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Translating RNA


The mRNA vaccines should not even be called vaccines because they are in fact genetic control with the promise to become more controlling in time to include multiple directives of genetic control and biological manipulation.


Thus I call them GC-BM, Genetic Control and Biological Manipulation shots (inoculations).


Precisely, this is where they fail: they make the fatal assumption that your body is composed merely of mindless parts of you.



However, the BacterVira Theory and everything scientists know about the BacterVira (stem cells) tells us unequivocally without question that our body is composed of an entire world of symbiots who are microbes living in a symbiotic relationship with us, the whole.


Thus, the small world, microbes, make the large world, us, possible to live as multicellular beings.


However, the mRNA assumes that humans can control and manipulate the small world because allegedly they are tiny mindless things, but they are not.


The BacterVira (stem cells) created all life from the beginning of time and created living energy and live in a symbiotic relationship with all their creations.


Thus all Life moves in a mathematical protocol that is in fact the Laws of Physics of Life and that was created and designed by God the Magnificent Universe.


Thus, the BacterVira clones who differentiate to become the living cells of our bodies will never, ever allow any species, human or otherwise, to control them because this would in fact deny the mathematical properties of the Laws of Physics of Life.


Simply, the BacterVira (stem cells) will signal "stop" with pain and suffering (neurological, psychological and biological responses) and, will self-destruct rather than being controlled and as a last result will cause such controlling species to become extinct, become unable to reproduce.


Thus, unethical scientists have adapted the BacterVira Theory in their understanding of "stem cells" the BacterVira clones, but have failed to accept the reality that humans are NOT the most intelligent species. These unethical scientists continue to pursue their efforts to make humans the controlling species over and above all species.


In religious terms, the unethical scientists, having fallen into the family of Satan's PMF Power, Money and Fame madness, seek to completely control both Jesus and God.


This PMF is the ultimate goal of the Untamed Wild Ape Mind, the Alpha Ape within that refuses to be tamed by the Wisdom Virtues: reason, courage, justice, self-discipline, patience, empathy, compassion and wisdompeace.


All wars and all adamil and evil of every nature and every kind in humans originates from the untamed Ape Mind which continually seeks to become the "Alpha Ape" in every home, organization, group, and situation.


However, those who are the Jesus-kind with Wisdom Virtues, are humble and are leaders who follow the mathematical Laws of Physics designed by Mary, and Jesus (clone of Mary) the Microscopic Architect, and do NOT seek power nor money nor fame, but rather a better Life in Virtues with the respectful strength and honor of the authority of God.


One will not begin evomorphing into the intended Wisdomkind until taming the Wild Ape Mind within.


In the original Holy Bible, Jesus is the Microscopic Architect (designer and maker of all Life, Mother Nature) of the microscopic world and God "IS" the entire astronomic Universe (and ets many parts of multiverses) and Mary is the Astronomic Architect and is the only true creation by God and from which everything else has evomorphed (slow metamorphosis [evolution] and fast metamorphosis).


China provided the genetic sequence for the protein spikes of the CoronaVirus and displayed it on public forums for scientists to make vaccines.


China produced what the scientific writers describe as the most traditional and safest vaccine of all the nations and has already inoculated over a million citizens.


Next in the relatively safe types of Covid-19 traditional vaccines is the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V (pronounced vee, this is alpha "V" not the Roman numeral five).


However, the American government, supported by their puppet news agencies, have coerced and threatened the FDA into approving the most dangerous experimental vaccine, mRNA, using the dying elderly in nursing homes and employees as the first major guinea pigs for widespread inoculation of this potentially dangerous mRNA inoculation of GC-BM vaccine.


As the propaganda, deceit and lies spread, more Americans butted in line to bully their way to share the "vaccine gold" as the new puppets call it, and thus, the White House staff and those on the front line, such as medical workers, firemen,  and others have been  deceived into thinking this is the only vaccine and the only way out of this pandemic.


But, we know that the safe and much better REAL vaccines are on their way in about February 2021 (in a few months).


But, the news propaganda puppets are subduing and minimizing reports on the safer vaccines.


One such safer vaccine, at this point unless otherwise shown during trials, and unless its protocol changes, appears to be the vaccine being developed and tested by Johnson & Johnson in America.


I don't know if they will make the vaccine developed by China to be available in America, but it would be wise to do so upon being further studied and analyzed, along with the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V.


There is NO reason to even introduce the mRNA inoculations during this pandemic, but rather, it should be studied further, and at the very least, it should only be offered as an alternative type, rather than deceivingly promoting it as "The Covid-19 Vaccine."


If you have any doubts about the propaganda and lies and deceit regarding the mRNA called "vaccines" you only have to look at how the Federal government coerced and threatened the FDA into approving mRNA "vaccines" by December 12, or the FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, who publically denied being threatened with being fired by the President of the US who appointed him even though he was called to a special meeting at the White House just before approving the most dangerous vaccine of all time for public "Emergency Use Only" during this deadly pandemic, with the understanding that the side effects and potential dangers are outweighed by the danger of the pandemic.


Yet, the number of infected cases of Covid-19 continue to be shown but without identifying which strain of the CoronaVirus with which one is infected.


There are many different strains that cause Covid-19 with symptoms from mild to deadly. Without identifying which strain one is infected with, then the cases bear no significantly conclusory meaning.


Further, the dangerous mRNA vaccine has only been definitively shown to work for three months with a continual requirement of "booster" shots and a continual requirement of GC-BM Genetic Control and Biological Manipulation.


If you want to know how dangerously complicated the mRNA vaccines are and why your BacterVira (stem cells) while quite certainly fight the mRNA vaccines, you can obtain the transcript (about $30) of the lectures of Professor Kevin Ahern of the Oregon State University called "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" from The Great Courses (www.greatcourses.com) and you can purchase a DVD (but wait until it is on sale at about $70) and get on their mailing list for other interesting lectures.

However, even with a professor, you have to understand that he has been trained to see the human cells as unintelligent "things" that humans can control, but they are very intelligent and will not allow you to control them - they will allow you to support them, but not control them.


The creator is always more intelligent than the creations.


You have to be willing to learn and hear everyone who teaches and cannot close your mind to anything, but be totally free to hear all.


Yet, when you have strong Virtues and learn how to study everything with speed-reading, then you are able to stream the good quality knowledge and separate out the wrong illogical and prejudiced knowledge.


The mRNA vaccines were engineered to genetically control your cells  into translating the vaccine RNA into the protein spikes of the CoronaVirus.


The process is quite an effort to be placed on our struggling BacterVira clones during this pandemic, and which is complicated and involved.

This makes it more probable that they will reject the mRNA genetic vaccines altogether and will assuredly signal users with increasing pain and suffering to stop its planned repetition every three months.



How Life Works

Invoking the Virtue of Reason, I am showing herein for your studies the excerpt from Chapter 31 of the Guidebook of Professor Kevin Ahern of Oregon State University from the Book and dvd set "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: How Life Works" published by The Great Courses (www.thegreatcourses.com).

Also, you can obtain the detailed written "Transcript" of the lectures word-for-word in a paperback book for about $35.

If you request to be placed on the mailing list of The Great Courses, the price of the dvd set (about $300) will be significantly reduced during monthly specials to about $69 which is the average price for most sets of courses and they always come with a free concise Guidebook and with the option to separately buy a Transcript book.

So, this excerpt is from the concise Guidebook as follows:
















May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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