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Heroes of the

Peaceful Resistance

The World Honors You!!

December 30, 2021
Venus 28, 5021 U

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December 23, 2021

Update to Super Hypothesis:


Insects are the

Primary Carriers.

Humans are the

Secondary Carriers.

We can stop this Pandemic

by effectively resisting the

Primary Carriers.

Test whether they

are in your


Direct Evidence

shows that this

Pandemic is being

sustained by the

Primary Carriers,




carrying GMO viruses.

And the insects are

delivered by drones

remotely controlled

by the enemy

from the fields

near your area.

They are now ubiquitous


And the mosq-gnats

infect the soil in your area

and enter through

your window

and are now reproducing

in the soil of your


and are in most kinds of

soil and plants

purchased at stores.

Test with sticky strips,

and, if found,

assume them to be



Replace the soil with

a "no-gnat" soil mixture

(Look for an indoor potting mix
designed to be unfavorable for gnats,
and contains no compost nor bark
that attracts gnats to nest there.)

and cover all your windows

with sheer fabric to prevent

mosq-gnats from entering,

and wear a mask outdoors

along with a cap and glasses.

The insects are depositing the

GMO viruses in your nose

and your scalp, skin, and eyes.

Their early flying stage

is nearly invisible,

and they cannot

be seen except as

flying particles of dust.

Read the 2018 articles about

DARPA military project when

US began making GMO viruses

with mRNA injections

to command

the DNA of insects

to carry GMO viruses

designed to infect and

alter the DNA of plants,

and concerns by


that this is a bioweapon.

And which we now see

that it is

a bioweapon of

mass destruction

that caused

and is


this worldwide


and is systematically

changing the


of all Life

as we know it.

December 23, 2021
Venus 21, 5021 U

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There are now two satellites

that emit radio and

television interference 

which I can see every night 

outside my bedroom and 

living room windows.


These satellites are using 

intermittent blocking 

(repetitive on-off) of any 




Also, these satellites turn on 

and off interference during 

religious sermons on the 

television and the radio.


Some stations suddenly 

disappear or are 

intermittently turned on 

and off when there is any 

talk about the Covid-19 

Genetic Shots.


Further, national and world 

news broadcasting is 

constantly being stopped at 

critical points.






Remember to use large 

headphones to resist the 

symptoms of the Sonic 

Intrusions by Enemy 

satellites that are causing 

widespread extreme mental 

fatigue, nausea, dizziness, 

and other symptoms.


(See detailed information 

with mathematical structure 

at wisdompeace.com)


Sometimes I have to put on 

my headphones to resist the 

sonic intrusions.



Those who can afford cable 

television are not being 



It is the common people 

who are in the bull's eye of 

this warfare.


I have tried to take pictures 

of the satellites, but they 

had been turning out to be 

just bright blurry dots on the 

photos. Now I know why. 

They transform with a 

gaseous light substance that 

camouflages them.


One night while I was 

studying, L'Dova (Holy 

Spirit) suddenly told me to 

get my camera and take a 

picture of the satellite 

outside my window.  I had 

tried before, but that night 

apparently one of the 

satellites had come close 

enough to my home so that I 

could take a picture.


How does L'Dova know 

these things? I think L'Dova 

can strongly feel the 

magnetic interference 

emitted by the satellites that 

causes a pathway of 

molecular disturbances in 

all living things along with 

radio and television 

broadcasting interference 

during the sonic intrusions 

by satellites. 


Photo of a satellite outside my home. There are two and they sit there all night long and become invisible during the day.



Moments later this satellite
transforms into a musky
camouflage of light.







 Recently, I was studying at 

the table, and L'Dova (Holy 

Spirit) told me to get my 

camera and go to the 

window. I did so, and looked 

up into the sky but saw 

nothing unusual.


Then, I noticed two 

strangers, a man and a 

woman, dressed in business 

clothes, standing in the field 

who took a pre-assembled 

drone from a box and 

released it into our 



Drones have the capability 

of releasing thousands of 

billions of viruses from a 

very small container.


The lab-designed Omicron 

variant was quite certainly 

released by drones and is 

described by scientists as 

having a "weird" genetic 

sequence containing both 

the long-time familiar "cold 

virus" and parts of the 

Covid-19 virus sequence; 

and scientists cannot 

explain how this happened 

in the natural world as they 

have never seen this before 



This was designed so that it 

would show positive in 

Covid-19 tests and also 

would spread quicker to 

terrorize you with the 

escalating cases so that you 

would submit to the Genetic 

Shots ("vaccines").


This lab-made hybrid was 

designed to activate with 

the common cold virus 

during the winter and was 

attached in the lab to parts 

of the Covid-19 virus 

sequence to continue this 

Pandemic non-stop.


The Enemy wants to exhaust 

you by chasing you back and 

forth and pounding you with 

pressure from every 

possible source of fear: 

economic, family, food, and 

tainting everything you 

enjoy and even blocking 

churches from offering you 

relief, and throwing 

ministers in jail as examples 

of the Enemy's power and 

authority over those 

ordained by God to speak 

out against Genetic Control 

Shots under the masked 

disguise of vaccines.

December 30, 2021
Venus 28, 5021 U

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May the Wisdom Force Be With You

Wisdom Peace

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