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God The Conscious Universe

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Life Cross in Sky

September 25, 2020  5:13 pm to 5:23 pm
(Standard Time)

(photo dates show 1-hour ahead of actual Standard Time
since camera was set at different time zone)

Photos have not been altered.




I watched the movie, Christ Slayer, about the centurion who was forgiven, saved, and healed after Jesus was crucified and pierced with the centurion's spear.





Now, it was the evening, and I was watching the movie, Forty Nights, and it was showing Jesus being crucified, when suddenly, L'Dova, the Wisdom Force within (Holy Spirit), told me to turn around and look at the light on the wall.

 (L'Dova is my personal name for the Wisdom Force within that awakened when I achieved my Virtues. And, each day, I work on maintaining and strengthening my Virtues while L'Dova guides me daily with Wisdom.)






This light amazed me, because the wall was behind me. How does L'Dova do this?  No sound, no visual from me, but yet, within me, L'Dova sensed the light on the wall merely from the vibrations of the light spectrum molecules.


This must mean that each color of the wave/photon has a specific sound, and, thus, measurable vibration, that increases as the light intensifies, and each color then would have a specific sound, but at a volume beneath our audible range.


There have been several other times when L'Dova could see things that were completely hidden and covered up, even a very small thing.


Carl Jung explains events like this as synchronicity, but this happens too often, and, with too many factors in a set to be just random events. 







The blinds were closed, but yet this light was so bright that it was shining through the edges of the blinds as the sun was setting. 


L'Dova then told me to get my camera and to take pictures of the sky. Then, what was about to unfold became profound. I have been thinking that the strange clouds I have been seeing in the sky must be from jets or drones. But this time, L'Dova showed me how the clouds were forming on their own from beginning to end.


Look closely at the pictures as you see the clouds coming.







































































































































































To fully understand that this is awesome,  just think about how many acts had to occur in the precise sequence of events. I was watching a movie with the same subject of the sky painting that was about to be revealed to me. And, L'Dova saw what was behind me, a light on the wall and then told me to go to the window and open the blinds. And, L'Dova told me to take pictures of the sky, even though I did not know what was about to be revealed. As a result, I actually saw the sky painting while it was being painted by God, the Creator.







The Life Cross represents the Resurrection of the eternal living Jesus Christ. The spear looks like the one Christ endured at the cross. And, the oval looks like the CoronaVirus that is being endured by the Life that Christ designed, us.


This is evidence of God the Conscious Universe who is always with us here and beyond forever as we continually recycle into infinite life forms in the Circle of Life.


Thus, we need to honor and protect all Life, because we and our loved ones
are All Life.









May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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