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My name is Cherie Phillips,


I am a



And . . .

I am struggling each day

to become yet


by taming my

wild nonconscious

inner Ape Mind,

the remnant of my ancestor Mother Ape,

giving evidence from whom I

evomorphed (evolved and metamorphosed).


If you look closely, you can see me as all other life sees me:

The Hairless Ape.






Some people believe we have completely evomorphed (evolution and metamorphosis) away from the chimpanzees who shared our same ancestor ape mother, and, that we are the most intelligent new species on earth, Humankind.

We have not yet evomorphed "from" apes, but rather, Humankind is "still" a species of apes - the Hairless Apes - still searching for the way out of this emotional Ape Mind.

Further, I believe, that the process is both evolution and metamorphosis, which I call, evomorph.

The evidence is everywhere that Humankind is functioning at the lowest level of intelligence of all species. True intelligence is the ability to survive.

We live in misery and complication while other species live in happiness and simplicity. We think of ourselves as superior to all other kinds of life and gorge our bellies and seek sports and games and chase out other species from every corner of the earth, while other species live in harmony seeking only minimum food without waste. We contaminate the environment while other species die from what we have selfishly done. We find pleasure in drugs and unnecessary medicine that cause violent feelings and make our retirement age begin with dementia and self-induced helplessness, while other species live a normal healthy life until the day they pass away.

There are few religious leaders to guide us out of our misery, but rather, many profits who entertain us and to take our money with fraudulence and deception.

Homes are destroyed by those seeking the highest authority over their spouse to take the place of God, and, running loose with private privileges while making the spouse submit into slavery.

Many governments have overpowered religion and forbid it all together, or deceivingly use politics under a phony mask of religious authority, but it is not religious. The governmental leader then deceptively commands to be worshiped as the highest religious authority instead of God.

Few religions actually function under the authority of God.

People find such misery in their minds that they return to babyhood by taking drugs and medicine to make them fall into a helpless state unable to even walk and slowly deteriorating and severely shortening the lifespan of memory functions into early onset dementia, a permanent state of babyhood helplessness.

There is no evidence of intelligence found in Humankind.

Therefore, the evidence reveals that Humankind is, in fact, an intermediary species of "Hairless Apes" that we necessarily are passing through in the process of evomorphing into the intended, final species, Wisdomkind.

When we reach our intended intellectual functioning, we are aware that our species will have a much better quality life that is in harmony with all living things and we will be the caregivers for all Life and protector of the Environment.

Through real religions we are seeking the new Wisdom to guide us out of our intermediary species, Humankind, guide us to evomorph into our new species, Wisdomkind.

Thereby, we now have the profound awareness that we actually have the new power to participate in our own evomorph into Wisdomkind, in order to speed-up the evomorph process.

This participation in our own evomorph requires much effort with the achievement of higher intellectual functions of Wisdom Virtues that tames our wild Ape Mind and activates a new Virtuous Mind in order receive guidance by nonconscious Wisdom from the most highly evomorphed Wisdom Mind in each of us.

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Honolulu Zoo






If man were destroyed, humankind would survive only if mother would bring man back through cloning and other technology. But, she could also sustain humankind with a exclusively of ladies using technology instead of man to enable the continuity of giving birth, and, to do so selectively.

But if mother were destroyed, humankind would end. Mother programs the brain of the human fetus, and when mama is gone . . . .




To end all wars, at some time in the future, there may be an attempt to end the reproduction of all men. But, the opposite is not possible, as men cannot program the brain of a fetus, only the brain of the mother can program the brain of a fetus.

In an over-populated world, filled with male violence, and wars created by men and sustained by men, what would life be like without all men?

A far worse hell if only woman walks the earth.

Men may be more violent, but women are the slow sustained mental tormentors and abusers. While women would not fight in wars, they would make life just as unbearable as warfare.

There is no technological way out of our miserable life except through the hard work of achieving virtues and receiving Wisdom to enable us to timely evomorph into Wisdomkind with loving relationships, before we destroy ourselves into extinction.

I would like to see this scenario in a good movie. Kindly send me some of the royalties and movie tickets.


Chérie Phillips



The year is 2012, and Humankind is still more like Chimpanzees of the Hairless Ape Kind than the deceptively perceived superior intellectual that hovers above all other species. Like the chimpanzees, we function with wild emotions in cruel domination and destructive abuse to all Life.

Most of us do not even know:

Who created us?

Who are we?

Why are we here?

It is time for Humankind to receive creative Wisdom and evomorph into Wisdomkind.





Have we evomorphed yet?
Our behavior shows we are more like apes than humans.

Are we the Human?


Are we the . . .




by Chérie Phillips



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Ape (Chimpanzee) at Honolulu Zoo
Closest species to Humans with
remarkably similar behavior.

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The most violent species will eventually become extinct, and the more peaceful will take their place according to Universal Mathematics. It is according to the laws of physics, and not an option.

Since Humans are the Hairless Apes, evomorphed from the same mother as chimpanzees, our inherited wild Ape Mind, instead of controlling with emotions, will become tamed and function with powerful instincts and strong senses as a domesticated animal who submits to the newly evomorphed Virtuous Mind as we become a new species, Wisdomkind.

As Wisdomkind, we will easily solve problems with our achieved strong Virtues: reason, courage, justice, self-discipline, patience, empathy, and compassion.

We will maintain our WisdomPeace that is constantly powered by Wisdom from God the Wisdom Force that is the most highly evomorphed functions in our mind and that connects to the L-Force of God that is order throughout the Universe.

Wars will end since only resistance is necessary to maintain worldwide order as all nations will have virtuous leaders who compassionately care for their citizens and are united with all nations in WisdomPeace.

Those who cause violence are few because drug use and unnecessary medicine are willingly left behind, and, instead, naturopathy and homeopathy become the harmony of wellness.

Further, the high level understanding the mind functions will enable a preventative protocol and the ability to rehabilitate and cure offenders and religions will guide them to function with virtues.





If humans become extinct (through warfare including biological attacks targeting humans), which species would become the new Species King and Species Queen of the world?

Chimps . . . the closest species to Humankind.

"Planet of the Apes." Was it a movie? Or a prediction!

But, from the looks of some of my neighbors, it may be the dogs who are beginning to look more like Humans every day, and, yet they have much better overall personalities. What would life be like if ruled by dogs???




Life has been evomorphing in the direction of increasing order, and, consequently,  those species who fail to evomorph will be left behind, simply because they do not have the intelligence to survive.




"Humans are the most dangerous species on earth!" - Zoologist, Honolulu Zoo





Something is preventing us from timely evomorphing - keeping us in a perpetual primitive state of mind. Human body, but "not" Human mind.

Some of the inhibitors are widespread drug use and excessive use of strong medicine that prematurely destroy the mind and limiting our lifetime accomplishments and hopelessness leaving us without motivation; sustaining primitive beliefs as a religion without possibility of progressive social changes; prejudiced destruction and hiding knowledge to support a social hierarchy; preventing technological advancements that would lessen economic profits of certain businesses, such as the oil industry protecting the manufacturers of gas-powered cars instead of the more technologically advanced green energy of hydro-electric cars, and, so forth.





Survival of Humans is all in the mind . . . Wisdom.





For the Human species, anything that removes Wisdom, removes power.




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