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The BacterVira (stem cells) have assigned people who were designed and made specifically by the Hand of God and who were born, directly from the womb, with the blessed skills to effectively resist harmful life forms, such as viruses.

Remain in WisdomPeace and make appropriate changes to be safe, and maintain your prayer meditation and keep your countenance relaxed and trust that the BacterVira, the microscopic living computers of God the Universe Womb, are protecting themselves as well as us since we live in a symbiotic relationship with them.



Drones have been designed that are the size of insects and capable of traveling under the radar.

The air is not safe right now because of the potential for drones to contaminate the air.


Further, there is evidence to support the conclusion that birds are carriers by the military design of the virus.



Wear a mask when you go outside whether it is from the birds, or from drones that have the capability of delivering harmful viruses attached to water molecules or dust molecules, and, thus, any kind of mask that is easily breathable will be sufficient.

If you have never worn a mask, the problem is finding one that is breathable.

At this point in time, it is better to get used to wearing  a mask, and begin with one that is comfortable and lightweight and breathable.

Any mask is better than none.

At first you feel embarrassed like everyone is looking at you, since most people don't wear a mask yet. But they will.

You need to be the leader, not the follower.

Viruses and their particles, prions, and so forth, are extremely small, and most probably are being released by attaching them to water molecules or dust.

You can easily make a good mask yourself out of cotton fabric that you can wash.

Or you can buy or make a wide bandana or a scarf that you would wear like Clint Eastwood wore in the old Western movies during the dust storms of the wild west.

You can sew a small pocket to insert a filter for shopping in the stores.

Filters are cheaper than masks to buy.

Thus, for the transmission of the harmful virus, there is air, and crowds of people and also foods.

Temporarily, don't eat eggs since they are used to make vaccines and are a medium that can be injected by a needle with contaminants.

And wash produce very well. I saw a woman enter a store and sneeze on the loose apples.

So, be sure you thoroughly wash your raw produce.

But, also understand, that if you are too sterile, then your BacterVira immune system will be less strong to fight their harmful microscopic enemies.

It is like a tree that grows short roots in an area where there is little wind. But, as a big storm arrives, the tree unprepared easily topples down.

Remember the ending of the movie War of the Worlds. It is through a long time of building our great immune system that we can endure anything and it is the diversity of different races that assures that the Human Species will always survive no matter what.

God Loves Diversity.

The government will keep you advised of the status, but may not disclose certain information because of political protocol.

Do your grocery shopping at hours when most people are not there.

Stay away from crowds. You should be doing this anyways since the rise of the Fame Competitors who target crowds.

You have to face reality and make appropriate changes and remain in WisdomPeace.

If you don't like changes, then you have a problem. Because life and survival is all about resistance and changes and all about the diversity that supports changes.

Remember that disorder is a catabolic force that breaks down life. Order is an anabolic force that builds up life. And order must constantly resist disorder, with changes and with diversity.

Also remember you can die quicker from stress than anything else. We are designed by God to self-destruct under extreme stress. And stress is measured by a tense countenance (facial expression) that affects your entire body and is the indicator that you are releasing stress chemicals that can cause you to self-destruct.

Be in Wisdom Peace. Act in Virtues. prepare and be safe. keep abreast of the highest level of knowledge and experience: go to the Science websites before newspapers (that are right now hysterical and fear-inducing), and go to the CDC website (Center for Disease Control, US Government).

But always follow mathematical Science above the government since it follows the mathematics that God designed.

And God is above
and is the
and the




May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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