Captain, we are approaching a hostile planet, Earth.


Sensors indicate that Earth is infested with Hairless Apes, who call themselves "Humans," and are destroying Earth's natural resources, polluting its air to the point of destructive global warming, destabilizing the magnetic forces, and causing massive earthquakes with underground testing of nuclear weapons.


What is your assessment, Lieutenant?


They have not yet learned to become Virtuous.

They are under the authority of the
E-Force, and are headed toward

What is your protocol, Captain?


Is the L-Force there?


Yes, Captain, but they have not awakened ets power.  They are being held captive by the
E-Force. They are slaves to its authority. Those who protest are drugged into submission.


They need a guide to show them the
Wisdom Peace Way.  We will send a messenger to guide them to the


Captain, it is too risky. They are a very violent species.


We will send a holograph,
Wisdom Tortoise, to guide them to the
L-Force.  Prepare the L-Pod to travel to Earth in the vortex of the

Force . . .

Tortoise, are you ready?


Strength and Honor, Captain.


Wisdom Peace be with you, Tortoise.




Beam me up, Scottie.



Countdown . . .