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Issue:  Are the genetically modified Mosquitoes the Primary Carriers of the CoronaVirus that causes Covid-19 in this Pandemic?

We will test this Hypothesis in the soon approaching Spring 2021, and at that time, remain in seclusion until the data is shown by increasing, decreasing, and/or stabilization in the ratio between the number of Covid-19 cases and the number of deaths.


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BacterVira (stem cells)

At the beginning of this Pandemic, we hypothesized that the genetically modified MOSQUITOES are the PRIMARY CARRIERS of the CoronaViruses.


Further, we know that genetically modified life forms are capable of being evomorphed into different variants by their BacterVira (stem cells) clones.


And further, we know that the BacterVira clones design, make and become all species of Life which are their robots within which they live symbiotically to extend their longevity with an extensive system of memories and with infinite diversity capable of surviving anything.


And further, the BacterVira exist both in the non-living and living state.


Thus, the missing knowledge that scientists have failed to realize is that we don't just have mindless "cells" within, but rather we have the gene-brains of the living BacterVira who are the most intelligent species.


And the BacterVira exist throughout God's entire Universe Womb. Wherever there is Life, there also is the BacterVira.


The BacterVira are capable of causing extinctions and making new creations of any species. They hold the keys to both life and death.


 If any attempt is made to control the BacterVira clones and/or to contaminate their mathpure environment, their Social Order requires them to self-destruct, and thereby also their causing their symbiotic living robot to self-destruct.


Final, the BacterVira have never been acknowledged as the species that makes LIVING ENERGY.


The BacterVira make Living Energy and that is what attracts the CoronaVirus, because upon entering the BacterVira body (the cells), the non-living CoronaVirus becomes living.




And the BacterVira make Living Energy which is the Light of Life.


In short, the BacterVira control our life and our death along with all species in the Circle of Life. And they were designed and made by God the Magnificent Universe for this purpose (to control all life and death) and to assure that only the species Chosen by God that precisely follows God's Mathematical Universal Laws
of Physics is in control
ALL Life.


Unethical Human researchers are attempting to control All Life from their laboratories, and are causing unfathomable pain and suffering throughout the Circle of Life and are destroying the Environment of Earth, and that is why we are in this deadly Pandemic trying to resist our own extinction.




It is only if we, as a species, prove ourselves worthy of living that we will survive. We will prove this if enough of us become Virtuous and give birth to (awaken) our Wisdom Mind within. 


We will achieve this by knowing the reality of our existence as being temporary and supporting the BacterVira who are immortal, and protecting the Environment of Earth. This is the Manifest Destiny of Humankind.


And, thereby achieving this, then the BacterVira will evomorph us into Wisdomkind.








The CornaViruses are non-living outside of their hosts (Humans, et al.).


The scientific evidence shows that the CoronaViruses have been designed in laboratories and are easily morphed into different variants using the recently invented CRISPR tool that allows researchers to edit the genome of living things by deletion and/or adding, and/or genetic sequence and/or otherwise changing the genes in the chromosomes of the species.


And, researchers have been editing the genomes of live viruses, including CoronaViruses to make them more dangerous for military use (see scientific articles on the CoronaVirus at this website).


This work was being funded by NIH (National Institutes of Health), an agency of the US government.


And the scientific journals show statements made by Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH.


Yet, neither Dr. Fauci nor any of these researchers making viruses in the laboratory have said anything about their research that is helpful over all of these years. And, they have remained in hiding during this entire pandemic. For them to have such knowledge to do such risky work, certainly they must know something.


The fact that they are hiding sends up gigantic red flags of fear and guilt and shame emanating from them.


You would think that with such knowledge about viruses that they can even make them in laboratories that they would have known that the general public should have been wearing masks from the very beginning of this Pandemic.


Why aren't they speaking up and advising us through this pandemic?


When there was a highly infectious variant discovered in the United Kingdom (UK), Dr. Fauci, et al. said that the variant is "probably already here." And, thus, they did not take any action to stop UK travelers from entering the US.


And sure enough we now find the UK variant has shown up in the US. But, why did they make no effort to resist this?


Well, how did they know the UK variant was already here?


And, it is unscientific to make so many misleading statements that are preceded by "probably," "I believe," "maybe," etc., without any reference to scientific studies that we are all reading to the contrary.


They are presenting themselves as "experts" but they are merely giving their own personal opinion and are clearly withholding knowledge from the general public, that most of us know, and we also know that they know because it is in writing in scientific journals.


In addition, they chose to make only mRNA gene-based vaccines that have never been tested long term nor on sufficient numbers of people, but yet they have been giving it to the elderly in nursing homes in the middle of this deadly Pandemic. Some have died after receiving the mRNA gene-based vaccine.


The FDA has NOT yet approved it as safe, but only granted TEMPORARY approval after the Director was threatened with being fired since he was appointed by the US government.


Not wanting to lose his job, the Director of the FDA complied and approved the mRNA gene-based vaccines for use by the general public in the midst of this Pandemic.


This is NOT FDA approval for Temporary Use.


It was complying under threat of being fired.


Thus, it was not FDA approved neither for Temporary nor yet for Permanent use by the general public.


The general public is participating in an experiment but most even without knowledge that they are doing so.


This is because the general public trusts those who call themselves "Experts," but who are unethical and untrustworthy and constantly recite Propaganda.



Why not make traditional vaccines available;
but thus far only laboratory designed mRNA gene-based vaccines, and that are being called "The Covid-19 Vaccine?


There are supposedly many different kinds of vaccines being tested. Where are they?


How is it that America does not have the ability to make the only known effective mask that is resistant to Covid-19 infections, the N95 mask, for every citizen?


And the "experts" who know all about making viruses in the laboratory told us NOT to wear masks for a long time during this Pandemic?


There are Judges, lawyers, and the State government, the Federal government, and some doctors, and some scientific researchers who are telling the general public to do what is contrary to science.


Further, they consistently talk down to us like we are all inferior, and unintelligent, and must, instead, hear and obey their commands and unscientific and misleading opinions.


There are many more shocking reasons, but one that is surfacing is the Propaganda along with censoring statements by anyone who is speaking contradictory to the official Propaganda.


Never have we seen this in America before now!


It started with censoring violent and illegal social media and forums, but has now escalated to censoring even those whose ideas are different.


Did you know that the Holy Bible was once censored by the Catholic Church. The Catholics were forbidden to read any translation of the Holy Bible. And all of the sermons were in Latin so that you did not even know what was being said. That was not so long ago, but rather occurred even when I was in my youth.


And so now we ask, what are the "experts" and governmental leaders hiding from us during this Pandemic?


We know they are lying to us, deceiving us, and using Propaganda. Now they are telling us to follow the leader and not ask any questions or we will be censored.


They are making mind-altering drugs legal which we know causes violent aggression and mental illness and increases crimes and thereafter when the higher levels of the conscious brain is destroyed, it makes the drug addict helpless and thereby submissive.


Yes, there it is. The reason. Drugs make people submissive. They become passive, and tired, and with low motivation, and end up unable to keep a job and become homeless, and act like grown babies, and who are used as scapegoats to be abused by the immoral leaders of society.


For these reasons and many more, we do NOT trust those who are leading us during this Pandemic, and, we conclude that they speak with a forked tongue (forked like a snake's tongue).


The dangers of the research to make viruses more lethal for military use resulted in a Congressional Hearing and a moratorium by former President Obama. He stopped this dangerous research.


But, after Obama, the US government lifted the ban and allowed this dangerous research to continue.


And so here we are today still being lead by those spitting out Propaganda commands and anyone not submitting will be censored.


We have studied the scientific research showing that the CoronaViruses have slipped some of their genetic material into the Human chromosomes which is similar to what occurs with HIV.


This could cause periods of infections and shorten the time of the evomorph of the CoronaViruses.


(Evomorph is constant slow Evolution with intermittent periods of fast Metamorphosis.)


The Hypothesis that the mosquitoes are the Primary Carriers was based, in part, on my own experience wherein I was infected by mosquitoes in Hawaii in 2018 that gave me and many others the exact symptoms as Covid-19.


Most people do not go to hospitals in Hawaii.


I think this is why I am doing fantastic now since my immune system was already primed during the many months of infection that resulted in difficulty breathing and feeling that I was near death in 2018 before the Pandemic in 2019.


In earlier years in Hawaii, I had other far worse viruses that made the CoronaVirus seem relatively less potent, although I almost died from it toward the last when it got into my lungs.


There is something about the tropical environment in Hawaii that attracts some of the worse flu-type infections and terrible parasitic diseases, flesh-eating bacteria, and other unusual diseases.


The Hawaii mosquito nest was in a small strip of unkept land where tall grasses, wild bushes, and prolific mosquitoes reproduced in continually moist concealed grasses across from a Medical School that is beside a park and about three blocks from the ocean.


These mosquitoes were a strange mixture because there were very tiny ones together with large ones. I had not seen such tiny ones anywhere else except in Egypt.


We know from scientific journals that scientists have been experimenting with genetically modified mosquitoes in attempts to stop them from reproducing and carrying diseases, and have been altering their genome.


However, the mosquito BacterVira clones (stem cells) have the ability to fight back against such genetic alterations by strategically evomorphing new variants with counter-responses to the genetic modifications of the genome of their mosquito creation.


It is the same BacterVira clones in ALL Life, but which differentiate to support their individual life forms which are living robots within which they live symbiotically and that constantly recycle in the Circle of Life.


The BacterVira clones survive as RNA molecules after the death of the life form. This is one of the reasons that I am opposed to the genetic-based mRNA vaccines as scientists are not willing to learn first and experiment later.


Instead, they learn by experimenting, but do so cruelly not realizing that they themselves will eventually become the experimental animal locked in the cage and being brutally subjected to unnecessary trauma.


However, scientists have refused to understand that when non-living molecules became living molecules capable of making living energy, God designed the creator of all species of Life, the BacterVira clones, who differentiate into the varieties of life forms in order to live a long life and to survive any possible event.


Increasing diversity increases the ability to survive.


The error of the scientists is their belief that cells are just mindless parts while Humans are hovering above cells at the top of the Life hierarchy.


And with the megalomaniac scientists' belief that they can control and manipulate all Life and be fame worshiped instead of God if all of the species would just submit long enough to be experimented upon.


We all knew that scientists would eventually come after Humans when the thrill of experimenting on "common" animals held prisoner in cages and cruelly controlled and manipulated in laboratories with unnecessary experiments on the "lower" forms of life was not sufficiently resisted by us.


With higher Virtues and Wisdom and computers, such massive and cruel experimentation on captive Life is made more disheartening when we finally realize that ALL Life recycles in the microscopic domain and that you and me and your loved ones become all of the different Life forms when we recycle.


Now we fully understand that in this Human form, we have the ability to speak out against it and peacefully resist it. But, we won't have that ability after we recycle.


You cannot control which species you are recycled into after your die. You recycle into all different life forms.


Where is the chicken you just ate?


Where is the cow whose flesh you just ate?


This is all before your very eyes, but you listen to all of the lies and deception about how great life will be after you are dead.




Life is great now because you are Human, but later you will be unable to experience this safety.


You will become deer and will be hunted.


You will become research animals and be tortured and experimented upon from birth to horrible death.


You have the ability to make changes now but you will not after you are recycled.


The hypothesis that genetically modified mosquitoes are the Primary Carriers of the CoronaVirus is consistent with the highest number of cases concentrated along the COASTAL states, and thereafter, the location of increasing cases began moving inland, and from thence was spread by the massive number of people who adamantly refused to wear masks and did nothing to resist infections.


They did not even believe that there was any such thing as the CoronaVirus because they only believe what they can see.


Someone please teach children science, and the scientific method requiring repeatable conclusions, and buy your children microscopes so they can see the microscopic world from which we all came from and where we all return when we are recycled back into different life forms again. 


As unbelievable as it seems, here in Wisconsin, the Republican Party described by their own members as turning into a "cult" has brutally fought against Governor Evers' mask mandate and against preventative seclusions and social distancing and curtailment of social gatherings and so forth.



The current drop in the ratio of Covid-19 cases and death occurred first in the coldest places and is now reducing in the other states, with the coastal states that stay warm year long, still putting up a fight, but seeing reductions because of the reduced spread from others in the cold places. This is consistent with the mass exodus and hibernation of all insects in the cold states.


There are NO mosquitoes at all in Wisconsin at this time, February.


They left here many months ago after the cold began. The remaining cases represents Human carriers infecting each other, but with the Primary Carrier, the mosquitoes, apparently flying back to the coastal areas where they are nesting.


Perhaps the mosquitoes die out during the winter time. That would mean that the new offspring in the coastal areas may no longer be Primary Carriers as their parents.


Alternatively, it may mean that the CoronaVirus has time to mutate even further into more lethal variants in the new offspring of the mosquitoes before returning here in the Spring.


Therefore, if these genetically modified mosquitoes are the Primary Carriers of the CoronaVirus, then when they return in the SPRING, they will cause the ratio of cases of Covid-19 and deaths to increase.


Along with the mosquitoes returning are the migrating birds.


Last spring I saw one bird  outside my window who was pitifully itching severely. I have watched birds in many states and never saw this before. I wished that I had the ability to help it but I couldn't, and I prayed.


Then at different times, I saw another bird and after that more birds, and all of them were itching like they had been severely bitten by mosquitoes.


Thus, I will continue to monitor and observe the return of the migrating birds and see if they are itching unusually like before in the Spring. Understand, the bird's immune system is highly advanced and they are protecting us by being on the frontline, outside, during this Pandemic. 


It is of utmost importance that we all isolate and patiently wait when the mosquitoes first return in the Spring.


If the mosquitoes are causing Covid-19 infections, or have evomorphed defenses against their genetic alterations, then we will see the ratio of cases and deaths increase, and, we can even more strongly consider mosquitoes as the Primary Carriers.


If we see a reduction in the ratio of cases to deaths when the mosquitoes return in the Spring, then we will know that they are not the Primary Carriers and we will analyze the facts further.


In addition, it is possible that the severe over-population of Humans will make it impossible to stop wearing masks.


The masks give the illusion that the number of Humans are very low.


The CoronaVirus are non-living and have no eyes, but they are attracted to the breathing of Humans. This is a clue to solving the problem.


We will analyze what we observe with the migrating birds and the mosquitoes in the Spring.


Search for your local timeframe when the MOSQUITO SEASON will occur.


Whatever you do, isolate at the beginning of Spring. Stock up before then and prepare to isolate, wait and observe.


One thing we know, this Pandemic is not natural, but was made in a laboratory and mosquitoes are most probably the Primary Carriers. But there could be other carriers, and even insect-size drones that are currently being used by the military and are written about in scientific journals.


No matter what one believes, it should be malleable, changeable and logical while always mathematically configured by your Wisdom Virtues.


The scientific mind always follows mathematical Truth and never holds an unsupported belief, and always seeks verifiable evidence, and is willing to change one's mind as more and clearer facts become evident, and, one must remain humble with Virtues and Wisdom Guidance.


Remember: Be prepared for the SPRINGTIME TEST by stocking up and staying inside when the mosquitoes and migrating birds return inland from the coast.


And, during that timeframe, don't go out unless necessary, but if you do, cover up every inch of yourself to protect from mosquito bites. They are around trash bins, around windows and doors and enter when you open them (so don't open them unless necessary, and refrigerate your food trash), and they are also in park grasses, and everywhere in the Spring.


Wait, watch, observe and then we will get together and assess the data to see if the cases increase or not, and we will analyze any other facts that we observe at that time.


Prepare your stock for isolation while the cases are at their lowest in your area during this very cold weather, and wait patiently during the early Springtime.


Remember This: You can get infected multiple times with different strains of the CoronaVirus. Don't be deceived by a mild infection. There are already hundreds/thousands of strains, since diversity is the key to survival in all Life.


No matter what others do and who they follow, research and study scientific journals, and learn the difference between Opinion and Verifiable Truth, and Trust God by and through your mathpure Wisdom Virtues and Wisdom Guidance from the Wisdom Force within you.






May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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