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World War III: War of the Clones


Part 3.














The President, Donald Trump and Vice President Pence do not wear a mask to convince you not to wear a mask.

And this has been done from the very beginning.

And they are supporting protests lead by people not wearing masks and calling the whole thing a hoax.

But, the daughter of President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, reveals in the news that she wears a mask because several White House staff became sick with the CoronaVirus, Covid-19 disease, and she confessed that the President and Vice-President are being tested every day, along with everyone in their presence. And, further, that everyone in their presence must wear a mask, but the President and Vice-President do not wear a mask.



Deception, Deception.

It's got a Hold of You.


This is deception because they are giving the impression and even stating that you should not be concerned about the CoronaVirus, and that it will disappear very shortly (they said it would be gone in a few weeks, after that they said in a few months) and you should not even wear a mask, and you should even send your children back to school. This is what they promoted for a long time, until scientists spoke out against it.


However, if they were truly not afraid of the CoronaVirus, then they would not be tested everyday and they would not demand for everyone around them to be tested and they would not demand for others to wear masks around them.


But they are deceivingly making it look like others are choosing to wear a mask, but the President and Vice-President are demanding that those around them wear masks while they do not.


This is Alpha Ape behavior, trying to prove that not even a virus can defeat their power over the HERD.


How long will we let the Alpha Ape control us before we decide to stop submitting and become civilized Humans?


You, too, could safely walk around without a mask if everyone else is wearing a mask. They are being used as Human Shields that are in fact a mask protecting the President and Vice-President.


But, why are they deceiving you into thinking that you don't need a mask and that you should NOT believe SCIENCE?


Science is Truth.

Science = Truth


The government is telling us one lie after another, and the majority of the people are falling for it.


Those without the protection of achieved Virtues and without the activation of the nonconscious Wisdom Mind (not born again), are without the power of God's Wisdom Force within, and, thus, the Self functions are controlled by their nonconscious Ape Mind and nonconscious toxic Reptilian Snake Mind and, therefore, they can easily be mesmerized - without even knowing it.


You are NOT aware that you are mesmerized when you fail to test your beliefs (opinions) with Truth.


Test ALL your beliefs with verifiable Truth.


That is why the Original Holy Bible teaches us that you have to learn to seek Truth by the evidence, not by hierarchy, not by the presumption of power, not by titles of authority, and such other deceptive strategy.


In the United States, most of the people in society are "not" wearing a mask because they are being deceived.


Medical doctors stood by the President and told you not to wear a mask and that you did not need it. In the midst of a deadly pandemic they told you that you did not need a mask. This is beyond shocking. Yet you believed because you submitted to the Alpha Apes.


They told you there is not enough masks.


And so, you should wear No Mask:  NOTHING!


They think you are stupid. But you are not. You are MESMERIZED!!


And, we are not designed by God to live in the WILD culture of Apes.


We are civilized Humans!


Your money or your Life.

Most Americans choose Money.

They are afraid of being poor.


That is why the Holy Bible teaches us that being poor is powerful because you then cannot be controlled.


But you can have money and become as powerful as the poor when you charitably help others and live a Virtuous life. Thus, you live for God, not for Money. This is the real Living Wealth of Wisdom. 


From the very beginning our government has been promoting the deception that we must not wear a mask and that we must be tested.





1. They want your DNA.

2. They want to track down those DNA that can make genetically successful antibodies that are able to overpower this designer killer virus: The CoronaVirus (symbolically named to represent the return of Jesus). (Virus=Jesus)

3. They want to know how to design a military virus that can attack the enemy while the military is immune.

All of the written evidence shows that this virus was made in America. You will notice that other nations are using cyber break-ins to know the scientific progress of the Virus Wars Protocol.


The most successful form of mesmerizing occurs openly in front of your face.


And each lie is hidden between two Truths.


Why some people can see the lies and others cannot has to do with which part of your brain controls your conscious Self functions. The conscious Virtuous Mind Self functions cannot be mesmerized because it is connected to the nonconscious Wisdom Mind that is born within. But those who have not awakened (reborn) can be mesmerized because their controlling Ape Mind and Reptilian Mind have no ability to resist being mesmerized, and, thus, the conscious Self functions fall into the hands of the deceivers who control them with lies and deception. 


Why does our government want us not to wear a mask?


And why is it promoting protests with people not wearing a mask? And why does it encourage children to return to school in the midst of this hugely escalating deadly pandemic? And all this while scientists say this is very dangerous and life-threatening.


Why is the US government deceiving you?


Because you are the workers, the sacrificial sheep that feed the economy.


Do you think that those in the upper level of the hierarchy are returning to work?

No. They are in the beach houses swimming in their private pool.


Are their children returning to school?

No. They have private tutors.


You will notice that the majority of deaths occurred by those who were given surgically implanted ventilators and drugged into a comatose state because of the pain of a surgically implanted ventilator, all while scientists were crying out that the surgically implanted ventilators are "causing" deaths over and above the Covid-19 disease.


Many died from the surgically implanted ventilators.


You will notice that people in the upper hierarchy did "not" go to the hospital, but stayed home and had access to oxygen, that was "not" surgically implanted and to home-visiting doctors.


Performing surgery on a person who has CoronaVirus requires anesthesia. Do you know how anesthesia works? It forces you to come close to death so that you pass out and become nonconscious. This is very bad medical practice. And, it was only done on those individuals in society who are in the lower hierarchy.


Thus, the question remains, what is the most probable intent of the government in their complete lack of concern for your safety in the midst of this highly contagious deadly pandemic?


Herd Immunity.


Remember the written evidence that the government has long been involved in designing viruses for warfare and testing it on unknowing citizens. It is in writing.


But, they know that you will listen to their deception in the face of completely opposite evidence.


This time, the government has designed a virus that was more potent than they expected and has been quickly able to transform into different varieties - there are many kinds of CoronaVirus because it is constantly transforming with each person that it infects.


So, let's understand what the government is pushing by deceiving you into sacrificing yourself as the lamb for the benefit of the upper hierarchy who define their status in society solely and exclusively by the amount of money they have.


Money not Wisdom rules the World.


In such a world, you are the lamb and your leaders are the Alpha Apes who deceive you into thinking they are gods, but they are not.

They have designed a new lethal virus in the laboratory intended to be used by the military (written in science journals), but now find it out of control and infecting themselves and the entire world instead of just their targeted enemies.


There are no antibodies to fight it, and it is transforming into many different varieties and growing stronger each day, and is now able to infect dogs, cats, and no longer is isolated to the lungs, but is transforming to cause more diseases throughout the entire body.


There is only one thing left to do.


Sacrifice the lower hierarchy for the benefit of the wealthy and this is their goal: Herd Immunity.


They are tracking you down and euthanizing you.


I know about the government's practice of euthanasia as a witness and with the medical records to prove it in writing. It has been spreading through many states and they entered our home and took my Mother from the dinner table and forcibly euthanized her.


As bad as you think the world is, it is far worse than you know, because most evilness is hidden.


But there is one thing that we know, unless you are wealthy, then you are a sacrificial lamb being lead to the slaughterhouse.


It does not matter how intelligent you are nor how much Wisdom you have, you are measured by the amount of money you have.


The wealthy are the Alpha Apes and everyone else is the sacrificial lambs.


If you truly want to be protected by God, then you need to survive with Wisdom. And, the first thing you have to learn is to resist being mesmerized by the deception.


That is what the Original Holy Bible teaches you: how to discern Truth in the most convincingly real deception. If you read it the way it was intended (see, "First Resurrection Code" at this website) then you are prepared to seek out Truth with the power of your Virtues and God's Wisdom.


The most heinous toxic snakes are covertly hidden in the midst of a beautiful jungle.


That is why you will see scriptures that are beautiful surrounding heinously toxic deception in the Holy Bible.


This was intended to educate you and to test your strength as you build your Virtues and increase your Wisdom from God's Wisdom Force born within you.





Herd Immunity. How it works is explained in plain and simple terms and with a bit of background information as I quote from the book, "Viruses" by Arnold J. Levine.


One of the most readable books on Viruses, this was written some time ago, and yet its conceptual knowledge continues to provide the basic background that helps us to understand what is currently being promoted by the government behind all the fog of deception. Simply titled, "Viruses," this book explains what we are currently witnessing now as the CornaVirus is evolving rapidly before our very eyes as it travels worldwide and tests the Variety of Genes of the World Population for weaknesses and strengths.






Royal Genes:

The Golden Chalice of Jesus


Knowledge of the genome identified by worldwide testing for the CoronaVirus and determining the Chosen Ones from those who are genetically strong enough to resist dying and even resisting any symptoms (asymptomatic) is the Golden Chalice of Jesus (the Royal Genes) that the Military is searching for in competition with all nations worldwide.


This is Gene Harvesting being done by testing of every possible person worldwide. 


"Some RNA viruses . . . are evolving much faster than any other living organism." 


As early as 1950, a virus was used to selective kill an unwanted race of rabbits.


Now, in 2020, was the CoronaVirus designed to selectively kill unwanted races of Humans?


While they deny that this is a designer virus with their forked tongue (like a snake), they have the ability to do manipulate genes and to make designer viruses, and even to make cloned species, and they have been writing in scientific journals and in newspapers, and every embassy in the world knows that many nations have been participating in virus experimentations for a long time.


Look at what preceded it:

Government within the Government established.

Euthanasia of the elderly and disabled paid for by Medicare funds.

Worldwide Promotion of Physician-Assisted Suicide.

Mesmerizing suggestions of Suicide as a response to forcing you to lose your job, become unable to pay your rent, face becoming homeless, abused for being unable to pay your bills, told not to wear a mask, and constant horror stories to make you develop imminent fear of untimely death.


Why did the government not simply tell you to wear a mask and face shield and stay at work?


Why did they seek to expose you to sudden massive poverty?


Why do they so strongly want you to commit suicide that they provide free physicians to show you how.


Why does the government pay for your elderly family members to be Forcibly euthanized with Hospice services in your home and if you refuse, they take your family member away to be Forcibly Euthanized in the hospital.


Why is your religion promoting unlimited births in the highest over-population ever.


And why is your religion promoting the deception that death is better than life? They tell you over and over that Heaven is where real life is, but when you open your eyes you see that everything recycles.


You keep recycling in this same world in different species of life that you refuse to make better because you keep listening to the death worshipers instead of really living.


Why is your government telling you not to wear a mask during the most lethal pandemic ever?


America: The most economically successful nation in the world. Why is your government refusing to provide every citizen with an N95 mask to protect you?


Yes, Father Government is an immoral Hairless Ape beast who controls you with deception and mass hypnotism and military-sponsored protests.


That is why the Holy Bible tells you that there is only ONE Father-Mother. No one else but God is mathpure Truthful. Only in God can you Trust.


God Loves You.

Your Government Does Not.


This is the most difficult thing for people to realize: that your government is willing to watch you suffer and die to save the Wealthy at the top of the Hierarchy.


The moment you separate yourself from God, then you become vulnerable to be consumed by the Beast.


Without God, you do not know how to survive, you do not know how to keep from being mesmerized, you do not know how to discern Truth.


You are the sacrificial lambs if you fail to look for the hidden Truth.


The Family of Satan is:

The Hairless ALPHA Apes

in Human skin.









God's Way is ALWAYS











World War III

War of the Clones


Beam Me

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May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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