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April 1, 2020
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New Unproven

Technology of




Is it safe?

Nobody Knows Yet.


These are the same people that told you not to wear a mask at the beginning of this deadly pandemic.


They are the same ones who failed to tell you that this same virus was approved to be "made more dangerous for use by the military."


And where are the researchers that made the CoronaVirus in the laboratory? Why are they not giving us advice when they said their purpose was to prepare us for a pandemic.


Well, here it is.


Why are they hiding?


Now they want us to trust them that this new unproven mRNA technology is safe.


In God I Trust.

All Others Must


to be



Pfizer and Moderna and other mRNA vaccines are NEW unproven technology that code your own cells to make the protein spikes of the CoronaVirus and then codes your own immune system to attack the protein made from your cells, and this new technology has caused severe neurological and psychological side effects during the trials.


Since this is new technology that has been rushed on us, there has been no study that determines how the mRNA vaccines will affect those who have autoimmune diseases.


Specifically, what will stop your coded immune system from attacking your own muscle protein? 


These vaccine researches state that once you take the mRNA vaccines, you cannot take the traditional vaccines when they later come out. This is a big commitment for new technology that you know nothing about.


And they know nothing about it either as far as its long term effects and so forth.


Rushing this unproven new technology on us is asking more than we can reasonable bear during this pandemic.


It is abuse of the scientific process for unethical scientists to push this new unproven technology on us while delaying the traditional vaccines that we have all had a long experience with for generations in our families.










Learn the difference between traditional vaccines, that have been used for a long time and that were given to you and your family before and compare with the new technology of mRNA vaccines.


Make an educated decision.


The simplest solution is to be patient and wait for the traditional vaccines that use the same technology established over 200 years ago and that you already have experience with and that has been long proven to be safe.


Study and analyze mRNA vaccines before you decide.


Remember the Truth is hidden and requires your effort to learn.



May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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