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April 1, 2020
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Remember that even unto death that God is with You and will recycle you back into Life.

Religions have long preached that you should live your daily life as if it were the last.

Enjoy yourself.

Eliminate any unnecessary stress in your Life.

Make Changes.

Clean up your home and make it a great place to relax, pray, meditate and stay safe.

Remember that Fear, the fruit of the Tree of Terror, is your enemy.

(Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in translations.)

Nothing can harm you if you have NO

 And God says:
"Fear Not
For I am With You
Even unto Death

"Let me carry your burdens and follow me to find great happiness."

Say, right now:

"I give it to you God. This is your burden. I will act with Virtues and be guided by Wisdom. And all fear, and all worries, and all of this problem, I give to you."

Give it to God.

Let it go.

And say, thank you for giving me this time to relax knowing that God is the Magnificent Universe Womb.

God made the Bactervira as the default species who can exist in both the living state and the non-living state.

And the BacterVira made viruses and bacteria under the command of God.

There are many peaceful viruses and bacteria living symbiotically within all of us.

Viruses are non-living and enter the cell to become alive.

Viruses can occur naturally within our body when a living cell dies and breaks down incompletely and part of it lives as a virus or a particle such as a prion.

It is not that viruses are inherently bad, but they are impure, since our BacterVira are clones and must maintain a mathpure environment to properly administer the protocol of Life.

Harmful drugs are far worse than any virus. 

The BacterVira administer the immune system and keep out the impure viruses.

Do you think God is afraid of them?

But God did not make Terrorists, and their souls will be destroyed along with the designer viruses of warfare.

God made You and will not let Terrorists destroy You.

God is making changes and is bringing us out of this Fame-Competition that is fueling warfare and other wrongful acts.

Fear/Panic is the seed of Terror that is spread and grows. It is the Mental Virus that is far more destructive than the physical virus.

People die from smoke before fire, and from stress before viruses.

And there are good viruses that are being used in the medical field in research to cure cancer.

BacterVira are capable of altering the souls of the harmful viruses while they are in the air and while they are in the ground.

BacterVira are everywhere in different forms, even in RNA form.

We all need to learn more about the microscopic world since this is where you came from and where you will return and where you will recycle.

Get a microscope and some books from the university library and get educated and you will have less fear when you have more knowledge.

Always be prepared for any kind of chaos and remain in WisdomPeace knowing that God will always guide you.

Pray for guidance that is specific for your needs and then do what the Wisdom Forces (Holy Spirits) within you advise. 

As a daily Protocol, you should always keep and maintain basic household supplies, like nonperishable foods (raw almonds are great) and bottled water.

And you can just look out your window and see God the Magnificent Universe Womb who shows us mathematically that matter can never be created nor destroyed, but just keeps rearranging.

And trees drop their leaves without being concerned that they will return when the time is right and the environment welcomes them again.

Wherever we were before being born, that is where we will return.

And we know that we lived before and we will live again.

We are a part of God, the living part.

And God the Magnificent Universe is alive.

And God is Eternal.









May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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