February 3, 2022
February 6, 5022 U






God Bless the United Kingdom!!



Novavax vaccines are

safe traditional vaccines

with the same technology

used for a very long time

and is the same

used for all of the flu vaccines

for which you are familiar

and have long used

without any symptoms.



The mRNA genetic control shots

(Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, et al.)

cause myocarditis -

heart problems

and cause several microclots

even that researchers have found

in themselves,

and which can lead

to life altering strokes

that can cause isolated paralysis,

and even death.



Do not risk this in your precious babies.


Be patient.

God is moving

amongst the Virtuous

who have the authority

to heal under God.



Novavax has sought emergency use

by the US FDA

and is awaiting approval

as are all of us

who have studied the scientific research

and are following the Truth of God.



Now, as soon as approved by the US FDA,

(US Food and Drug Administration)

we need the


Virtuous Doctors

to come forward and stand up

to make Novavax

available to all of us.



We cannot achieve this alone.

We need you!

God Bless you to receive

this ordained power!



We will remain patient.

 Remember patience is a Virtue

because it is on the pathway of Truth

that few can sustain

during the long journey of Life

before falling off the cliff

by taking the wrong turn

and following deceptive leaders.



Do not become a victim

of the large worldwide

SS Medical Authority political group

and their repeated repeated repeated

mesmerizing propaganda.



All Truth is verifiable -

look for the supporting evidence always,

not the name

nor the position of authority

nor the title

nor the popularity

nor the celebrities

nor the national news reports

nor the large numbers of supporters.



Long Term Severe Side Effects

of mRNA Genetic Shots

(Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, et al.)

You don't want your babies to have this!

Be Patient with Wisdom Virtues.


Beam Me

February 3, 2022

February 6, 5022 U

*    *    *    *






Biden's alleged "Moonshot"

to cure cancer

is in fact

a diabolical plan

by the SS Medical Authority

to use Genetic Control Shots

(NameMask: "vaccines").

See the latest scientific journals

detailing this plan.



Understand that most medicalcare

workers do not know much about

the BacterVira (stem cells)

and about our symbiotic




They think that "stem cells" are just

"parts" of our body.

But rather, they are a

separate species

that makes, designs and becomes

All Life throughout the

entire Mother Universe Womb.

(See the BacterVira Theory from a

profound revelation from God

and written by me.)



We need to end "medical care" by

allopathic doctors

who exclusively use drugs

and are suffering with drug addictions,

and who 24 hours/day and 7/days/week

non-stop on television commercials

are promoting their drugs

as the utopian cure for everything

but which is causing severe side effects

and encourages widespread drug use

and has lead to the legalization

of drugs in most states.



Our government has become

"Drug Pushers"

stating they are seeking

funding for the government.


But, at what enormous cost

in consequences

as the raging mind

thrust into mathematical chaos

commits uncontrollable

impulsive violence

in society.



And Drug Pushers have

long been known

to be worse in moral decay

and loss of their souls

than the drug addicts

who become the


scapegoats of society

and are

forced into






Drug addiction is a medical disease

and the medicalcare doctors

and their workers

are massively diseased with it

and suffering with severe

mental disorders and

distortions of reality

and spreading it

to the world.




The ongoing worldwide

invisible pandemic

is brain altering






Instead, they need to become

in harmony with God's nature

and reach higher in Wisdom

with "Integrative Healthcare"

seeking treatment that is

proven to be successful

and also maintains








No kind of Genetic Control

nor any vaccine can cure cancer.

Only the BacterVira (stem cells)

can cure cancer and is the

pathway to success.



The BacterVira is the Creator of all species

and we need to support them

but not





They are clones that function

in precise harmony with each other:

unfathomable numbers

acting as one,

and their mathematics is precise

and any significant interference

can result in their

social order

of self-destruction

to save the

other clones.




BacterVira Therapy (stem cells)

by healthy support

of our symbiotic creator

chosen by our Universe Mother

and having the knowledge

of Universal Mathematics

is the

cure for cancer!!

February 3, 2022

February 6, 5022 U

*    *    *    *







*    *    *   *


US Federal Government Command

under the SS Medical Authority

for the experimental

Genetic Control Shots

to be given to your Babies

by Emergency FDA Authorization.


*    *    *   *



Beware of the

Propaganda Code of Deception:

If our federal government

really cared

about your little children,

as they are alleging,

then they would make available

the Safe Traditional Real Vaccines

now awaiting approval by the US FDA
(as of January 2022)

and which have been proven

to be safe

for generations of generations

to everyone in the world:





On June 14, 2021, the New York Times reported:

"Novavax Offers U.S. a Fourth Strong Covid-19

Vaccine" The company's large U.S. trial found an

efficacy rate of about 90 percent."


All of these traditional real vaccines are SAFE,

but they are NOT available

to the Common People

anywhere in the US!!


We ask: "Where are they???"


And they respond: "Take what we give you!!!!!!"


The mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna, et al.)

Genetic Control is NOT a vaccine

and seeks human control

of the Gene-Brains

of your

BacterVira (stem cells)


All Life.


Why seek to rule a nation

when you can seek to rule

the entire



This destroys God

destroys Heaven

destroys Freedom

destroys every belief in

all power higher

than the

SS Medical Authority

and their hidden wealthy members

being the exclusively





To accomplish this it is necessary for:


(1) The destruction of all those who are

adjudicated to be


sick, disabled,


genetically defective families,

and all others unfit to live,

and further,

all those unwilling to submit

to drug control and genetic control

using the rise of widespread legal drug use

for constant "pleasurable" brain destruction

to stop you from thinking logically, and,


(2) The destruction of the Common People, and,


(3) The destruction of all ordained Religions









The One (pseudo) Religion that will remain

will be the one that worships the male


who will soon be substituted by the

genetically modified

lab made

Perfect Human Genetic Male

who will become the

Genetic Father

of the entire world.


And every woman will be required

to receive a

genetically modified

Perfect Egg implant before




*   *   *   *


Where are we now?

We are at the Beginning:

Read this carefully until you understand

The Logic Code

What our government is demanding

is that you must ONLY

give your little children

Genetic Control Shots,

even though traditional vaccines,

such as Novavax,

are in fact available

and twice approved by the WHO

World Health Organization

and now being reviewed by the US FDA

for emergency use in America

and are made

and manufactured

in the USA

in the State of Maryland

near Washington, DC.



It is


the (real) vaccines

they are demanding,

but instead,

it is

The Experimental

Genetic Control Shots

(wearing the MaskName of vaccines)

they are demanding!!


*   *   *   *


The false name, vaccine,

is a "MaskName"

to fool you

and is covering the real name:

Genetic Control Shots.


Why is it critical for them

to give your babies


Genetic Control Shots

even though this Pandemic is over?




(1) The SS Medical Authority

want it done immediately

before you realize

that this Pandemic is over!!


(The trial testing on little babies

has not even been done

and only just started being tested

by a few victims)


(2) The SS Medical Authority

want to complete the

Genetic Control Experiment

on the Common People

(the wealthy are not participating).


(3) The SS Medical Authority

want to train your babies

to accept Genetic Control Shots

because they are the


of what is yet to come . . . .


(4) The SS Medical Authority

want to send




(three boosters are planned)


to your BacterVira (stem cells) that:

Genetic Control is Here Now!!

and you must

accept it because

All Life is signaling

this mRNA message

to you!!


To accomplish this they


train the most viable BacterVira

the strongest newborn BacterVira

who are in the

youngest of the species:

The Babies!!


(5) The SS Medical Authority

wants to train you and your children

to give up Freedom in America

by taking addictive pleasurable

mind-altering drugs

that research shows

makes you mindlessly

submit to the

Genetically Modified World

of all living things

plants, animals, insects,

your food, your pets, your children, yourself,

commanded by the

hybrid federal government

Totalitarian Communism Dictatorship

commanded by the hidden

SS Medical Authority

being established in governments


by changing



into the mandatory

Genetic Control Shots

(Pfizer, Moderna)

which will ultimately



All Life





February 2, 2022

February 5, 5022 U

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May the Wisdom Force Be With You

Wisdom Peace

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Rev. Chérie Phillips, Stoic Priest
Theoretical Philosopher
Stoic Philosopher

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