February 3, 2022
February 6, 5022 U




in progress . . .


Genetic Control

(masked as "vaccines")


Forcible Euthanasia

(masked as "hospital treatment")


Sonic Intrusions

severe fatigue and radio, television,
news, and information
continual interference on/off

(masked as "symptoms from Covid-19"
and ignored communications interference)


Religious Extinction

intermittent ban of in-person gatherings,
and continual broadcast interference on/off
of television and radio broadcasts

(masked as "mandate for pandemic")


Freedom of Rights Extinction

massive control over private life
family visits, travel, education, ...
(masked as "mandate for pandemic")


SS Medical Authority

Totalitarian Dictatorship
(masked as "mandate for pandemic")


Airline Travel Restrictions

travel only available for those who submit
to the SS Medical Authority
(Genetic Control masked as "vaccines")


SS Police, SS Military
SS Government and SS Hospitals

Genetic Control of Police, Military,
federal, state and local governments,
and Hospitals, and removal of everyone
who refuses to submit to the SS Medical Authority
(Genetic Control masked as "vaccine mandate")


Private Businesses
Colleges, Universities, Schools
Totalitarian Control by SS Medical Authority

(Genetic Control masked as "vaccine mandate")


Severe Worker Shortage

caused by "vaccine mandates"
(masked as "workers seeking better jobs")


Food and Supplies Restricted

(masked as "pandemic caused")


Submit to the SS Medical Authority

Consequences of Refusal:
Loss of Job, Loss of
Home, Loss of Food and Supplies,
Businesses threatened with loss of funding
and other monetary penalties
(masked as "pandemic caused")


And every day it gets worse

by Human design, and implemented

by our corrupt immoral leaders . . .

December 30, 2021
Venus 28, 5021 U

*   *   *   *








This war officially began 

with the wrongful public 

acceptance, without 

consequences, of the first 

documented case of 

Forcible Euthanasia of 

Mother Rachael (my 

Precious Mother) by the 

Enemy who is the 

worldwide political

SS Medical Authority.


(See, Phillips v. Rowley,
US Sup. Ct. Case No. 20-7938



Forcible Euthanasia has 

been accepted by the US 

Supreme Court without

any expressed concern 

whatsoever, and, thus, the 

nationwide Forcible 

Euthanasia cases are 

continuing to be funded by 

US Medicare, and, thus, 

Forcible Euthanasia is 

occurring in homes


with Hospice and in 

Hospitals disguised as 




It was accepted by the 

federal, state and local 

governments and lawyers 

and Judges in the entire 

Judicial System in the

State of Idaho.



And it is now being 

practiced in many states 

nationwide, including the 

publicized cases in the 

nursing homes in

New York 

and Washington State and 

many states; and,

for which 

there have been no 

consequences and which 

continues to be funded by 

the federal, state, and local 

governments nationwide.







 World War II began the 

same way, with Euthanasia 

implemented as the 

pathway to Utopia, lead by 

the corrupt medical 

authority who became 

political under the


of Hitler, and, altogether, 

they murdered from within 

the government while being 

shielded by governmental 




There is nothing worse than 

a large political group of 

insane, immoral, corrupt 

drug-fueled monsters 

appearing to be humans,

but are not, and who are 

wealthy and wielding 

unquestioned power, 

control and authority over 

the common people in 




And so, the atrocities began 

with Euthanasia of those 

(wrongly) deemed unfit to 

live, and spread to include 

homosexuals, those with 

different religious beliefs, 

the disabled, anyone on 

public assistance, and so 

forth; and, the majority of 

those targeted, extremely 

oppressed, tortured, and 

euthanized, were the Jews.



These atrocities were 

inhumane experimentation, 

and cruel unspeakable and 

unimaginable crimes 

against humanity that 

occurred too close in time 

for any of us to forget. We 

are still living in that 

timeframe of unthinkable 

human beliefs that some 

humans have not yet 

resolved nor overcome, and, 

thus, they still exist - those 

heinous thoughts still exist 

and this political group of 

the Enemy is acting upon 

those same thoughts!



While this was going on, the 

US was captivated by the 

same Utopian desires and 

began practicing forced 

sterilization nationwide and 

proudly called it the 

"Eugenics" movement and 

promoted it as a system of 

health, but it was not.








The current SS Medical 

Authority operating 

worldwide began in the US 

with the nationwide 

political Euthanasia 

movement secretly funded 

by those extremely wealthy, 

as evidenced by the facts 

describing those supporting 

the current Totalitarian 

political movement.



And this political ideology 

grew nationally and was 

accepted and legalized in 

most states in the US which 

is documented in the 

written news leading up to 

this current pandemic.



Then it began to be 

promoted in the news as 

physician-assisted suicide 

while movies depicted 

hidden endings resulting in 

mercy killing with 

euthanasia of the sick and 




However, the legalization of 

Forcible Euthanasia (just 

before this pandemic) began 

as withdrawal of all food 

and water while alleging the 

patient's refusal or inability 

to eat. And this escalated to 

physician-assisted murder 

with hidden covert lethal 

drugs and starvation which 

was being done under cover 

while promoting its 

legalization in

political debates and

governmental bills.



The SS Medical Authority 

political movement of 

Nazi-Communism with 

Totalitarian Dictatorship 

has been massively 

spreading nationwide, and 

is the non-elected 

government hidden within 

the elected government. 

And thus, it has the 

authority of the elected 

government while acting 

with allegiance to the 

anti-American hidden 

government that is 




It is anti-American in every 

possible way. They oppose 

Freedom of Speech, oppose 

Freedom of Religion, 

oppose Civil Rights,

and so forth.



When they murdered my 

Mother, I was shocked 

beyond anything 

imaginable, and, how huge 

and cruel and inhumane 

this political group is, and, 

that the Judicial System is 

involved. And even while 

functioning in the State of 

Idaho, they extended their 

political network into 

Montana and Oregon.



The only commonality that I 

could see was their access to 

strong drugs administered 

by their leaders, the

SS Medical Authority. Some 

may call these unnecessary 

drugs "medicine" that we 

know breaks down the 

higher mental functions that 

are "human" and replaces 

them with the raging mind 

of the wild animal within 

while erasing all feelings of 

guilt and empathy for 




And when I later researched 

the news, it showed their 

political system extending 




And, not a single newspaper

(over 200 contacted in every 

state nationwide) 

in America would 

investigate, try to stop it, 

help, nor even respond, nor 

in any way speak out against 

this growing political 

organization leading the 

nation in all forms of 

Euthanasia Murder 

spreading across America.



This is because the victims 

are primarily those of the 

"poor" and/or "low middle 

class" and those on 

Medicaid and Food Stamps. 

In other words, the victims 

are chosen because they are 

the "common people" who 

have very little chance of 

hiring attorneys to defend 

themselves and their 







The SS Medical Authority 

has now spread worldwide 

implemented by their 

lab-made Pandemic. They 

have expressed their 

surprise at how powerful 

the mandates have been and 

how so many people are 

willing to submit to the

SS Medical Authority.

And, that a nation built on

Freedom and Liberty

was so easily 

toppled by a single Mandate 

issued by President Biden 

while declaring

"No More Freedom!"



The SS Medical Authority 

wrote that this is the way, 

Mandates, to implement 

their Plan of "Vaccines," but 

which is using the new 

experimental technology of 

Genetic Control.



And the SS Medical 

Authority is currently 

testing (soon to be 

mandated) Genetic Control 

disguised as a "pan-vaccine" 

(described in current 

professional scientific and 

medical journals) that has 

the entire genetic sequence 

of every CoronaVirus 

variant including the viruses 

for flu, colds, and so forth.



And, after that they state 

their plan is to put every 

disease known to 

humankind in a single 

Genetic shot (masked as a 




They have grown massively 

in political supporters and 

government funding and are 

shielded from lawsuits by 

governmental immunity 

since they know that you 

will submit under the 

consequences of a 

"Mandate" that takes away 

your job and your home and 

threatens your ability to 

care for your family, your 

children, and yourself.



They have been studying 

your nature a long time in 

the lab with chimpanzees, 

our closest genetic relatives 

biologically. They know how 

you respond and they know 

how to control you and how 

to mesmerize you, and they 

know how to terrorize you 

into submission.



Their weapon is Fear!



And, to that is attached, 

mass hypnosis, peer 

pressure, and stripping you 

of every human dignity.



Make no doubt about it, they 

will not stop until they are 

done, and that means until 

everyone, without 

exception, submits to 

Genetic Control - 




The pandemic is just the 

beginning. There is much 

more to come, and we need 

to get our priorities straight 

and be prepared to 

peacefully resist while 

remaining faithful to God 

and America and our

US Constitution.



Further, the Mandates are 

being accentuated with 

shortages of food supplies 

and household products, 

inflation, and soon to be 

mandated airline travel 

restrictions if you refuse 

Genetic Control (masked as 




"I have your back!" exclaims 

President Biden to those 

"vaccinated" with the 

experimental Genetic Shots, 

and, thus, identifying the 

"unvaccinated" as the enemy 

of the SS Medical Authority.



Further, President Biden 

states that those opposing 

are "immoral" and those in 

the military who oppose 

should be given a 

"Dishonorable Discharge" 

and that the American 

citizens have "no more 

Freedom" and that they 

should be "fired from their 

jobs" and they should be 

"thrown out into the streets" 

if they can't pay their rent.




Meanwhile, many American 

citizens recognize that 

something is physically and 

mentally wrong with 

President Biden, and it is 

widely believed that he is 

heavily drugged and has 

symptoms of "dementia" and 

his eyes are constantly 

squinted almost closed, and 

his face is extremely tense, 

unnatural, with a drugged 

expression suggesting 

possible medically induced 

brain damage causing 

partial blindness from heavy 




We are very concerned and 

pray for him to be set free 

from those who have caused 

him to change so 

dramatically from the way 

he was when first elected. 

His entire character and 

nature have changed 

drastically over a relatively 

short period of time. He 

appears to be reading what 

those in control want him to 

say, but not what is in his 




We know that his wife is a 

doctor who may have 

influenced him in 

submitting to the SS 

Medical Authority who are 

lying to him and are 

misguiding his thinking and 

beliefs. And, in his state of 

dementia, he may have 

forgotten much about 

America and about the

US Constitution.



We all know something is 

terribly wrong with our 

President, but we only see 

brief news broadcasts with 

him, and many citizens have 

expressed they are worried 

about our government 

lacking American 

leadership under the US 

Constitution when we are in 

need of a much stronger 

leader more than ever 

under the conditions in 

America right now.



And, thus, many people 

believe that our government 

is "not" being run by our 

elected President who never 

identified himself as a 

Totalitarian Communist in 

any political debate 

whatsoever, and, yet, that is 

the political structure of the 

functions of our current 

federal government.



There is no President in the 

history of America who has 

ever "Mandated" for all 

American citizens to 

participate in any kind of 

experimental Genetic 

Control masked as a 

"Vaccine" and to speak so 

disrespectfully against those 

who logically refuse such 




Our President could have 

offered it along with 

Traditional Vaccines, under 

Freedom of Choice, but 

never, never, as a Mandate.



A sudden drastic change in 

character and nature and 

reversion to child-like 

behavior are symptoms of 

drug-induced dementia.



Our President does not truly 

know what he is saying and 

we pray for him and pray for 

his protection from the 

Enemy and we pray for 

America to be rescued by 

those who have authority, 

but for some reason are 

remaining silent and not 

protecting the







We have "not" gotten to this 

point by a fluke event. 

There are too many things 

all happening at once and 

which could "not" possibly 

occur in this short 

timeframe in the

natural world.



This has all the markings of 

a long-time cold-blooded 

political movement lead by 

extremely wealthy 

Americans and joined 

worldwide in this political 

system and they are all in 

the field of medical science 

and politics, and just like 

World War II, drugs and 

politics are an extremely 

deadly combination that has 

the ability to erase Human 

thoughts and make them 

become the wild raging ape 

of long ago, controlled by 

absolute power and bitter 

cruel acts without any 

feelings nor guilt.









Further, the Enemy, the

SS Authority,  is now 

demanding complete control 

without government 

interference nor any moral 

nor ethical restrictions.



They want complete 

separation of Science and 

State (government)

just like 

the separation of 

Church and State



under the

US Constitution.



They are atheists!

December 30, 2021
Venus 28, 5021 U

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May the Wisdom Force Be With You

Wisdom Peace

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Rev. Chérie Phillips, Stoic Priest
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Stoic Philosopher

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