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TINY Mosquitoes



 in Wisconsin

March 26, 2021 2:33 pm
(Standard Time)



These mosquitoes are very tiny.


They look similar to the ones I saw in Hawaii in 2018, and who were strangely nesting with very large ones in a field of tall wet grasses across from a medical research school near the ocean.


They gave me the same symptoms at that time as described by this covid-19 pandemic and from which I almost died from the resultant lung problems (in 2018 in Hawaii).


Also, you will recall (written in scientific journals and the news) that the male mosquitoes were genetically modified in a laboratory to make them unable to reproduce. And such lab designed species was released in Florida on or about early 2020. Could the CoronaVirus be the revenge of the mosquitoes for genetically modifying their species?


Just a thought.


Further, all species are capable of parthenogenesis (reproducing without males), and the mosquitoes that bite are always femelles (females).


Remember that the highly intelligent BacterVira (stem cells) are the creator of all species and live within the multicellular life forms they create.


On Friday, March 26, 2021, I walked a few miles to a store.


And afterwards, I returned home with several white bags.


 As I neared my home, I looked at the white bags and saw that they were covered with hundreds of very small mosquitoes.


In addition, there was a huge swarm of very tiny mosquitoes following me.


I was wearing secure clothing that covered every inch of me. And I wore a knitted cap with my hair completely tucked up into it.


Further, I was wearing long-sleeve rubber gloves.


I was dressed safely.


I brushed the mosquitoes off the bag and rushed inside to get away from the huge swarm.


Since I was wearing a plastic face shield and my head and neck were covered with a scarf-mask, the mosquitoes were not attracted to my carbon dioxide.


We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. The mosquitoes are biologically attracted to the carbon dioxide to seek out and find humans.


Since they could not detect the carbon dioxide because of my mask and face shield, they were attracted to the white color of the plastic bags that reflected the bright light of the sun.


Thus, I learned that when we must go to the store, we should use dark plastic bags and wear dark clothing colors in order to avoid mosquitoes during the spring season when they are the most prolific in reproduction.


You should NOT wear a white mask. That will attract them to your mouth area and they may detect some carbon dioxide.


They are also attracted to other odors that Humans give off since they have co-evomorphed to biologically detect Humans since our blood provides their food.


Let this be a lesson for all of us to avoid going out for walks for the next few months as much as possible during this pandemic and as long as cases are rising.


It is risky at this time.


There are too many in the huge swarms to avoid letting them into your home, and the risk of them being the Primary Carriers is growing in evidence.


Further, do not open your windows during times when they are swarming because they are so small that they can easily come through the holes in the screens of the window. Only open your window when you do not see any and let in some fresh air, and then close it as soon as possible. Research to learn more about them.


Also, they are around the trash cans, so wear protective clothing.


And, so after I returned home, I went inside and saw that there was one mosquito remaining on a plastic bag.


I quickly smashed the mosquito before it could fly away and hide and perhaps lay hundreds of eggs all over my apartment.


The pictures shown here are of a SMASHED mosquito which makes it look a bit different in shape, but most important is that you can see how very small it is and you can somewhat identify what it looks like.


We are currently as of this date seeing a large sudden increase in covid-19 cases in numerous states, and I present to you what I believe to be the overwhelming evidence that these most certainly genetically modified mosquitoes are the Primary Carriers of the CoronaVirus.


They leave the inland areas in the Winter time and fly to the coastal areas and then return to the inland during the Spring time.


Some may hibernate underground inland, but they would have to find a water source since that is their habitat.


Further, there is much salt thrown around to melt the lingering snow during the entire winter here in Wisconsin, but which would deter them from hibernating underground.


That's why the evidence shows they migrate to the coastal areas during the Winter and return in the Spring.


You will see more cases around the coastal areas than inland.


Thus, they attack Humans living in the warm coastal areas longer and then travel inland during the Spring and Summer and leave again for the coast during the Winter while some hibernate inland.


Scientists should be testing them to determine if they are Primary Carriers. However, scientists do not seem to be interested in finding a cure, but only in vaccines.




Vaccines bring in a lot of money to the Fortune and Fame Seekers, but what we want is to find the source of the virus and find the cure.


Thus, the highest probable cause of this pandemic is genetically altered mosquitoes infecting Humans.


Scientific investigation will ultimately lead to discovering the cause and cure of covid-19.


We need to speak out and move the scientists to study the mosquitoes as the highest potential and most probable primary cause of covid-19.


Vaccines are not the cure, but are merely a band-aid.


We need to search until we find the cause and cure.






Smashed Mosquito
(enlarged to show detail)


I had to smash it to protect myself.

While it is a bit distorted,
you will be able to identify it
and realize how very tiny it is.


They move in large swarms
that follow you.


























Notice that this mosquito is

very tiny.






























May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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