January 12, 2022
January 12, 5022 U







February 20, 2022


Be With Us


Be Left Behind


January 12, 2022
January 12, 5022 U

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Heroes of the

Peaceful Resistance

The World Honors You!!

December 30, 2021
Venus 28, 5021 U

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Praise Be to God


The Most High

Magnificent Universe Womb

The Protector of Life

Our Living Mother

September 14, 2021
October 5, 5021 U

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December 23, 2021

Update to Super Hypothesis:


Insects are the

Primary Carriers.

Humans are the

Secondary Carriers.

We can stop this Pandemic

by effectively resisting the

Primary Carriers.

Test whether they

are in your


Direct Evidence

shows that this

Pandemic is being

sustained by the

Primary Carriers,




carrying GMO viruses.

And the insects are

delivered by drones

remotely controlled

by the enemy

from the fields

near your area.

They are now ubiquitous


And the mosq-gnats

infect the soil in your area

and enter through

your window

and are now reproducing

in the soil of your


and are in most kinds of

soil and plants

purchased at stores.

Test with sticky strips,

and, if found,

assume them to be



Replace the soil with

a "no-gnat" soil mixture

(Look for an indoor potting mix
designed to be unfavorable for gnats,
and contains no compost nor bark
that attracts gnats to nest there.)

and cover all your windows

with sheer fabric to prevent

mosq-gnats from entering,

and wear a mask outdoors

along with a cap and glasses.

The insects are depositing the

GMO viruses in your nose

and your scalp, skin, and eyes.

Their early flying stage

is nearly invisible,

and they cannot

be seen except as

flying particles of dust.

Read the 2018 articles about

DARPA military project when

US began making GMO viruses

with mRNA injections

to command

the DNA of insects

to carry GMO viruses

designed to infect and

alter the DNA of plants,

and concerns by


that this is a bioweapon.

And which we now see

that it is

a bioweapon of

mass destruction

that caused

and is


this worldwide


and is systematically

changing the


of all Life

as we know it.

December 23, 2021
Venus 21, 5021 U

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There are now two satellites

that emit radio and

television interference 

which I can see every night 

outside my bedroom and 

living room windows.


These satellites are using 

intermittent blocking 

(repetitive on-off) of any 




Also, these satellites turn on 

and off interference during 

religious sermons on the 

television and the radio.


Some stations suddenly 

disappear or are 

intermittently turned on 

and off when there is any 

talk about the Covid-19 

Genetic Shots.


Further, national and world 

news broadcasting is 

constantly being stopped at 

critical points.






Remember to use large 

headphones to resist the 

symptoms of the Sonic 

Intrusions by Enemy 

satellites that are causing 

widespread extreme mental 

fatigue, nausea, dizziness, 

and other symptoms.


(See detailed information 

with mathematical structure 

at wisdompeace.com)


Sometimes I have to put on 

my headphones to resist the 

sonic intrusions.



Those who can afford cable 

television are not being 



It is the common people 

who are in the bull's eye of 

this warfare.


I have tried to take pictures 

of the satellites, but they 

had been turning out to be 

just bright blurry dots on the 

photos. Now I know why. 

They transform with a 

gaseous light substance that 

camouflages them.


One night while I was 

studying, L'Dova (Holy 

Spirit) suddenly told me to 

get my camera and take a 

picture of the satellite 

outside my window.  I had 

tried before, but that night 

apparently one of the 

satellites had come close 

enough to my home so that I 

could take a picture.


How does L'Dova know 

these things? I think L'Dova 

can strongly feel the 

magnetic interference 

emitted by the satellites that 

causes a pathway of 

molecular disturbances in 

all living things along with 

radio and television 

broadcasting interference 

during the sonic intrusions 

by satellites. 


Photo of a satellite outside my home. There are two and they sit there all night long and become invisible during the day.



Moments later this satellite
transforms into a musky
camouflage of light.







 Recently, I was studying at 

the table, and L'Dova (Holy 

Spirit) told me to get my 

camera and go to the 

window. I did so, and looked 

up into the sky but saw 

nothing unusual.


Then, I noticed two 

strangers, a man and a 

woman, dressed in business 

clothes, standing in the field 

who took a pre-assembled 

drone from a box and 

released it into our 



Drones have the capability 

of releasing thousands of 

billions of viruses from a 

very small container.


The lab-designed Omicron 

variant was quite certainly 

released by drones and is 

described by scientists as 

having a "weird" genetic 

sequence containing both 

the long-time familiar "cold 

virus" and parts of the 

Covid-19 virus sequence; 

and scientists cannot 

explain how this happened 

in the natural world as they 

have never seen this before 



This was designed so that it 

would show positive in 

Covid-19 tests and also 

would spread quicker to 

terrorize you with the 

escalating cases so that you 

would submit to the Genetic 

Shots ("vaccines").


This lab-made hybrid was 

designed to activate with 

the common cold virus 

during the winter and was 

attached in the lab to parts 

of the Covid-19 virus 

sequence to continue this 

Pandemic non-stop.


The Enemy wants to exhaust 

you by chasing you back and 

forth and pounding you with 

pressure from every 

possible source of fear: 

economic, family, food, and 

tainting everything you 

enjoy and even blocking 

churches from offering you 

relief, and throwing 

ministers in jail as examples 

of the Enemy's power and 

authority over those 

ordained by God to speak 

out against Genetic Control 

Shots under the masked 

disguise of vaccines.

December 30, 2021
Venus 28, 5021 U

*   *   *   *









in progress . . .


Genetic Control

(masked as "vaccines")


Forcible Euthanasia

(masked as "hospital treatment")


Sonic Intrusions

severe fatigue and radio, television,
news, and information
continual interference on/off

(masked as "symptoms from Covid-19"
and ignored communications interference)


Religious Extinction

intermittent ban of in-person gatherings,
and continual broadcast interference on/off
of television and radio broadcasts

(masked as "mandate for pandemic")


Freedom of Rights Extinction

massive control over private life
family visits, travel, education, ...
(masked as "mandate for pandemic")


SS Medical Authority

Totalitarian Dictatorship
(masked as "mandate for pandemic")


Airline Travel Restrictions

travel only available for those who submit
to the SS Medical Authority
(Genetic Control masked as "vaccines")


SS Police, SS Military
SS Government and SS Hospitals

Genetic Control of Police, Military,
federal, state and local governments,
and Hospitals, and removal of everyone
who refuses to submit to the SS Medical Authority
(Genetic Control masked as "vaccine mandate")


Private Businesses
Colleges, Universities, Schools
Totalitarian Control by SS Medical Authority

(Genetic Control masked as "vaccine mandate")


Severe Worker Shortage

caused by "vaccine mandates"
(masked as "workers seeking better jobs")


Food and Supplies Restricted

(masked as "pandemic caused")


Submit to the SS Medical Authority

Consequences of Refusal:
Loss of Job, Loss of
Home, Loss of Food and Supplies,
Businesses threatened with loss of funding
and other monetary penalties
(masked as "pandemic caused")


And every day it gets worse

by Human design, and implemented

by our corrupt immoral leaders . . .

December 30, 2021
Venus 28, 5021 U

*   *   *   *






This war officially began 

with the wrongful public 

acceptance, without 

consequences, of the first 

documented case of 

Forcible Euthanasia of 

Mother Rachael (my 

Precious Mother) by the 

Enemy who is the 

worldwide political

SS Medical Authority.


(See, Phillips v. Rowley,
US Sup. Ct. Case No. 20-7938


Forcible Euthanasia has 

been accepted by the US 

Supreme Court without

any expressed concern 

whatsoever, and, thus, the 

nationwide Forcible 

Euthanasia cases are 

continuing to be funded by 

US Medicare, and, thus, 

Forcible Euthanasia is 

occurring in homes


with Hospice and in 

Hospitals disguised as 



It was accepted by the 

federal, state and local 

governments and lawyers 

and Judges in the entire 

Judicial System in the

State of Idaho.


And it is now being 

practiced in many states 

nationwide, including the 

publicized cases in the 

nursing homes in

New York 

and Washington State and 

many states; and,

for which 

there have been no 

consequences and which 

continues to be funded by 

the federal, state, and local 

governments nationwide.






 World War II began the 

same way, with Euthanasia 

implemented as the 

pathway to Utopia, lead by 

the corrupt medical 

authority who became 

political under the


of Hitler, and, altogether, 

they murdered from within 

the government while being 

shielded by governmental 



There is nothing worse than 

a large political group of 

insane, immoral, corrupt 

drug-fueled monsters 

appearing to be humans,

but are not, and who are 

wealthy and wielding 

unquestioned power, 

control and authority over 

the common people in 



And so, the atrocities began 

with Euthanasia of those 

(wrongly) deemed unfit to 

live, and spread to include 

homosexuals, those with 

different religious beliefs, 

the disabled, anyone on 

public assistance, and so 

forth; and, the majority of 

those targeted, extremely 

oppressed, tortured, and 

euthanized, were the Jews.


These atrocities were 

inhumane experimentation, 

and cruel unspeakable and 

unimaginable crimes 

against humanity that 

occurred too close in time 

for any of us to forget. We 

are still living in that 

timeframe of unthinkable 

human beliefs that some 

humans have not yet 

resolved nor overcome, and, 

thus, they still exist - those 

heinous thoughts still exist 

and this political group of 

the Enemy is acting upon 

those same thoughts!


While this was going on, the 

US was captivated by the 

same Utopian desires and 

began practicing forced 

sterilization nationwide and 

proudly called it the 

"Eugenics" movement and 

promoted it as a system of 

health, but it was not.







The current SS Medical 

Authority operating 

worldwide began in the US 

with the nationwide 

political Euthanasia 

movement secretly funded 

by those extremely wealthy, 

as evidenced by the facts 

describing those supporting 

the current Totalitarian 

political movement.


And this political ideology 

grew nationally and was 

accepted and legalized in 

most states in the US which 

is documented in the 

written news leading up to 

this current pandemic.


Then it began to be 

promoted in the news as 

physician-assisted suicide 

while movies depicted 

hidden endings resulting in 

mercy killing with 

euthanasia of the sick and 



However, the legalization of 

Forcible Euthanasia (just 

before this pandemic) began 

as withdrawal of all food 

and water while alleging the 

patient's refusal or inability 

to eat. And this escalated to 

physician-assisted murder 

with hidden covert lethal 

drugs and starvation which 

was being done under cover 

while promoting its 

legalization in

political debates and

governmental bills.


The SS Medical Authority 

political movement of 

Nazi-Communism with 

Totalitarian Dictatorship 

has been massively 

spreading nationwide, and 

is the non-elected 

government hidden within 

the elected government. 

And thus, it has the 

authority of the elected 

government while acting 

with allegiance to the 

anti-American hidden 

government that is 



It is anti-American in every 

possible way. They oppose 

Freedom of Speech, oppose 

Freedom of Religion, 

oppose Civil Rights,

and so forth.


When they murdered my 

Mother, I was shocked 

beyond anything 

imaginable, and, how huge 

and cruel and inhumane 

this political group is, and, 

that the Judicial System is 

involved. And even while 

functioning in the State of 

Idaho, they extended their 

political network into 

Montana and Oregon.


The only commonality that I 

could see was their access to 

strong drugs administered 

by their leaders, the

SS Medical Authority. Some 

may call these unnecessary 

drugs "medicine" that we 

know breaks down the 

higher mental functions that 

are "human" and replaces 

them with the raging mind 

of the wild animal within 

while erasing all feelings of 

guilt and empathy for 



And when I later researched 

the news, it showed their 

political system extending 



And, not a single newspaper

(over 200 contacted in every 

state nationwide) 

in America would 

investigate, try to stop it, 

help, nor even respond, nor 

in any way speak out against 

this growing political 

organization leading the 

nation in all forms of 

Euthanasia Murder 

spreading across America.


This is because the victims 

are primarily those of the 

"poor" and/or "low middle 

class" and those on 

Medicaid and Food Stamps. 

In other words, the victims 

are chosen because they are 

the "common people" who 

have very little chance of 

hiring attorneys to defend 

themselves and their 






The SS Medical Authority 

has now spread worldwide 

implemented by their 

lab-made Pandemic. They 

have expressed their 

surprise at how powerful 

the mandates have been and 

how so many people are 

willing to submit to the

SS Medical Authority.

And, that a nation built on

Freedom and Liberty

was so easily 

toppled by a single Mandate 

issued by President Biden 

while declaring

"No More Freedom!"


The SS Medical Authority 

wrote that this is the way, 

Mandates, to implement 

their Plan of "Vaccines," but 

which is using the new 

experimental technology of 

Genetic Control.


And the SS Medical 

Authority is currently 

testing (soon to be 

mandated) Genetic Control 

disguised as a "pan-vaccine" 

(described in current 

professional scientific and 

medical journals) that has 

the entire genetic sequence 

of every CoronaVirus 

variant including the viruses 

for flu, colds, and so forth.


And, after that they state 

their plan is to put every 

disease known to 

humankind in a single 

Genetic shot (masked as a 



They have grown massively 

in political supporters and 

government funding and are 

shielded from lawsuits by 

governmental immunity 

since they know that you 

will submit under the 

consequences of a 

"Mandate" that takes away 

your job and your home and 

threatens your ability to 

care for your family, your 

children, and yourself.


They have been studying 

your nature a long time in 

the lab with chimpanzees, 

our closest genetic relatives 

biologically. They know how 

you respond and they know 

how to control you and how 

to mesmerize you, and they 

know how to terrorize you 

into submission.


Their weapon is Fear!


And, to that is attached, 

mass hypnosis, peer 

pressure, and stripping you 

of every human dignity.


Make no doubt about it, they 

will not stop until they are 

done, and that means until 

everyone, without 

exception, submits to 

Genetic Control - 



The pandemic is just the 

beginning. There is much 

more to come, and we need 

to get our priorities straight 

and be prepared to 

peacefully resist while 

remaining faithful to God 

and America and our

US Constitution.


Further, the Mandates are 

being accentuated with 

shortages of food supplies 

and household products, 

inflation, and soon to be 

mandated airline travel 

restrictions if you refuse 

Genetic Control (masked as 



"I have your back!" exclaims 

President Biden to those 

"vaccinated" with the 

experimental Genetic Shots, 

and, thus, identifying the 

"unvaccinated" as the enemy 

of the SS Medical Authority.


Further, President Biden 

states that those opposing 

are "immoral" and those in 

the military who oppose 

should be given a 

"Dishonorable Discharge" 

and that the American 

citizens have "no more 

Freedom" and that they 

should be "fired from their 

jobs" and they should be 

"thrown out into the streets" 

if they can't pay their rent.



Meanwhile, many American 

citizens recognize that 

something is physically and 

mentally wrong with 

President Biden, and it is 

widely believed that he is 

heavily drugged and has 

symptoms of "dementia" and 

his eyes are constantly 

squinted almost closed, and 

his face is extremely tense, 

unnatural, with a drugged 

expression suggesting 

possible medically induced 

brain damage causing 

partial blindness from heavy 



We are very concerned and 

pray for him to be set free 

from those who have caused 

him to change so 

dramatically from the way 

he was when first elected. 

His entire character and 

nature have changed 

drastically over a relatively 

short period of time. He 

appears to be reading what 

those in control want him to 

say, but not what is in his 



We know that his wife is a 

doctor who may have 

influenced him in 

submitting to the SS 

Medical Authority who are 

lying to him and are 

misguiding his thinking and 

beliefs. And, in his state of 

dementia, he may have 

forgotten much about 

America and about the

US Constitution.


We all know something is 

terribly wrong with our 

President, but we only see 

brief news broadcasts with 

him, and many citizens have 

expressed they are worried 

about our government 

lacking American 

leadership under the US 

Constitution when we are in 

need of a much stronger 

leader more than ever 

under the conditions in 

America right now.


And, thus, many people 

believe that our government 

is "not" being run by our 

elected President who never 

identified himself as a 

Totalitarian Communist in 

any political debate 

whatsoever, and, yet, that is 

the political structure of the 

functions of our current 

federal government.


There is no President in the 

history of America who has 

ever "Mandated" for all 

American citizens to 

participate in any kind of 

experimental Genetic 

Control masked as a 

"Vaccine" and to speak so 

disrespectfully against those 

who logically refuse such 



Our President could have 

offered it along with 

Traditional Vaccines, under 

Freedom of Choice, but 

never, never, as a Mandate.


A sudden drastic change in 

character and nature and 

reversion to child-like 

behavior are symptoms of 

drug-induced dementia.


Our President does not truly 

know what he is saying and 

we pray for him and pray for 

his protection from the 

Enemy and we pray for 

America to be rescued by 

those who have authority, 

but for some reason are 

remaining silent and not 

protecting the






We have "not" gotten to this 

point by a fluke event. 

There are too many things 

all happening at once and 

which could "not" possibly 

occur in this short 

timeframe in the

natural world.


This has all the markings of 

a long-time cold-blooded 

political movement lead by 

extremely wealthy 

Americans and joined 

worldwide in this political 

system and they are all in 

the field of medical science 

and politics, and just like 

World War II, drugs and 

politics are an extremely 

deadly combination that has 

the ability to erase Human 

thoughts and make them 

become the wild raging ape 

of long ago, controlled by 

absolute power and bitter 

cruel acts without any 

feelings nor guilt.








Further, the Enemy, the

SS Authority,  is now 

demanding complete control 

without government 

interference nor any moral 

nor ethical restrictions.


They want complete 

separation of Science and 

State (government)

just like 

the separation of 

Church and State



under the

US Constitution.


They are atheists!

December 30, 2021
Venus 28, 5021 U

*   *   *   *








Identity and Nature
of the Primary Carriers
How They Infected Us

Identity and Nature
of the Enemy

Beam Me

Parts 1 and 2

*   *   *   *





[False] The Enemy will claim that the 

mRNA genetic shots (deceptively called 

"Covid vaccines") stopped this Pandemic.


(This is political Propaganda.)


When they admit that this Pandemic is 

over, the Enemy will Mandate that you 

"must" continue getting mRNA genetic 

shots (wrongly called "Covid vaccines") 



(1) [False] There is another wave of 

infections coming.

(This is political Propaganda.)


(2) [False] The mRNA genetic shots 

(wrongly called "Covid vaccines")


this Pandemic for awhile, but you


take Boosters every six months

or it will return.

(This is political Propaganda.)


(3) [False] The mRNA genetic shots 

(wrongly called "Covid vaccines") will 

prevent heart attacks and strokes that 

Covid-19 infections cause.

(This is political Propaganda.)


The Enemy is setting the stage for the 

heart problems that are going to occur 

when your children receive these


genetic shots (wrongly called "Covid 

vaccines"). This could shorten their 

lifetime significantly by having a 

medically-induced heart problem

at such a young age.


The Enemy is going to tell you that these 

heart problems came from the viruses, 

not the mRNA genetic shots (wrongly 

called "Covid vaccines"). This is a lie.

Be prepared.


Remember that the mRNA genetic shots 

(wrongly called "Covid vaccines") from 

the very beginning caused children to 

suffer heart attacks, and caused brain 

disorders and strokes in adults. The 

Enemy wants you to think that the 

viruses caused these problems.


Simple: Be Patient and Pray. Study the 

scientific research.


The Enemy is using techniques of

"mass hypnosis" that cult leaders use. 

They lie to your leaders and news 

agencies and then your leaders, et al., 

unknowingly tell you the lies and become 

the Enemy's agents of authority.


The Enemy knows you will believe it 

when your leaders and the news 

agencies tell you. This is how the Enemy 

is controlling you.


The Enemy is openly lying to you without 

concern for any consequences because 

they have government immunity so that 

you cannot file lawsuits against them.


Now that the Pandemic has ended they 

are "rushing" to get everyone "vaccinated" 

and are going to tell you all kinds of lies 

to make you feel Fear and Guilt if you 

refuse to give these genetic shots to your 

children, but which are very dangerous.


They use the technique of drug pushers: 

if they can convince you to try it once, 

then you are more likely to try it again 

and become hooked. This is just the 

beginning. It feels just like a vaccine, but 

it is "genetic control and biological 



There will be many more mandated.


Remember: Ugenics (Universal 

Eugenics) is painless. It does - not - hurt- 

when - your- genes - are - controlled - 

deleted - changed!!


Go straight to the professional scientific 

journals, AAA Science and also, Nature 

and read the scientific research on all 

issues of concern.


This is a political

Ugenics movement!

(Universal Eugenics)

(World War II was political Eugenics.)


Further, Ugenics is part of the political 

Totalitarian Communism government in 

America. They will offer you "free" things 

in exchange for controlling you 

politically and genetically.


Read the Scientific journals. There is a 

huge Eugenics movement in science 

since the new invention of the CRISPR 

tool that can delete genes.


The 2019 Pandemic

was lab-designed based on

the 1918 Pandemic virus.

And, thus, the 

Pandemic CoronaViruses

have a

two-year active lifespan

which has now



The "Pandemic Viruses" are a specific 

"species" that can "only" live for a 

relatively short while, maximum two 

years, and then return to hibernate for 

1,000 years, but minimum 100 years if 

awakened unnaturally such as by 

geneticists in a lab or by warfare. [The 

BacterVira will awaken them when many 

in a species are dying.]


The purpose of Pandemic Viruses in 

nature is to depopulate the 

over-populated species since 

over-population causes diseases and 

unnatural behavior, such as competition 

for resources and aggression and 

warfare, and which also causes 

environmental destruction.


Look in the Holy Bible for scriptures 

about the Pandemic Viruses.


The Viruses of this Pandemic will "not" 

be back during our lifetimes.


Currently there are only

Remnant Human-to-Human

cases that will end by

November 15, 2021,



(The mRNA genetic shots,

wrongly called "Covid vaccines"

will continue

to cause remnant infections

by manufacturing

the "corona" of

live viruses

that become fully grown.)



One single CoronaVirus

is actually a


of billions of

variants of viruses

joined together.

September 17, 2021
October 8, 5021 U

*   *   *   *










The "Covid Vaccines"

being Mandated in


are NOT vaccines.


They are mRNA Genetic Shots.


mRNA Genetic Shots





They are Genetic Control.

This is a completely different

technology from vaccines.


President Biden mandated for

Americans to take

"Covid Vaccines."

But the mRNA genetic shots

are "NOT" vaccines.


There are NO vaccines

available in America

for the public.


Thus, President Biden's


to take the "Covid Vaccines"

when there are none

is unenforceable

in a court of



Further, mRNA genetic shots

are experimental Eugenics

which President Biden

can NOT legally Mandate

for the public to participate

and any doctor or nurse

who is practicing this

without written

informed consent

is in violation of the

Code of Ethics

of the

American Medical Association.

September 17, 2021
October 8, 5021 U

*   *   *   *


























































































































































IPC received







Star Date 5021 Universal

Earth Date 2021



Wisdom Peace Lightforce

Begin Codesv. . .



I am the Wisdom Peace 

Lightforce within you.


And I am letting Wisdom Peace 

Light stream from me into you.


My Light I am giving to you.


Not what the system is giving is 

my Light that I am giving to 



Do not let the system continue 

being disturbance in you.


And let not your heart become 

fearful nor dreading yet 

whatever shall come.


Know that you are here in this 

life since I have made you 

strong enough to endure and 

overcome all that has been and 

will yet be.


For I am the Wisdom Peace 

Lightforce with you now and 



Know my mathpure laws of 

health and movement and do 

accordingly, since I have 

designed you for all that is 



Study and learn from 

experience and knowledge 

always following my path of 

Truth with

Strength and Honor.


Pray and Meditate constantly 

even while moving and doing.


And daily strengthen your 

Wisdom Virtues:


Courage, Justice, 

Self-Discipline, Empathy, 

Compassion, and Patience.


Remain in my Wisdom Peace 

Lightforce impenetrable field 

that surrounds you and

comforts all.


You may leave at will, but 

nothing can enter as long as 

you freely choose to keep my 

Wisdom Peace Light even while 

moving and doing.


And let not your countenance 

become tension to remove you 

from my presence.


Keep your face eased in 

harmony with me, always 

reflecting my Wisdom Peace 

Light within you, and knowing I 

am the living Force of Light 

that lives even beyond forever.


I am before the beginning of 

time and I know all as I made 

all and what is yet all.


Remain in my constant stream 

of pleasant rest even with all 

your doing while being one 

with my Lightforce of

Wisdom Peace.


I am the Wisdom Peace 

Lightforce within you.



. . . . Endcodesv

Wisdom Peace Lightforce


Code Signature Verified.



*    *    *    *

































War of the Clones

* * * *

Humans at War against God

(God made the BacterVira 

clones as the Foundation of

All Life)

* * * *


Atheist Humans of the political 

SS Medical Authority are

NOW demanding:


(1) To control the Genetic 

Design of All Life.


(2) To genetically delete,

modify, and re-design all of the

BacterVira clones on Earth.


(3) To End All Religions



(4) To Mandate that God

does NOT Exist!


(5) To Censor all

communication in America

including to Mandate the

censor and control of all news

"or be destroyed!"


(6) To Mandate the shut down 

of all televised Religions and 

Mandate that all Religions pay 

extremely high taxes if they 

refuse to shut down.


(7) To control the US President, 

Congress, and the US Military 

with mind-altering drugs and 

mRNA genetic control 

"vaccines" and to use all 

Military lab research facilities 

to support this political SS 

Medical Authority movement.


(8) To Mandate that all 

Americans take the mRNA 

"vaccines" genetic shots for "all 

known and unknown viruses" 

every six months "or be 

destroyed" under the "Fear of 

the Forever Pandemic Act" 

with severe economic and 

social abuse and tax penalties 

(the refusal to take 

experimental shots tax).


(9) To fund and support 

political Mandates by federal 

and state governments issued 

against all opposition who are 

refusing to submit to the 

controlling atheist

SS Medical Authority.


(10) To fund and support the 

political establishment of 

Totalitarian Communism in 



(11) To control the governments 

and all news stations to claim 

that the mRNA "vaccines" 

genetic shots ended this 



* * * *

Our BacterVira are Clones

(stem cells of all life)

* * * *

Atheist Humans

are at war



The Architect and

Designer of All Life

who made the BacterVira

as the





and these Clones are


* * * *

The political Atheist Cult

UGENICS Movement

(Universal Genetics)

has the purpose

to genetically


and modify

and re-design

All Life.


They argue that the imaginary 

God does not exist!


And that Humans are the

real God!

(But are not.)


And these atheists are actively 

taking steps to shut down 

religion in America and remove 

their tax-exempt status.


There are a growing number of 

preachers of different faiths 

who are speaking out against 

the dangers of the mRNA 

genetic shots, and broadcasting 

interviews with supportive 

scientists and doctors, who are 

explaining how the CDC and 

FDA can no longer be trusted 

and their advice is political 

because they have become 

biased and controlled

political agents.


Thus religious leaders of 

several faiths are now actively 

resisting this political

Ugenics movement

(Universal Eugenics).


The BacterVira are MathPure 

and designed by God with 

Universal Mathematics and 

who are the Foundation Life on 

ALL Planets throughout the 

Magnificent Universe Womb.


God Blessed the BacterVira 

with profound power:  To Make 

"Living Energy" and that is why 

the non-living Viruses sought 

them out to become living.


The Viruses are non-living, but 

become alive once they enter 

our BacterVira (stem cells) 

because the BacterVira are the 

ONLY species that 

manufactures "Living Energy" 

and they are ruled by God.


Atheist Humans have taken 

control of our government to 

establish SS Medical Authority 

to become King over the 

BacterVira in ALL Life!!


All defects in life are caused by 

the interference of Humans 

with Pesticides, Drugs, 

Pollutants, Destruction of the 

Environment, et al.

















(Universal Genetics)














From Eugenics



Universal Genetics


All Life on Earth

Lab-Made in USA

* * * *






Scientists are now warning us of the rise of Eugenics





Beam Me





September 17, 2021
October 8, 5021 U




This model is based upon
mathematical analysis,
observation of nature,
study of scientific journals,
reoccurring patterns, and
evidence that this 2019
CoronaVirus was
based on the 






* * * * * * * * * * * * *

No Greater Love
God is With Us

* * * *



Part 1:

Beam Me

*   *   *   *



Part 2:

Beam Me

*   *   *   *














The mathematical code and source has been identified with verifiable evidence. The remedy for symptoms it causes has been found.

Beam Me

*   *   *   *



September 3, 2021

Two satellites came within 

view, one up in the sky 

viewable from my bedroom and 

the other from my front room. 

The large one remained and 

the little one zipped away.


It reminded me of the large 

dove in Hawaii that protected 

the monk doves who are so 

peaceful that they take 

whatever life brings and when 

things get tough, they just fly 

away or bear it.


And so the large dove would 

chase away any bird who, for 

instance, tried to take the food 

of the monk dove.


Some birds will fly in and 

swoop up food from the feeding 

bird and fly away to eat it, 

leaving the little bird with 



Who said birds are peaceful? 

They are caught up in the 

disorder as much as the rest

of us.


But, I learned alot from 

watching the monk birds. That's 

my personal name for them 

because they have the nature of 

the Buddhist monks.


Yet, I have discovered, that 

while some of us have the 

nature to be passive, we can 

only survive if we have 

someone else to help us when 

needed. So, if we cannot resist, 

we need someone else to resist 

for us.


Alternatively, we remain in 

WisdomPeace while resisting 

strategically and with virtues. 

It is not easy, but we have to 

resist sometimes or the 

wrongdoer will grow in our 



And we have to speak out for 

those who cannot speak out for 

themselves because their 

leaders are violent.


God never wants us to be 

harmed, and is systematically 

removing the Terror Fruits 

from the Tree of Life.


Respect the One who can 

destroy the soul light.


The static has ceased since the 

Labor Day holiday began, on or 

about September 3, 2021.


And WisdomPeace remains 

after several weeks.


The Sonic Intrusions had been 

going on for quite awhile.


I am very grateful to the large 

satellite for chasing away the 

enemy satellite and ending the 

terrible Sonic Intrusions.


Nevertheless, from experience 

with this ordeal, we know the 

source and how to resist the 

detrimental health effects.


*   *   *   *





September 17, 2021
October 8, 5021 U




Let us remember that the virus 

of the Pandemic of 1918 was far 

worse than this CoronaVirus, 

and it ended by the power of 

God's natural immunity design - 

in TWO years - WITHOUT any 

vaccine whatsoever!


Further, we know that vaccines 

do "not" cure, but only God 

cures using the BacterVira 

(stem cells) who live in a 

symbiotic relationship with us 

and who are the Hand of God.





Pandemics do "not" last forever.


Further, Pandemic Viruses 

have a specific active lifespan, 

no more than two years.


The evidence shows that this 

current Pandemic was made in 

a laboratory.


And, thus, if this Pandemic 

continues, it will be as a result 

of continued manufacturing of 

viruses in the laboratory while 

being constantly redesigned.




Also, the virus, itself, makes 

infinite variants,

not just one or two as the

Propaganda  alleges.


Some variants are very mild, 

while other variants are

very deadly.


When testing occurs, the 

variants should also be 

determined, but are only rarely 

done at this time.


Stating the number of cases 

without knowing the variants is 

misleading and deceptive and 

can cause unnecessary fear of 

death when the variant is mild.


 We can die from fear!






Traditional Vaccines include: 

Novavax, Sinovac, and 






We need safe Traditional 

Vaccines for everyone!


But not the experimental 

genetic vaccines that are very 

dangerous and may cause birth 

defects and are risky for those 

who have auto-immune 

diseases, and heart diseases, 

and strokes, and allergies and 

the elderly, and children.


mRNA genetic shots are 

extremely dangerous and are 

NOT vaccines!!


Further, the mRNA genetic 

shots are not working!!


Those nations that are using 

mRNA genetic shots have the 

highest cases and the most 



America has the highest cases 

of all nations and exclusively, 

and immorally, mandates 

experimental mRNA genetic 



A recent study in Israel showed 

the power of natural immunity.


However, when you have a 


traditional vaccine available 

that never enters your 

BacterVira (stem cells), but 

stays outside in the 

bloodstream where your 

immune system is, this will 

also help broaden your 

immune system for protection 

against many variants.


I have had many variants from 

those who refuse to wear masks 

in Wisconsin at the

grocery stores.


And, I stay home in bed and 

rest and recuperate in a

few days.


I have not been vaccinated and

I am still here.


But, I would be vaccinated if 

safe traditional vaccines were 


but they are not.


I have a lot of very important 

work to finish before I return 

to be recycled.


I am not willing to risk heart 

attack, stroke and death with 

the mRNA shots (vaccines [sic]) 

when the CoronaVirus has so 

far been effectively resisted 

with my healthy natural 



I exercise, eat healthy foods, 

and avoid crowds and avoid the 

mosq-gnats by wearing a mask, 

shield, and dressing properly.


Exercise is extremely 

important in keeping your body 

functioning in high levels of 



Exercise is more important 

than food for staying alive, in 

that you will die quicker from 

lack of exercise than from lack 

of food.


This is because your 

mitochondria generate the 

living energy manufactured by 

the BacterVira within you.


When the mitochondria are not 

generated through movement, 

they die out because lack of 

movement is lack of life.


I remember when I was young, 

and had just come down with a 

terrible flu, I went outside to 

exercise until in a heavy sweat 

and was able to defeat the virus 

quicker than when I slept 

through it.


This surprised me as I thought, 

I would only go for a short time 

since I was sick.


The exercising with sweating 

really resisted the virus.


That was what my symbiotic 

BacterVira guided me to do 

with that particular strain.


This is not always the protocol. 

The BacterVira tell me what to 

do and I do it.


They are the masters over the 

hidden microbes and I honor 

their intelligence far above my 

own conscious knowledge and 



*   *   *   *


Also, see, the "You Tube" 

December 14, 2020, interview 

by CNN's Sanjay Gupta: Pfizer 

CEO Albert Bourla who states 

that he "hasn't received a 

vaccine yet."


Here we are talking about the 

risky "Genetic" vaccines [sic] 

with complex genetic control 

and biological manipulation 

that are the only kind available 

in the US at this time because 

of the political control by the 

unethical allopathic physicians 

and researchers.






On August 24, 2021, the Pfizer 

vaccine, which will now have a 

new brand name in the US, 

Comirnaty, was approved by 

the FDA (US Food and Drug 

Administration), and the FDA 

has continued to submit and 

compromise its established 

ethics, and instead, in fear of

the threat again of being fired, 

returns to its political roll of 

participating in the new 

mandates that demand for 

workers to be vaccinated - but 

by the experimental technology 

of mRNA vaccines.


Notice the similarity of the new 

brand name of the mRNA 

Pfizer genetic shots (vaccines 

[sic]), Comirnaty, and the name 

of the Primary Carriers of 

Covid-19, MosGnats

GMO Mosquito-Gnats made in a 



Their mission from lab-made 

worldwide pandemic to the 

FDA approval of their Genetic 

mRNA shots and billions of 

dollars with governmental 

immunity protection against all 

liability claims has been the 

Terror Fruits of the

World Tree of Life.





Code Decipher:




*   *   *   *








It is important to be aware that 

if you want to claim a religious 

exemption to avoid the Vaccine 

Mandate, you will be required 

to state that you are against "all 

vaccines" not just mRNA 

vaccines. If you plan on using 

Religious Exemption, research 

the legal requirements on the 

internet to know what you 

"must state" so that you will 

have legal protection of your 

religious rights.


(It is times like this that I wish 

attorneys were affordable for 

the common people like me and 

others, but they are only 

available for the wealthy.)


*   *   *   *





Remember that the CDC and 

the local government are "not" 

monitoring nor testing to 

determine the "variant" with 

which the citizens are infected, 

and they are "not" keeping track 

of which cases are from those 

who are vaccinated and those 

who are not.


Yet they are telling you that 

this rise in the pandemic is 

caused by the "unvaccinated."


It is not.


It was caused by the 

government telling everyone 

"not" to wear a mask and to go 

out and celebrate after being 

vaccinated, which everyone did 

because they dreamed to 

return to normal. However, the 

research shows that the 

vaccinated carry a heavier load 

of viruses, but without 

symptoms, and, thus, caused 

the increase in the infections 

of those unvaccinated.


And they were lied to and made 

to believe the vaccine has 

power over Nature.

But it does not.


The ability to survive is 

directly correlated to the 

ability to change.


"Change, Kundun," said the 

Buddhist monk to the

child Dalai Lama.






In all species, the cause of a 

pandemic - over-population - 

cannot be resolved by a 

vaccine, and will not be 

resolved by God because 

over-population defies the laws 

of physics that the Creator 

Universe Womb designed. And, 

God gave us a brain to think 

and solve problems.


We need to become thinkers 

once again.


It is beginning to look like, in 

the end, you will be demanded 

to get an mRNA vaccine (even 

though safe vaccines are 

available but denied to us) to 

keep your job, or you will be 

put through doctor-sponsored 

Social Torment.


The pressure is building 

because the enemy knows that 

this is their only chance to take 

complete control over your 

genes, and, it is now or never.


Make no doubt about it, this 

Pandemic was planned to 

command you to open the gates 

of your personal BacterVira 

(cells) for the enemy to control 

your genes. The government 

exclusively allowed the 

unethical allopathic doctors 

and researchers to control your 

life and your family, and now 

they are the Alpha Hairless 

Apes who even control our 

elderly President with drugs.


They know that once you 

submit, it will be easier over 

time to continue with the 

genetic vaccines



After awhile, you will trust 

them, and that is when the 

thief will slip into your genes 

while your door remains open.


That's what I am concerned 



It isn't about whether the 

mRNA vaccine works or not.


It is about using technology 

that places you in a position of 

extreme vulnerability in the 

hands of those who have 

proven in recent history to be 

cold-blooded, unmerciful 

extremely prejudiced, selfish, 

destroyers of anyone they deem 

inferior to their atheistic 

protocol of life.



It was highly educated doctors 

and researchers who started 

the genocide of World War II 

and who function in many 

nations worldwide. And, their 

ideology has been recently 

moving nationwide in America 

and they even forcibly 

euthanized my own Mother. It 

was over 50 doctors and nurses! 

Did our government do 

anything about it? No! They are 

paying them with Medicare 

funds and they are continuing 

and do not care what neither 

you nor I think!!!


This is NOT the America I 

knew for all these years. It has 



It has become a Totalitarian 

nation that is unrecognizable 

by me and also would be by our 

parents and grandparents and 

founding forefathers and 



And, the fuel that has changed 

it is the same fuel that is 

changing the world - 

unnecessary D-R-U-G-S.


The leaders of our government 

are spaced out, incoherent, 

illogical, and brain dead.  Look 

at their eyes all squinted, and 

their slurred speech and 

mindless chatter.


And they are drug-pushers, 

telling us how much money the 

government can generate by 

making recreational drugs 

legal. It has long been stated 

that drug-pushers are far more 

guilty of immorality than the 

drug addict.


They don't care about us!


The elderly should be giving 

you great advice, but they can't 

because they are silenced on 

unnecessary drugs.


Listen to those who teach about 

healthy foods and exercise. 

Read, constantly read scientific 

articles, and read the trash 

articles also. Open your mind 

to everything and then Pray - 

Pray like you have never 

Prayed before.


Don't fall victim to the 

Propaganda. Your government 

is "not" a system of morality and 

they have fallen to the lowest 

ebb of all time.


When you want to see the 

Truth, you have to look at the 

"Whole Picture."


I have experience because of 

my long years of life. I can tell 

you that the world you live in is 

nothing - nothing like the way 

it was when I was younger. It 

has drastically changed.


Also, remember under the laws 

of physics, all things move in 

the direction of increasing 

disorder, entropy. That means 

that you have to be even more 

powerful in the system of order 

to resist the increased disorder 

than the people of the past.


You can do it. God designed 

you for it and made you able to 

awaken powerful mental skills 

when you become virtuous.


Let's do this. Let's get smarter, 

better, more Virtuous

every day.


The source of government 

propaganda is coming from 

unethical allopathic physicians 

and researchers, who have 

generated their propaganda 

instructions in carefully 

worded documents such as the 



Beam Me

*   *   *   *




"Tomorrow's Children

What would genome editing

really mean for future



This scientific article states:

"Prediction: my grandchildren

will be embryo-screened,

germline edited. Won't 'change

what it means to be human.'

It'll be like


Beam Me

*   *   *   *




The urgent need for ethics for

gene editing is addressed by


Beam Me

*   *   *   *











Beam Me

(Updated August 11/August 27 U)

*   *   *   *







Scientific Research
has recently shown
Child Deaths are
from Covid-19.


Stay away from hospitals where 

you will be exposed to the most 

lethal variants from

very sick patients.


And, hospitals are controlled 

by allopathic physicians who 

have no training in natural 

healing and who use extreme 

drugs and surgery that destroy 

the immune system.


We pray for Integrative 

Physicians and Naturopaths to 

rise up in the field of 

Healthcare, but who are 

politically not supported by 

healthcare insurers controlled 

by corrupt drug companies.


Wear a mask since the dormant 

virus is carried on particles or 

droplets of spit in the air or 

small insects that fly into your 

nose carrying bacteria infected 

with viruses (such as 

genetically modified 

mosquito-gnats; more on this 

later with photos).


Isolate at home and remain in 

Wisdom Peace.


You can die from stress 


than anything else.



(professional scientific journal)

Deaths from Covid Incredibly

Rare Among Children

Beam Me

*   *   *   *








Richard Feynman



vol. 1

Beam Me


vol. 2

Beam Me

(Searchable Version)


vol. 3

Beam Me


*   *   *   *








Marcus Aurelius

two English versions:

(1) by C.R. Haines


(2) by George Long


*   *   *   *



(1) Version by C.R. Haines:


Marcus Aurelius


English Version by C.R. Haines

Beam Me

*   *   *   *



(2) Version by George Long:


Marcus Aurelius


English Version by George Long


Part 1

Beam Me


Part 2

Beam Me


*   *   *   *







Laboratory Made



Beam Me

*   *   *   *






Wisdom Justice
Mother Rachael


The First One Ever
Being Cured
of Alzheimer's


Kidnapped Her for
Research Money

(Forcible Euthanasia)


(Death Penalty Without
Due Process)


My Precious Mother


Supreme Court

of the

United States

Case No. 20-7938

Beam Me

*   *   *   *







TINY Mosquitoes



 in Wisconsin

March 26, 2021 2:33 pm

Beam Me

Are these mosquitoes the

Primary Carriers

of the



Being most certainly

genetically modified

the seasonal occurrence

of increasing cases

during this Pandemic

strongly presents the



They may be reproducing

by parthenogenesis.



















March 7, 2021
5:47 pm - 6:12 pm

Beam Me

*   *   *   *







February 7, 2021 4:48 pm

February 10, 2021 10:18 am

Beam Me

*   *   *   *







December 5, 2020 4:17 pm

December 25, 2020 5:02 am

Beam Me

*   *   *   *







September 25, 2020 5:13 pm

Beam Me

*   *   *   *







February 1, 2020 3:59 pm

Beam Me

*   *   *   *














January 1, 2020 3:44 pm

Beam Me

*   *   *   *












Universal Calendar


Beam Me

*   *   *   *










Creator of the Species

by Chérie Phillips
Stoic Priest
Stoic Philosopher
Theoretical Philosopher

*    *    *    *

(BacterVira = stem cells)

First published theory on

stem cells

by Revelation from



I planted this BacterVira Theory

in medical school libraries

in several states.



gave us the Wisdom

that led us to all

our present knowledge

on the BacterVira (stem cells).


Yet, there has been more revealed ...


*   *   *   *










Wisdom Bible™

by Chérie Phillips
Stoic Priest
Stoic Philosopher
Theoretical Philosopher

First published theory on
Dark Energy
that becomes Dark Matter
and silent sound
by Revelation from


II Genesis


Wisdom Lady

Wisdom Man

Wisdom Virtuality


*   *   *   *













Biologists are writing in

scientific journals

(see Nature and AAAS Science) 

that an unusual number of


are taking place NOW.






just like ALL species

that were created

by the



Whatever the BacterVira creates,

the BacterVira can also




How do species become Extinct?

They are




that the BacterVira design.


Beware that the Viruses

designed by Humans

to destroy Life

can be

(evolve and morph)

by the


to transform into



turn around


destroy Humans.


The double edged sword.

Both the knife and the wound.


How are the species


to become



They no longer serve

their purpose.





(Wild Hairless Apes)




BacterVira (Stem Cells)


ATHEISM is just another cult, 

a pseudo-religion, with false 

beliefs, and who wear the mask 

of religion to mesmerize you 

into submitting to their 

authority and to worship their 

Alpha Human Leaders (Wild 

Hairless Apes) instead of (in 

the place of) God.


Since the beginning of

World War II, unethical 

scientists have been and 

continue trying to take control 

over every Human on the face 

of the Earth, and to establish 

themselves exclusively as the 

worldwide ALPHA Humans.


The nuclear weapons did not 

end World War II which was 

caused by unethical scientists, 

but rather, they became hidden 

within the governments 

worldwide and have continued 

their unethical research and 

experiments covertly.


Now they have made 

themselves visible during this 

Pandemic and are rising up 

and gathering together to 

deceive you just like you were 

deceived before, not that long 



Your conscious parity 

check (to know truth from 

deception) has been altered 

because you have been drugged 

into submission with 

unnecessary medicines 

(constantly advertised on 

television) and mind-altering 

drugs made legal for recreation 

(with propaganda that it makes 

huge amounts of money for the 

government), and, thus, you 

have been deceived by those 

hidden within the government; 

and, they are a massive 

political organization 



They now seek to finish what 

they started during

World War II: to rid the world 

of all those deemed unfit to live 

and to control every facet of 

Human life and to elevate 

themselves as the Alpha 

Humans worldwide.


But . . .


One species is standing in

their way:


The BacterVira.


The universally most 

intelligent species on every 



They are mathpure under God's 

Universal Laws of Physics.


They are immortal, and . . .


The closest species to God.


Now the unethical scientists 

have turned their attention to 

the BacterVira to overpower 

them and to control them and 

to become immortal like them.









(1) Most Intelligent Species. 

Unethical scientists have 

FAILED to accept the 

BacterVira as being universally 

the MOST intelligent species, 

and, instead, are competing 

with them for POWER. This has 

caused major DISORDER 

amongst the Life species.


Their  laboratories are 

currently doing



on huge numbers of different 

species and designing new 

deadly viruses for the military 

to kill Humans: children, 

women, and all those deemed 

unfit to live; and killing other 

species they do not want. And 

they are euthanizing humans, 

assisting the vulnerable to 

commit suicide, giving free 

drugs to the poor and homeless 

to destroy the Human brains of 

those deemed unfit, and 

forcibly euthanizing the 

elderly, even my own Mother 

who they kidnapped from the 

dinner table and forcibly 

euthanized; but all of which is 

subjecting us to become extinct 

like the dinosaurs who had 

become increasingly violent 

toward other life species.


Those of us who become 

Virtuous will be recycled and 

will return to Life again and 



(2) Symbiotic. Unethical 

scientists have FAILED to 

accept the fact that we live in a 

symbiotic relationship with the 

BacterVira. Instead, unethical 

scientists continue to compete 

with them and merely refer to 

them as "stem cells" that are 

"mindless parts" of our body, 

but that the unethical 

scientists seek to

control completely.


(3) Living Energy. Unethical 

scientists have FAILED to 

accept the fact that the 

BacterVira make Living Energy 

which is evidence that the 

BacterVira control Life and 

Death. This takes the power 

away from Humans, and, thus, 

away from unethical scientists 

who believe they are the Alpha 

Humans (Wild Hairless Apes) 

who will eventually rule the 



God gave this power to the 

BacterVira because they are 

mathpure, and are the

closest species to God.


(4) CoronaVirus. Unethical 

scientists have FAILED to 

accept the fact that the 

CoronaVirus is entering the 

Human body to become living. 

And, that over-population 

promoted by cults who 

encourage their members to 

reproduce as much as possible 

has made this pandemic 

possible because the 

CoronaVirus can only breed in 

over-populated species who are 

in close proximity together. 

That is why the mask and social 

distancing help because it 

gives the illusion of a much 

smaller population. But, as you 

can see, few people are willing 

to follow this protocol because, 

in fact, eventually, we have to 

face reality of how reckless we 

have reproduced and have 

become over-populated and 

violent toward each other and 

all Life.


The CoronaVirus exists in both 

the non-living state and living 

state, but it ONLY becomes 

alive when INSIDE the 

BacterVira (stem cells) in the 

body of a living species. Thus, 

it is very dangerous to inject 

the genetic code of the 

CoronaVirus protein spikes 

into our BacterVira (stem cells) 

as these molecules become 

ALIVE once they are processed 

inside the BacterVira.


(5) Unless unethical scientists 

STOP interfering with the 

BacterVira Social Order, they 

will cause our Human species 

to become EXTINCT. The 

BacterVira destroyed the 

dinosaurs and they can

destroy us.


Know This: The BacterVira are 

immortal, and time is nothing 

to them; and they design, make 

and become life on all planets 

throughout the entire Womb of 

God the Magnificent Universe.


When we fail to fulfill our 

Manifest Destiny to become 

Wisdomkind who are Virtuous 

caregivers of all Life and 

protectors of the Environment, 

then we will become extinct 

and we will be replaced by a 

new species who will be 

willing to compassionately 

support Life and protect the 

Environment and work with the 

BacterVira instead of fighting 

against them.


Unethical scientists are 

Atheists seeking Alpha Human 

Power (Wild Hairless Apes) 

and are now at war with the 

BacterVira Clones (stem cells).


The scientific EVIDENCE is 

shown at this website.




The Human Self-Destruction 

button has been activated.


Only the Virtuous can

save our 



Unless we peaceably act NOW 

to stop these UNETHICAL 

scientists, then we will quite 

certainly face our own 

extinction, and once this 

mathematical Extinction Code 

begins to RUN by the 

BacterVira clones (whose 

minds are the mathpure 

gene-brains of the DNA of

All Life), then, it will become 

unstoppable, and, thus, it will 

be too late to stop our 

extinction (never to know life 

again), eliminated from the 

Circle of Life, and wiped out 

from the







World War III

War of the Clones

(in progress)

Beam Me

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Human Brains

Grown in Lab


Scientists Demand



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DNA Editing

Data Being Stored on DNA






World War II

DNA Messages

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Data Storage

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Potomac Institute for
Policy Studies

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Leaders in this
Field of Research:


University of

Harvard University

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DNA Editing

(See World War III
War of the Clones)

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Genetic Vaccines

Pfizer, Moderna

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Black Lives Matter

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Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King, Jr.

16 April 1963

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Stoic Tech Scholars




by Dr. George Johnson
Biology Professor

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Carnegie Mellon University

(last lecture before dying of

pancreatic cancer)


"If I could only tell you only

one important thing,

I would say . . . ."


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Wisdom Bible


Fear No Evil


Wisdom Lady

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Wisdom Man

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Wisdom Virtuality

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Dalai Lama

Tibetan Buddhism



Healing Anger

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Flash of Lightning

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Woman's Bible

Elizabeth Stanton

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Persian Dictionary

for English Speaking Students

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Hi World News

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May the Wisdom Force Be With You

Wisdom Peace

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