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World War III: War of the Clones


Part 5.








Why the Government Says:


"You Have NO Choice


Covid-19 Vaccine

to Get."


"Just take whatever

we give






SinoVac and SinoPharm



This is the same design as the
flu vaccines, polio vaccines,
and others
long used by us and our ancestors
simply using dead virus particles.

It is the same technology
proven to be safe for
200 years since the beginning
of vaccine development.


*    *    *    *


Pfizer and Moderna
(called gene-based vaccines)

Why mRNA Technology for Vaccines

Does Not Protect You


They do NOT stop you from becoming infected.

They do NOT stop you from infecting others.


The gene-based vaccines

ONLY stop your symptoms:

making you Asymptomatic,

but still able to get infections

and still able to infect others.


*    *    *    *









The mRNA inoculations (shots), such as by Pfizer and Moderna, called gene-based vaccines by scientists, were designed for HIV and other incurable diseases for which there is no vaccine.

And, thus, mRNA inoculations are not vaccines as defined by the fact that they do not in any way stop one from becoming infected nor from infecting others.

The mRNA inoculations (shots) command your BacterVira (stem cells) to stop from making any symptoms, and, thus, you become asymptomatic.

Consequently, you can still become infected and can still infect others.

Thus, you have to continue wearing a mask at all times and practice social distancing.

However, by being asymptomatic you are supporting the stealth properties of the CoronaVirus in its efforts to increase reproduction and become even more widespread, since neither you nor others know when you become infected without any symptoms to protect you and to forewarn others of your infections.

The mRNA technology is very bad for use in this deadly pandemic.

Further, there are an infinite number of strains and/or variants that can and are arising worldwide, but you have been told only about a few of them.





There is no vaccine that can protect you from such a large number of strains and/or variants, and, thus, it will be necessary to have ongoing and continuing vaccinations against the most prevalent strains and/or variants at that point in time.

However, the mRNA technology cannot function as a vaccine, but rather, gives you no protection.






Once you allow the gate to your BacterVira (stem cells) to remain open, then quite certainly the good, the bad and the ugly will enter and have access to your DNA and your Family Treasure Chest, all the genes from your ancestors since the beginning of your Genetic Lineage, become vulnerable and subject to change by someone you never met, and you don't even know, a stranger.

Remember that World War II was lead by unethical researchers who sought to change the worldwide genetic heritage to become exclusively their own choice, not yours, not your ancestors.

You have a lot at stake. Are you sure you want to proceed and risk losing all?

The government is not your friends, not your spiritual leaders, and not your family.

They are people who have the lowest intelligence in society, and they are driven by groups of political power fighting to become the Alpha Human, and, are not concerned about you personally, and they are not concerned about anything else, not morality, not spirituality.

Stop looking to them for morality and spirituality in the decisions involving you and your family.

Remember This: Work daily to achieve and strengthen your Wisdom Virtues and Pray and Meditate and Trust only God as your exclusive Wisdom authority.

Yes, you have a choice because you do not have to take an mRNA genetic vaccine nor any other experimental vaccine that is genetically invasive and biologically controlling.

But rather, you can take a traditional vaccine and you have the power to kindly request for it to be available.

Be Not Submissive to
Alpha Humans
(Wild Hairless Apes).

Be Assertive, Not Aggressive.

*    *    *    *    *    *

You Have a Choice.

*    *    *    *







World War III

War of the Clones


Beam Me

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May the Wisdom Force be with You.
Wisdom Peace.

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