June 14, 2021
June 25, 5021 U









We patiently waited for YOU!


Thank you, Magnificent Most High
Creator Universe


Blessed Light of God


Jesus Lives!!!!


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IPC received







Star Date 5021 Universal

Earth Date 2021



Wisdom Peace Lightforce

Begin Codesv. . .



I am the Wisdom Peace Lightforce within you.


And I am letting Wisdom Peace Light stream from me into you.


My Light I am giving to you.


Not what the system is giving is my Light that I am giving to you.


Do not let the system continue being disturbance in you.


And let not your heart become fearful nor dreading yet whatever shall come.


Know that you are here in this life since I have made you strong enough to endure and overcome all that has been and will yet be.


For I am the Wisdom Peace Lightforce with you now and forever.


Know my mathpure laws of health and movement and do accordingly, since I have designed you for all that is natural.


Study and learn from experience and knowledge always following my path of Truth with
Strength and Honor.


Pray and Meditate constantly even while moving and doing.


And daily strengthen your Wisdom Virtues: Reason, Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Empathy, Compassion, and Patience.


Remain in my Wisdom Peace Lightforce impenetrable field that surrounds you and
comforts all.


You may leave at will, but nothing can enter as long as you freely choose to keep my Wisdom Peace Light even while moving and doing.


And let not your countenance become tension to remove you from my presence.


Keep your face eased in harmony with me, always reflecting my Wisdom Peace Light within you, and knowing I am the living Force of Light that lives even beyond forever.


I am before the beginning of time and I know all as I made all and what is yet all.


Remain in my constant stream of pleasant rest even with all your doing while being one with my Lightforce of Wisdom Peace.


I am the Wisdom Peace Lightforce within you.



. . . . Endcodesv

Wisdom Peace Lightforce


Code Signature Verified.



*    *    *    *









What Did You Forget?




Remember at the beginning of this Pandemic, the government told all of us NOT to wear a mask.


This caused the pandemic to increase and many died. They were pushing from the beginning for Herd Immunity - to sacrifice us while the wealthy stay safe inside in their homes and isolate themselves.


Now, even though the Pandemic is still active, and much worse variations are spreading, the government once again is telling us NOT to wear a mask.


The mRNA vaccine does NOT cure, but rather, prevents symptoms; it makes you asymptomatic.


Further, the government is delaying the offer of traditional vaccines, while referring to the mRNA vaccines as "The Covid Vaccine."


And they are using massive Propaganda, telling you that the people who refuse to take "The Covid Vaccine" are ignorant and uneducated and should follow the leaders like everyone else. Remember the Bible story when the pigs, possessed by demons, followed each other off a cliff.


Intellectuals, who are Virtuous do NOT follow the leader. We follow God's Wisdom only and we investigate and analyze the facts and seek Truth in leadership, not popularity of leaders.


They do not tell you that we are opposed to the mRNA vaccines and want traditional vaccines.


Notice that they are telling you to follow the leader, and rewarding those who follow with a "normal" life without having to wear a mask.


This is very risky not to wear a mask. And you are confused because this does not make sense.


But, it does not make sense because they are lying to you.


Yes, the government does LIE to you. They do NOT care about you. They WILL sacrifice you for what the Alpha wants:  Herd Immunity.


This means that we, the workers out there in the massive crowds of mask-haters (unwilling to inconvenience themselves nor to make any effort to resist this Pandemic logically), are the sacrificial lambs for the wealthy to take no risk and in the end to enjoy Herd Immunity that are made possible by our bodies.


They have no genuine belief in God, but are attributing any decline in cases to the glorified mRNA vaccines. God is capable of resisting this human-made pandemic; God not the mRNA vaccine.


Why are they glorifying the mRNA vaccines? Because they are planning more intrusive genetic control now that you have submitted and are allowing them to enter your cells and to command your genes with codes that they are making in the laboratory.


This has set a very dangerous precedence for the future of humanity.


And, this proves how gullible people are in being easily controlled by those competing to become the Alpha of the World of Hairless Apes.


They are openly using Propaganda and censorship which I have never seen in America before now. That is because there are so many people in government on drugs whose minds have become functioning as the hairless apes of the wild kind.


Humans are evomorphing backwards.


This is the time for you to be on your guard and as healthy as possible and as strong and virtuous as possible. You have to make the choices for yourself and your family and you need to do the research work and analyses to make the best decisions possible and with guidance by Wisdom from God.


Remember that Patience is a Virtue.


Continue to


without concern

for the


intended to incite

others to turn against



Wisdom Virtues:  Reason, Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Empathy, Compassion, and Patience.


When you achieve your Wisdom Virtues, your Self functions are no longer the default, and then your BacterVira recognize your achieved Mark of God and the Wisdom Mind awakens (you give birth to the most highly evomorphed mind) and begins to function within you.


God designed you this way.


Once you get used to taking mRNA vaccines, which open the gate to your cells to genetic control and biological manipulation from the new invasive technology of "vaccines" manufactured by strangers, motivated by money and fame, then they will return again and again with frequent booster shots and with changes that you do not know and, thus, do not approve, because they control you. They will not ask you for approval.


Already scientists say that the exact design of the mRNA vaccines are unknown for proprietary reasons.


The state of the world is at the most immoral level that it has ever been, and drug abuse has reached the level of abuse by professionals in the government and doctors, et al.


Remember that the FDA has never approved mRNA vaccines, but was pressured in allowing its temporary use only during this pandemic. Further, what the FDA approves is not necessarily moral.


Recently, the FDA approval for the use of "Ecstasy" is being sought by doctors for medicinal purposes. They claim it cures, but the destruction of the brain is not a cure. They are using mind altering, brain destroying drugs!


This was published recently in the AAAS Science journal, May 14, 2021, vol 372 issue 6543, page 666.


"Ecstacy Passes Clinical Test"


PAGE 666!!!







They are seeking FDA approval as medicine because these professionals have become drug addicts! And they want to do it legally without losing their jobs and while keeping their high incomes.


This is why the world is crumbling down around us. Drug Abuse amongst professionals!!


The Wealthy are privileged in our society, and they want to control us - worldwide. They want to become the Alpha Humans of the world.


Drugs make them even more controlling as the brain reverts backward to the nonconscious ape mind control instead of moving away from the ape mind functions.


The ape social order was predicated on becoming the Alpha. This was the one and the only drive to the max. The Alpha Ape has privileges that none of the other apes enjoy. This primitive drive forms the basis of most of the adamil and evil that we see in current society.


Everybody wants to be the Alpha!!


We are still practicing the same Ape behavior as those animals from which we have evomorphed. It requires much diligent effort at this midstream stage of our evomorph to resist this primitive behavior within each of us and others.


Drug abuse lowers the human functions to regress backward into wild and untamed minds that have no conscience and no guilt for their immorality. Drugs wipe away guilt!


But the rest of us suffer if we commit wrong. Because we suffer with guilt, we make the very difficult and necessary changes to become Virtuous and we learn to avoid committing wrongful acts and instead to follow God's Wisdom.


Further, those who do not wear a mask are showing heightened increases in symptoms associated with periodic hormonal changes causing frequent episodes of aggression.


People who do not wear masks are remarkably more aggressive than those who wear masks.


The government has asked you to stop wearing masks if you have been vaccinated, but refuses to offer traditional vaccines to the rest of us.


They want social pressure to humiliate us and identify us as the "unvaccinated" but where are the traditional vaccines? They are pressuring us to take the mRNA vaccines.


This makes me even less trusting of them since they are withholding traditional vaccines and demanding genetic control and biological manipulation.


Thus, they are pushing for Herd Immunity. They want you to be infected without having the symptoms and this is their plan for ending the Pandemic.


Only God can end this pandemic.


And God has revealed to us that there are many more yet to come because this Pandemic was made in a laboratory, and the makers are now billionaires!!


You have to learn to study scientific research at the sources instead of trusting those who have continuously lied to us.


Study, at the very least, the scientific journals of Lancet, AAA Science, and Nature, and do so frequently and regularly. Many articles are written in pdf format and can be downloaded and read in your leisure. Being informed is vital now more than ever before.


The fact that no traditional vaccine has been offered to us makes me concerned that the purpose of this Pandemic was to seek genetic control over us.


Remember World War II was begun and sustained by doctors, et al. who were highly educated and wanted to control the world as the Chosen Ones and to forcibly euthanize all those deemed unfit to live.


It was only 2016, relatively quite recently, that my Precious Mother was taken from the dinner table in our home and was forcibly euthanized by over 50 healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, judges, lawyers, et al.


The nuclear bomb that allegedly ended World War II did NOT in any way stop those involved in the immoral acts of atrocities against humankind. They just went underground.


Until you learn the facts of what happened in World War II and how allopathic doctors, et al. believe they are the Alpha Humans of the World and quite certainly are the source of this pandemic, then your guard of protection will be insufficient.


BBC has a great collection that is comprehensive with interviews of those involved and gives us a better understanding of how they perceive us, the common people and how vulnerable we are when we give them unquestioning power over us. Further, it is well documented that World War II was fueled by drug abuse, which is exactly where we are now!







At this point, most of us have no choice but to take the mRNA vaccines.


I am waiting it out patiently. I am, instead, working on becoming as healthy as possible, and wearing a good set of masks and protective clothing, as well as having the ability to be at home since I am elderly.


But, many of you do not have that opportunity and are on the front lines of the war. Each of you needs to make the best decision possible for the conditions of your exposure and pray and then Trust God and remain in Wisdom Peace.


You can get sick quicker from lack of exercise and from stress than anything else. Exercise cancels out stress. I have an Avari stepper and I get on it every hour throughout the day and exercise alot.


Thus, some of us must turn to the mRNA vaccines since they are the only vaccines available at this time. However, as soon as the traditional vaccines are available, switch over to them because the technology is completely different and there is NO genetic control involved in traditional vaccines like the flu shots which we had before this Pandemic which for the first time introduced us to the mRNA vaccines.


Let us also realize that the makers of the mRNA vaccines are now billionaires. And so we have two adamil and evil motivations driving them to withhold traditional vaccines from us:  Money and Genetic Control, the dreams come true of the Alpha seekers.


For the first time: they control your genes because you must open the door to let them inside your personal cells and you let them give the command codes to your personal genes to make the spike proteins of the CoronaVirus.


With the recent invention of the CRISPR, anyone with simple access can genetically alter the human chromosome.


And we do not trust them without moral qualification, which is few and far between.


When you leave the door to your cells open, eventually adamil and evil will enter.


Further, they have told us a continuous stream of lies already. And the governments are increasing legal recreational drug use which lowers the moral functions of the individual throughout society.


Now more than ever there are raging Wild Apes in Human skin running loose amongst us. 


I will not take any mRNA vaccine, and I will continue to speak out against the government for refusing to provide us with traditional vaccines while lying to us and deceiving us and promoting Propaganda.


Those with immune disorders, allergies, and many other conditions cannot take mRNA vaccines.


I am confident that they will become available eventually because manufacturers want to share the profits by providing traditional vaccines in a different market.


Yet, I am also aware that this Pandemic is not normal, but is human-designed to be more lethal for the military as evidenced by the scientific articles.


Freedom of speech is being wiped out and there is the increasing rise of those competing to be the Alpha Apes.


Now, more than ever we who make diligent effort to function with Virtues, need to speak up and speak out as a normal part of our life.


We must not wait until five minutes before midnight when the damages have become massive.


Continuous Prevention and Resistance in Wisdom Peace are necessary as the Alpha Apes increase and the human mental functions are denied while the Wild Ape runs free and wild just like the days when it controlled the animal kingdom and had power over every moving thing.


This is a test.


Power or Virtues.


The choice could determine who becomes the dust and who becomes the prototype design for the next evomorph into Wisdomkind, our future moral and peaceful selves.


The Manifest Destiny of Humankind is to become the caregivers of all living things and protectors of the environment and thus to evomorph into the intended species, Wisdomkind.


Few of us yet are evomorphing and are prolonging our pain and suffering in this Intermediary Stage.


God is Patient and glorifies us today with Wisdom when we become seekers of Virtues.


And this brings us happiness and Wisdom Peace.


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Laboratory Made



Beam Me

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Wisdom Justice
Mother Rachael

The First One Ever
Being Cured of

Kidnapped Her for
Research Money

(Forcible Euthanasia)


(Death Penalty without
Due Process)

My Precious Mother


Supreme Court

of the

United States

Case No. 20-7938

Beam Me

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TINY Mosquitoes



 in Wisconsin

March 26, 2021 2:33 pm

Beam Me

Are these mosquitoes the

Primary Carriers

of the



Being most certainly

genetically modified

the seasonal occurrence

of increasing cases

during this Pandemic

strongly presents the



They may be reproducing

by parthenogenesis.



















March 7, 2021
5:47 pm - 6:12 pm

Beam Me

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February 7, 2021 4:48 pm

February 10, 2021 10:18 am

Beam Me

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December 5, 2020 4:17 pm

December 25, 2020 5:02 am

Beam Me

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September 25, 2020 5:13 pm

Beam Me

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February 1, 2020 3:59 pm

Beam Me

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January 1, 2020 3:44 pm

Beam Me

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Universal Calendar


Beam Me

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Creator of the Species

by Chérie Phillips
Stoic Priest
Stoic Philosopher
Theoretical Philosopher

*    *    *    *

(BacterVira = stem cells)

First published theory on
stem cells
by Revelation from

I planted this BacterVira Theory
in medical school libraries
in several states.

gave us the Wisdom
that led us to all
our present knowledge
on the BacterVira (stem cells).


Yet, there has been more revealed ...


*   *   *   *










Wisdom Bible™

by Chérie Phillips
Stoic Priest
Stoic Philosopher
Theoretical Philosopher

First published theory on
Dark Energy
that becomes Dark Matter
and silent sound
by Revelation from


II Genesis


Wisdom Lady

Wisdom Man

Wisdom Virtuality


*   *   *   *
















Biologists are writing in scientific journals (see Nature and AAAS Science) that an unusual number of extinctions are taking place NOW.






just like ALL species

that were created

by the



Whatever the BacterVira creates,

the BacterVira can also




How do species become Extinct?

They are




that the BacterVira design.


Beware that the Viruses

designed by Humans

to destroy Life

can be

(evolve and morph)

by the


to transform into



turn around


destroy Humans.


The double edged sword.

Both the knife and the wound.


How are the species


to become



They no longer serve

their purpose.





(Wild Hairless Apes)




BacterVira (Stem Cells)


ATHEISM is just another cult, a pseudo-religion, with false beliefs, and who wear the mask of religion to mesmerize you into submitting to their authority and to worship their Alpha Human Leaders (Wild Hairless Apes) instead of (in the place of) God.

Since the beginning of World War II, unethical scientists have been and continue trying to take control over every Human on the face of the Earth, and to establish themselves exclusively as the worldwide ALPHA Humans.

The nuclear weapons did not end World War II which was caused by unethical scientists, but rather, they became hidden within the governments worldwide and have continued their unethical research and experiments covertly.

Now they have made themselves visible during this Pandemic and are rising up and gathering together to deceive you just like you were deceived before, not that long ago. Your conscious parity check (to know truth from deception) has been altered because you have been drugged into submission with unnecessary medicines (constantly advertised on television) and mind-altering drugs made legal for recreation (with propaganda that it makes huge amounts of money for the government), and, thus, you have been deceived by those hidden within the government; and, they are a massive political organization worldwide.

They now seek to finish what they started during World War II: to rid the world of all those deemed unfit to live and to control every facet of Human life and to elevate themselves as the Alpha Humans worldwide.

But . . .

One species is standing in their way:

The BacterVira.

The universally most intelligent species on every planet.

They are mathpure under God's Universal Laws of Physics.

They are immortal, and . . .

The closest species to God.

Now the unethical scientists have turned their attention to the BacterVira to overpower them and to control them and to become immortal like them.






(1) Most Intelligent Species. Unethical scientists have FAILED to accept the BacterVira as being universally the MOST intelligent species, and, instead, are competing with them for POWER. This has caused major DISORDER amongst the Life species. Their laboratories are currently doing cruel experimentations on huge numbers of different species and designing new deadly viruses for the military to kill Humans: children, women, and all those deemed unfit to live; and killing other species they do not want. And they are euthanizing humans, assisting the vulnerable to commit suicide, giving free drugs to the poor and homeless to destroy the Human brains of those deemed unfit, and forcibly euthanizing the elderly, even my own Mother who they kidnapped from the dinner table and forcibly euthanized; but all of which is subjecting us to become extinct like the dinosaurs who had become increasingly violent toward other life species.

Those of us who become Virtuous will be recycled and will return to Life again and again.

(2) Symbiotic. Unethical scientists have FAILED to accept the fact that we live in a symbiotic relationship with the BacterVira. Instead, unethical scientists continue to compete with them and merely refer to them as "stem cells" that are "mindless parts" of our body, but that the unethical scientists seek to control completely.

(3) Living Energy. Unethical scientists have FAILED to accept the fact that the BacterVira make Living Energy which is evidence that the BacterVira control Life and Death. This takes the power away from Humans, and, thus, away from unethical scientists who believe they are the Alpha Humans (Wild Hairless Apes) who will eventually rule the world.

God gave this power to the BacterVira because they are mathpure, and are the closest species to God.

(4) CoronaVirus. Unethical scientists have FAILED to accept the fact that the CoronaVirus is entering the Human body to become living. And, that over-population promoted by cults who encourage their members to reproduce as much as possible has made this pandemic possible because the CoronaVirus can only breed in over-populated species who are in close proximity together. That is why the mask and social distancing help because it gives the illusion of a much smaller population. But, as you can see, few people are willing to follow this protocol because, in fact, eventually, we have to face reality of how reckless we have reproduced and have become over-populated and violent toward each other and all Life.

The CoronaVirus exists in both the non-living state and living state, but it ONLY becomes alive when INSIDE the BacterVira (stem cells) in the body of a living species. Thus, it is very dangerous to inject the genetic code of the CoronaVirus protein spikes into our BacterVira (stem cells) as these molecules become ALIVE once they are processed inside the BacterVira.

(5) Unless unethical scientists STOP interfering with the BacterVira Social Order, they will cause our Human species to become EXTINCT. The BacterVira destroyed the dinosaurs and they can destroy us.

Know This: The BacterVira are immortal, and time is nothing to them; and they design, make and become life on all planets throughout the entire Womb of God the Magnificent Universe.

When we fail to fulfill our Manifest Destiny to become Wisdomkind who are Virtuous caregivers of all Life and protectors of the Environment, then we will become extinct and we will be replaced by a new species who will be willing to compassionately support Life and protect the Environment and work with the BacterVira instead of fighting against them.

Unethical scientists are Atheists seeking Alpha Human Power (Wild Hairless Apes) and are now at war with the BacterVira Clones (stem cells).

The scientific EVIDENCE is shown at this website.


The Human Self-Destruction button has been activated.

Only the Virtuous can save our species.

Unless we peaceably act NOW to stop these UNETHICAL scientists, then we will quite certainly face our own extinction, and once this mathematical Extinction Code begins to RUN by the BacterVira clones (whose minds are the mathpure gene-brains of the DNA of all Life), then, it will become unstoppable, and, thus, it will be too late to stop our extinction (never to know life again), eliminated from the Circle of Life, and wiped out from the face of the Earth.





World War III

War of the Clones

(in progress)

Beam Me

*   *   *   *






Human Brains

Grown in Lab


Scientists Demand



Beam Me

*   *   *   *










DNA Editing

Data Being Stored on DNA






World War II

DNA Messages

Beam Me

 *    *    *    *








Data Storage

*   *   *   *

Potomac Institute for
Policy Studies

*   *   *   *

Leaders in this
Field of Research:


University of

Harvard University

Beam Me

*    *    *    *






DNA Editing

(See World War III
War of the Clones)

Beam Me

*    *    *    *






Genetic Vaccines

Pfizer, Moderna

Beam Me

 *    *    *    *













Black Lives Matter

Beam Me

*   *   *   *





Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King, Jr.

16 April 1963

Beam Me

*   *   *   *












by Dr. George Johnson
Biology Professor

Beam Me

*   *   *   *






Carnegie Mellon University

(last lecture before dying of pancreatic cancer)


"If I could only tell you only one important thing,

I would say . . . ."


Beam Me

*   *   *   *










Wisdom Bible


Fear No Evil


Wisdom Lady

Beam Me


Wisdom Man

Beam Me


Wisdom Virtuality

Beam Me


*   *   *   *












Dalai Lama

Tibetan Buddhism

Beam Me

*   *   *   *












Woman's Bible

Elizabeth Stanton

Beam Me

*   *   *   *











May the Wisdom Force Be With You

Wisdom Peace


*   *   *   *

Email:  pray for me @ wisdompeace.com

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