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Migrating Birds are transmitters of the virus worldwide and locally.




Mosquitoes are transmitters of the virus locally, but can also infest docked boats and airports and then travel on boats and airplanes and luggage and passengers and carried to other nations worldwide.




Humans are transmitters of the virus worldwide and locally.




Drones are possible transmitters by an enemy. Drones have been designed that are the size of insects and could make the virus airborne without being detected.




Effective immediately:

 Do NOT go outside unless absolutely necessary. If you must, then cover yourself from head to toe and put elastic at the bottom of your slacks to keep the mosquitoes out.


Wear a "full" mask that covers your face and neck, such as a long bandana, or wear a mask and a neck scarf.


Wear a knit cap on your head that you can stretch down to cover your forehead.


Research the hours when mosquitoes are out the most. I believe it is mornings and evenings.


Also mosquitoes are worse near bodies of water. Stay away from lakes, creeks, the ocean, and other bodies of water which is where mosquitoes nest.


Look at a map of the US and you will notice that most cases are in the states nearest to large bodies of water. The drier environments have fewer cases, except for those states where people travel more extensively and birds migrate to and from more extensively.


Do your own research and analysis, looking at the whole picture.


Mosquitoes will bite your eyelids and any skin that is exposed. If you must go out, wear the full front and side eye-coverings such a machinists wear for protection, or at least wear glasses and pull your hat down to the top rim and your mask up to the bottom rim of your glasses.


We are about to experience a huge increase in the number of cases from the springtime return of the migrating birds and mosquitoes. (However, the immune system of the birds will help to fight this virus.)


And thereafter, when the birds hatch from eggs, they will become a growing population of birds feeding a growing population of mosquitoes.


Or, alternatively, the birds hatching from the eggs may be stronger in immunity to resist the virus.


The immune system protocol of the BacterVira (stem cells) of the birds will save us all.


I wrote the first modern book on the BacterVira (stem cells) called "BacterVira: Creator of the Species" (read at this website).  There is one species of BacterVira (stem cells) in ALL Life. They use diversity and take the life forms that most enable them to survive. When Humans are destructive to themselves and/or other Life forms, then Humans become marked as the less survivable species for the BacterVira to live within symbiotically.


If Humans continue to attempt to control the BacterVira species, they will put Humans at risk for extinction and evomorph into a different species, like the dinosaurs evomorphed into birds. The BacterVira will "not" be controlled and cannot be controlled by any other species, because they exist in both the living and non-living state, which includes viruses, prions, and even smaller forms.


Therefore, viruses "are" a form of BacterVira, and also bacteria. Thus, viruses and bacteria, being forms of BacterVira, exist in both the living and non-living state.


Since we are being attacked by the BacterVira in the form of a virus, we need to ask:  Why?


Do they test us every 1,000 years?


Has the Human species ended its species lifetime?


Is the virus a way for the BacterVira to test and then weed out the weak forms of the species?


Or, have Humans been threatening the BacterVira species by genetically altering the life forms that the BacterVira created?


We need to protect the birds because they are very intelligent, having long ago invented flying for survival, and thereby survived the dinosaur extinction that may have been caused by a virus or simply by the process of evomorph into a new species.
(I find that the meteor theory of dinosaur extinction is in denial of the power and intelligence of the BacterVira.)


I was Blessed with Wisdom after praying this morning, and God told me to go look out the window here in Wisconsin. There was a group of very small mosquitoes trying to get in, but couldn't and then flew away together. This is typical of mosquitoes to fly in groups as a predator strategy and then afterwards they share the blood obtained.


Mosquitoes can also cause a urinary infection because urine actually comes from your blood.


They feed on blood and will follow you and can get underneath your clothes and wait to enter your home the moment you open the door.


This species of mosquitoes is tiny and may or may not leave typical itching and whelps, and therefore, you may not even know you were bitten.


Thus, in Wisconsin, we will see all of this end by winter when the mosquitoes go into hibernation and when the birds leave for the winter.


By then we will also have had time to think of ways to deal effectively with inevitable further viral infections, but without shutting down economically.


Fear not about the temporary loss of money and the temporary loss of jobs and the temporary inability to pay bills on time.


Keep a diary about how you feel as this unfolds for the future to read.


By this time next year, it will be all over or we will have found great solutions to the problem.


Just ride it through like the surfer learns to stop fearing the 30 foot waves and masters the skill of riding it through and thereby makes it into a skilled sport.


You were made to overcome any challenge.


Embrace change.


We need to remove the stress of temporarily losing money and not being able to pay bills, because everyone worldwide is being affected and you need to think in terms of survival rather than making or losing money.


It is like the woman who is ready to give birth and suddenly does not care about what she looks like any longer, and who sees her giving birth, but only focuses on the act of giving birth.


We need to Give It For God to solve this problem, and, thus, know that God's Wisdom Survival mode will take over so that we will be enabled to embrace this change with calm and responsible actions of those things that are in our control and calm acceptance of those things that are not in our control. 



*   *   *   *


This is a Virus War between military enemies involving different nations.

The evidence shows the strong possibility that the Coronavirus virus was designed from research in the US and the Netherlands working together to design a deadly virus for the US military (see, NY Times, Science, Nature journals) that began in 2011 on birds from the "A(H5N1), [that] causes bird flu, which rarely infects people but has an extraordinarily high death rate when it does." (NYTimes, 2011.)

This research may have been followed and copied by other enemy nations because this information was public.

Based on the publicly stated goal of the military researchers and evidenced by the current worldwide viral pandemic of the Coronavirus, then the university researchers contracted by the US military found a way to reverse the viral transmission through genetic recombination:

FROM: birds are the hosts of the deadly virus but Humans are rarely infected

Reverse TO: birds are the carriers but rarely infected while humans are the hosts of the deadly virus.

Thus, they merely reversed the design of the virus through genetic recombination and gene splicing, and so forth.

Birds being the carriers of a genetically altered virus that rarely infects birds, but deadly infects Humans, would explain why it travels so fast worldwide.

And it would explain why it is now becoming worse in American states that are typically bird-free until spring approaches when birds return to nest.

Birds travel worldwide.

People travel worldwide.

Coronavirus travel worldwide.

*   *

Thus, worldwide travelers:  birds, and airplane and boat travelers are sowing the seeds and spreading the Coronavirus worldwide.

*   *

China was chosen by the military as the target to initiate the infection, because it is the most highly populated nation in the world and they eat a lot of chicken and chicken products. And they commonly kill the live chickens in the marketplace, making it even more easy to spread their infection in the crowded marketplace.

In the US states that are colder, birds fly away in the winter. You can only find extremely few birds here in Wisconsin in the winter where the temperatures drop to 30 below zero.

But, in March, large quantities of birds return. Here in Wisconsin, along with the return of the birds in early March we see the virus spreading.

During the summer months when the birds spread out and establish settled territories, and, their immune system will have fought off the virus even though benign to them, the transmission may possibly become less volatile. We will see.

The spring is the critical time for transmission of the virus from migrating birds. But, birds used for food will remain a source of continual transmission of the virus.

*   *

Thus, hypothetically concluded, transmittal by Bird to Human is the initiating primary method of transmission of the genetically altered designer Coronavirus. Then, transmittal from Human to Human is the lethal secondary method of transmission of the deadly Coronavirus. Mosquitoes are the sustained transmission between Birds and Humans. Lastly, the virus particles become airborne as it concentrates amongst its hosts.

*   *

Thus, migrating birds are the initial carriers of worldwide sowing of the Coronavirus. 

While chickens and eggs used for food most probably were not the initial carriers, since they are birds, they can become the sustained primary source of transmission of the Coronavirus.

Eggs could easily be contaminated with toxins by a needle, and, further, eggs are used as a primary medium to make vaccines for viruses. Thus, eggs are susceptible to contamination during wartime.


 *   *   *   *





Being prepared helps you to feel calm.


Until this hypothesis is disproven:



*DO NOT eat any bird nor bird products.
No chicken.
No turkey,
et al.


*DO NOT eat eggs nor egg products.


*Stay away from mosquitoes and birds. Don't go near any bodies of water as this is the nesting areas for mosquitoes. And don't sit under trees where bird droppings can fall on you.


*Keep your windows closed since the virus quite certainly is airborne.


*Buy cotton fabric and thin elastic and make your own breathable simple mask. Get a knit hat and full bandana that covers your neck. If you don't have a mask, use a thin scarf that is easily breathable. The purpose of a mask is defeated if you cannot breathe while it is on. It must be breathable. 
Do not wear a mask for long periods of time, as your nasal passages will be weakened.


*While mosquitoes are in season, do not go outside unless absolutely necessary. When you must go outside, cover yourself completely and wear a highly breathable mask. A simple bandana or scarf or thin dust mask for easy breathing is sufficient.
(Viruses are non-living until entering a living cell and travel on dust and other molecules larger than themselves. Now you know what the zombie symbolism means.)


*Keep enough supplies, food and water to last until summer to avoid frequent shopping.


*Before necessary shopping, eat garlic to keep people at a distance. When around more people wear a stronger mask, an N95 mask or home-made cotton mask with a filter or double cotton fabric.
(Only shop during odd hours when fewest people are there.)


*Exercise indoors frequently to reduce stress and to increase the number of healing Muscle BacterVira (stem cells).


*Maintain relaxation of your countenance (facial expression) to reduce allover reduction in body stress (automatic release or stress chemicals).


*Meditate and Pray. Maintain a Stoic Meditation State of WisdomPeace.


*Do not go to a laundry mat since clothes of others could be a carrier. Wash your clothes at home or in the bathtub and hang them up inside your home. Buy a clothesline and attach it to the wall with circular screws.


*Do not buy clothes at the store since others trying them on may be carriers. Otherwise, if necessary clothing, wash them before wearing.


*Use simple cleaning products and regular soap that will not harm your friendly bacteria and will not crack your skin to openly expose you to harmful infections.
Do not buy bacterial killing soaps and detergents for your hands or body because it does not distinguish between harmful and friendly bacteria, but kills all. Remember your microscopic friends are protecting you - don't kill them!



*Maintain a strong supply of water to drink and a separate supply to clean your body. Your drinking water supply may become limited. You can live a long time without food, but not water. 

If you do not clean your body in areas of sanitation, you can get bacterial infections. So remember to keep water for cleaning as well as separately supplied for drinking.



*  *



*You don't want unhealthy cooked or prepared foods with salt that will make you thirsty. But rather maintain a supply of sustainable raw foods, like washed apples, carrots (whole with skin), raw nuts, sunflower seeds, and also tissue paper, water, and so forth.


Build up your army of friendly micro-organisms:


*Kimchi (eat daily), or dill pickles or sauerkraut (all are fermented and feed similar friendly micro-organisms).


Your Best Defense is Bacterial Warriors:


To fight a microscopic war you need microscopic warriors.

Korean Kimchi is the single best bacterial warriors to defend against harmful viruses.


Research shows that these probiotics are over nine hundred (900) strains of different kinds of bacteria warriors with God's power of diversity to effectively resist the enemy as your powerful
Immune Defender Warriors!!

Proven for thousands of years to fight harmful viruses.

Just Eat It!


*Raw chopped cabbage, hot pepper spice (cayenne), buttermilk ranch dressing, raw lime juice. Let it marinate in the refrigerator overnight.
God gave me this recipe when I was sick in Hawaii and could not eat anything and nothing stayed in me, every hole in my body (except my ears) stuff was flowing out, at the same time! But I could eat this by God's Blessing.


*Ricola Original Swiss Herb Cough Suppressant - Throat Drops - Sugar Free.
God told me about this when I had non-stop coughing for three months in Hawaii. It stopped my coughing at night so I could finally sleep for my BacterVira to heal me by the power of God.
Be sure it is Sugar Free. The Sugar acts as a medium to culture harmful organisms.


*Calcium Ascorbate (stomach friendly Vitamin C).


*Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D comination.


*Yogurt - eat daily to increase your friendly micro-organisms within.


*Peppers (pickled jalapeno peppers are fairly mild) or taco sauce (mild is sufficient) or sprinkle "small" amounts of "red pepper" (cayenne) seasoning on food.
It feeds your friendly micro-organisms within.


*Eat garlic (keeps people away and feeds friendly micro-organisms within and supports your immune system).
But, don't eat it completely raw - it's too strong. Boil water and turn off heat. Then drop it in the hot water with the skin on for 30 seconds, or when it easily peels and does not taste burning when eating. Do not eat too much garlic.


*Do nothing in excess.


*Make your time enjoyable.


*Strengthen your Virtuous Mind with Religious studies, Pray and Meditate and practice maintaining your body and mind in a calm Stoic state


May the Wisdom Force Be With You.

 *   *   *   *






May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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