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April 1, 2020
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Look at a map of the US and you will notice that most virus cases are in the states nearest to large bodies of water along the sea coasts and lakes.

This is where migrating birds and seagulls and mosquitoes gather together just before coming inland during the spring.

Several species of mosquitoes populate in both saltwater and freshwater.

Analysis shows birds and mosquitoes and humans are altogether transmitters of the virus.


Birds, Mosquitoes and Humans!

Eat garlic to keep them away!!


Watch the movie, "Passengers" with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Make your home into a spaceship and do all the fun things you never had time to do before.

Become an astronaut in your spaceship home.

When your safe journey is done, then you can come out of your spaceship.


Stay away from news as much as possible and give this problem to God.


There is no problem too big for God the Magnificent Universe Womb.


You do your best to remain in

Wisdom Peace

and then Give
all of the remainder
For God to solve.


This problem belongs to God.


This is the domain of God.


God's Wisdom will guide you.


Listen and You Will Hear.



Look at a tree. When the wind blows, it just moves with the wind. It does not fight it, but it is prepared to stand strong and peacefully resist it by flowing with its power.

Strength and Honor.


*   *


It's like a 30 foot wave in Hawaii. At first you are petrified in fear. Then you learn how to ride this massive wave by respecting its awesome power and skillfully resisting the forces of disorder and instead remain in the order of life in harmony with Mother Nature.

Resist in harmony with opposite and equal power!





May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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