virtuous Leader.


The Nature of Jesus has mastered all the Virtues and the power of Wisdom, and, seeks Wisdom Peace to take time to thoroughly think through issues by mathematically solving all problems.


Jesus constantly seeks scientific changes leading the way into the exponentially improving future in Life and seeks healing, endurance, and sustained happiness by mastering interaction with the anabolic Realm of Order.


Further, be aware that just because your Bible edition may show the sayings of Jesus in red, and part of it seems to be really great, that does "not" automatically mean that Jesus is, in fact, saying it. Discern and analyze and interpret every word.


Satan is a convincing imitator of Jesus by saying many good things, but then saying something bad that is "not" the virtuous Nature of Jesus, and, thus, Satan deceptively leads you astray.

*  *  *  *


Once you have thoroughly analyzed and discerned the Nature of Jesus and interpreted the scriptures in the Gospels of the New Testament, then proceed:


* *8. Old Testament. Proceed to Genesis, and, over a period of time, read every word, going through the entire Old Testament.

 *  *  *  *


* *9. New Testament Commentary Books of the Bible. Only after you finish the Old Testament, you can discern, analyze, render judgment, and interpret the remaining Commentary Books of the New Testament, except the Book of Revelation.


The Commentary Books in the New Testament of the Holy Bible are:



1 and 2 Corinthians





1 and 2 Thessalonians

1 and 2 Timothy





1 and 2 Peter

1, 2, and 3 John



The Commentary Books are the most challenging to discern, analyze, judge and interpret because they are more perceptively influential.


The Commentary Books are, for the most part, not divinely inspired by God, but rather, are mesmerizing, political authority that reveals the purpose of the forgery of the Holy Bible. It deceivingly mixes inspiring ideas connected to political ideas as the Trojan Horse to enter the gates of your mind.


The Commentary Books are extensively oppressive to ladies, and support slavery and anti-Semitic beliefs, and, thus, are politically motivated and persuasively contradictory to the Wisdom Mind of Jesus.


Understand that by working on the Commentary Books last, you will have developed strong skills to be able to Resurrect the Wisdom Mind of Jesus out of them and thereby save the good scriptures and leave the adamil and evil behind.


You have nothing to lose by Becoming the Wisdom Mind of Jesus, but you have everything to lose by continuing to think like a wild hairy ape in a human hairless ape body.


God created evolution and metamorphosis - for all living and non-living things.


Darwin did "not" discover evolution since it originated in the Holy Bible. He may have copied it from underground copies of the original Holy Bible that apparently are in private collections of some ministers and some translators.


God created evolution and metamorphosis, and the very first sentence of the original Holy Bible states this, as you will soon read.


God wants you to change when you are ready. Some men want you to stay chained to the past so they can control you while they, themselves, live in the present in wealth and fame and power over you.


Let go of men who wear the mask of God.


Choose God.

Choose Life.

Choose the Wisdom Mind of Jesus.

*  *  *  *


Participate in your own Evomorph.


By following this Daily Protocol, you will be participating in your own evomorph by constructing your conscious Virtuous Mind and awakening the nonconscious Wisdom Mind of Jesus Christ within you.


Thus when you pray, you will be communicating with the nonconscious Wisdom Mind of Jesus Christ and while you are waiting for the answer to your prayers you will have the sustained conscious Virtuous Mind of Jesus constantly as your very own conscious Self to direct your conscious thoughts and actions.


When your prayers are answered with Wisdom Guidance, upon verification of the nature of Jesus, always follow the nonconscious Wisdom Mind of Jesus over and above your conscious Virtuous Mind.


Since the Wisdom Mind is nonconscious, it takes time before you receive an answer.


Thus, the purpose of achieving your conscious Virtuous Mind is to sustain you in the interim time while waiting to hear from the nonconscious Wisdom Force (Holy Spirit).


The nonconscious Wisdom Mind has exclusive access to the most highly evomorphed Wisdom in your brain and is connected to the Wisdom of God throughout the Universe and is connected to all Life. To have access to the most highly evomorphed Wisdom within, you have to become yet Virtuous.


As long as you want to run as a Wild Ape in Human skin, you will not have access to the Wisdom Mind because it will sleep.


However, when you achieve your Virtuous Mind, then the Wisdom Mind awakens, and, thus, is activated.



 Symbolically, we can see this as being born again or the second birth, and Baptism symbolizes the birth waters.


It is like giving birth to a baby but one who is born within one's brain. Because its functions are nonconscious, it thinks independently and with extraordinary Wisdom exceeding all experience and intelligence, and teaches your conscious Self mind things far beyond its own abilities to acquire.


Further, the stronger you achieve your Virtuous Mind the closer you will get to becoming the Nature of Jesus in your conscious thoughts and actions, and, thus you are sustained in the magnificent realm of Wisdom - all the time.


Eventually the Wisdom Mind will become yet your Self functions, and, thereafter, another, even higher realm, will begin to evomorph.


But right now the Wisdom Mind that was Heavenly Earth designed by Jesus under the mathpure laws of physics is being built for all of us as our new Self with extraordinary powers and profound Wisdom Peace when we become yet the new Wisdomkind species. Fascinating.


As you take the time to participate, you will become increasingly aware that this Daily Protocol is a highly intelligent machine that functions powerfully to evomorph you, and, this is the real-time evidence of the original intent of the Holy Bible and you are being saved from the control and mesmerizing lower realms of the wild untamed inner ape by participation in the First Resurrection of Jesus Christ.



Be With Us or Be Left Behind.

*   *   *   *



May the Lightforce Be With You

Wisdom Peace


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