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April 1, 2020
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There is no doubt that this virus pandemic is the beginning of designer viral warfare.

Quite certainly, several years ago American scientists and researchers worldwide began the race to make the first virus for military use.

Instead of racing to make viruses for the military, America should have made better preparation to resist it in coordination with healthcare workers and state governments who, as we have witnessed, were not prepared.

But, the reality is that this is only the beginning. We need to make plans for changes in our daily protocol.

We need to get used to wearing a face mask.

In Hawaii, many already do because of the more severe forms of flu there.

However, most people in America feel "embarrassed" to wear a face mask. But, prevention comes before not after you are infected.

Wear a face mask when you go out!!

Even if it is a scarf covering, wear it.

When you walk into the grocery store, wear a face mask!

Just wear it!!

Most probably in the near future, we will have really nice face masks with beautiful fabric and designs, and that will make it possible to go to work without fear of a contagion.

We cannot shut down entire cities and schools for long periods of time.

We should know by now that this is warfare, and it is just beginning.

Change is here.

Accept it.

It took me awhile to realize it until after I gathered the facts and analyzed the evidence.

I was in denial at first.

I have been through a long life and have experienced some really bad viruses when I lived in Hawaii.

When I read the symptoms, I thought, well, I have been through much worse than that.

However, after studying it, I realized that the effects are different in some people than others.

That is why we were designed with diversity.

We are not all exactly alike.

One of the problems with young people, is that they think they are "invincible." I think like that sometimes too.

But, we need to understand with boldface reality that all the evidence points to this as warfare.

And, warfare is designed to kill.

Unlike the past, where we knew that if we stayed healthy, we would be less sick.

But, this is "not" a naturally occurring virus.

This virus was not designed by Nature.

This virus is "Unnatural."

This virus was designed by the military.

We have entered the age of Virus Wars.

Whereas before it was nuclear war fruit in the Tree of Terror, now we have a new terror fruit, Virus Terror.




May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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