Elizabeth Cady Stanton


Vol. 1:  Comments on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus,
Numbers and Deuteronomy


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Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
Rev. Phebe A. Hanaford.
Clara Bewick Colby.
Rev. Augusta Chapin.
Mary Seymour Howell.
Josephine K. Henry.
Mrs. Robert G. Ingersoll.
Sarah A. Underwood.
Catharine F. Stebbins.
Ellen Battelle Dietrick.
Ursula N. Gestefeld.
Lillie Devereux Blake.
Matilda Joslyn Gage.

Rev. Olympia Brown.
Frances Ellen Burr.
Clara B. Neyman.
Helen H. Gardener.
Charlotte Beebe Wilbour.
Lucinda B. Chandler.
Louisa Southworth.
Baroness Alexandra Gripenberg, Finland.
Ursula M. Bright, England.
Irma von Troll-Borostyani, Austria.
Priscilla Bright McLaren, Scotland.
Isabelle Bogelot, France.





A 12mo, 160 pp. paper. Third American and Second English Edition. Twentieth Thousand. Price 50 Cents.

It contains Comments on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lillie Devereux Blake, Rev. Phebe A. Hanaford, Clara Bewick Colby, Ellen Battelle Dietrick, Ursula N. Gestefeld, Louisa Southworth, Frances Ellen Burr.




A 12mo, 217 pp. paper. First American Edition, Ten Thousand. Price 50 Cents.

It contains Comments on The Old and New Testaments from Joshua to Revelation, by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Louisa Southworth, Lucinda B. Chandler, Anonymous, Matilda Joslyn Gage, Rev. Phebe A. Hanaford, Clara B. Neyman, Frances Ellen Burr, Ellen Battelle Dietrick, and Letters and Comments in an Appendix, by Rev. Antoinette Brown Blackwell, Mary A. Livermore, Frances E. Willard, Mrs. Robert G. Ingersoll, Irma von Troll-Borostyani, Mrs. Jacob Bright, Rev. Phebe A. Hanaford, Anonymous, Susan B. Anthony, Edna D. Cheney, Sarah A. Underwood, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, Josephine K. Henry, Ursula N. Gestefeld, Catharine F. Stebbins, Alice Stone Blackwell, Matilda Joslyn Gage, E. T. M., Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and others, and the resolution passed by the National-American Woman Suffrage Association, repudiating "The Woman's Bible," together with the discussion thereon.

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The comments are right up to date.--Cincinnati Tribune.

The most humorous book of the year.--The Hartford Seminary Record.

Of all possible books this is perhaps the most extraordinary possible.--The Week, Toronto, Canada.

A very clever analysis of passages relating to the sex.--Public Opinion, N. Y. City.

The new Woman s Bible is one of the remarkable productions of the century.--Denver News.

A unique edition of the Scripture. An extraordinary presentment of Holy Writ!--Denver Times.

The work is unique. Its aim is to help the cause of woman in her battle for equality.--Beacon, Akron, Ohio.

Robert G. Ingersoll is the only person on earth capable of a work equal to Mrs. Stanton's sensation, "The Woman's Bible."--Chicago Times-Herald.

The attack of the new woman on the King James Bible will be observed with interest where it does not alarm. But let "The Woman's Bible" and the truth prevail. It may be that Lot himself was turned into a pillar of salt.--Chicago Post.

It has come at last, as it was bound to come--the emancipated woman's Bible. The wonder is it has been delayed so long. This is not a blasphemous book.--The Egyptian Gazette, Alexandria, Egypt.

The "new woman" has broken out in a fresh direction and published "The Woman's Bible." In it the conduct of Adam, the father of the race, is described as "to the last degree dastardly."--Westminster Budget, London, Eng.

One of the most striking protests devised by woman for the purpose of showing her rejection of the conditions under which our mothers lived. It is evidently the mission of "The Woman's Bible" to exalt and dignify woman.--The Morning, London, Eng.

We have read some of the passages of the commentary prepared for "the Woman's Bible" by that very accomplished American woman and Biblical student, Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton. They are a great deal more satisfactory than many of the comments upon the same texts that we have read in other and more pretentious Commentaries. Mrs. Stanton's interpretative remarks are shrewd and sensible--Editorial N. Y. Sun.

Of man-made commentaries on the Bible we have had sufficient to stock a library and yet they have left room for this commentary by women. These revisers have proved the need of an intelligent examination of the Scriptures from the woman's point of view. The lady commentators are not wanting in a sense of humor--the quality in which biblical critics of the male sex are usually unhappily deficient. There is much that is very funny and very interesting in this new commentary upon the Bible.--The Daily Chronicle, London, Eng.

The Standard says, "The Sisterhood of Advanced Women has taken a bold step towards emancipation. It has long groaned under certain implications of servitude contained in a few passages of Scripture, and has, therefore, determined to abolish these disabilities by publishing 'The Woman's Bible.'" It is not only the type that is new. New readings of old passages are given, and the volume contains suggestions to show that the verses about women's inferiority really mean the opposite of the ordinary acceptation. In it Eve is rather praised than otherwise for having eaten the apple. It is pointed out that Satan did not tempt her with an array of silks and satins, and gold watches, or even a cycling costume--the things which some people think most seductive to her descendants--but with the offer of knowledge; a man being of such a lethargic and groveling nature that a similar lofty ambition never entered his mind. Besides, if the fruit was not to be eaten, Eve should have been informed of the fact at first hand, and not through an agent.--Pall Mall Gazette, London, Eng.

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