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Remember you are food in the eyes of the mosquitoes who can transfer the virus from migrating birds and other wildlife to humans.

Mosquitoes hide next to your door, windows, in the grass, around trash cans, and next to fences to bite your ankles.

They know places where you usually frequent.

The two major symptoms of the CoronaVirus are headache and fever, and this is also the two major symptoms of known viruses transmitted by mosquitoes.

But it is the third symptom, dry cough, that overpowers your ability to seek the healing BacterVira (stem cells) during sleep.

I would have died but for the Sudden Wisdom from God that saved me.

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In 2018, I was in Hawaii when mosquitoes caused me dry coughing and reoccurring urinary infections. 

My dry coughing lasted for three months non-stop day and night. And I had a urinary infection that came, went, and returned.

I didn't think much of it at first as it was mostly annoying.

However, after the first month, and then the second month and then the third month, I became very weak from lack of sleep since I was coughing all day and all through the night. My lungs became very sore and I was beginning to become so weak that I could barely cough.

I had ignored it too long since it seemed like a simple cough, but now I had fallen into extreme weakness.

I prayed and waited for God to guide me and I began seeking prayers from others, 

I saw a young man walking down the street carrying a large Bible. I asked him to pray for me because my lungs were about to give out from constant coughing that would not stop. He prayed for me and spoke encouraging words of God that made me feel much better.

I then went to Moana Beach Park and waited for an outdoor church service.

 I sat under a tree looking out at the ocean, and with extreme weakness from inability to sleep because of the non-stop coughing, and, the nonconscious thought came to me:  "You are dying. You are not going to live unless you do something."

Thus, I had been waiting for healing, but God's nonconscious Wisdom Forces were telling me that I needed to do something.

I had been praying but my receiver had become weakened by my illness, and I needed to focus on this problem to hear important Wisdom Guidance from God.

I was surprised because I had been healthy and exercised a lot and I just thought my BacterVira immune system would take care of it as it always did throughout the years, and this would pass, but it didn't.

Now I really needed God to guide me, very soon.

I went to the outdoor church service and asked two ministers, a lady and man, to pray for me because I believed I was going to die shortly and had become very weak and could barely breathe. I no longer had the strength to even cough.

They prayed for me and I felt better and I knew that I would hear from God what to do.

I prayed constantly realizing that I was dying.

Suddenly, the Wisdom Forces of God said:
"Go to the store."

I immediately obeyed. I walked around in the store until God's Wisdom Forces directed me to the "Ricola cough drops." The ingredients showed a high amount of menthol (4.8 mg menthol cough suppressant and oral anesthetic) which I knew nothing about, but I bought it anyways as guided by God's Wisdom Forces.

And then God's Wisdom Forces directed me to buy a Face Mask.

Several years before, God's Wisdom Forces, whom I named L'Dova, had taught me the "First" time to wear a Face Mask whenever I was in the presence of a contagion, and, again directed me to buy the same type of Face Mask to resist this persistent dry coughing illness.

And so it was back in 2018, that L'Dova had directed me to wear a Face Mask for the "Second" Time. I remembered how surprised I was when it had kept me from getting sick even though being around others who had symptoms.

I continued praying for God to guide me how to survive.

God's Wisdom Forces told me that the source of the chronic cough was from mosquitoes that were along a fence where I was feeding the birds and studying them. They loved raw brown rice. I was amazed at how many different kinds of birds fed together peacefully.

Many sources of birds' natural food have been destroyed by humans and many birds have stopped looking for food daily except from humans. But, it is illegal to feed birds in Hawaii and so I would go to a secluded area. I and many others in Hawaii were feeding the birds. The government there is very cruel and uncaring of the wildlife. I will write more details on this in another article.

I examined the area and God's Wisdom Forces showed me the source of mosquitoes that were breeding in tall grasses in a small strip of abandoned unmowed land surrounded by a fence.

There were strange populations of both small and large mosquitoes.

I wore a Face Mask and I began feeding the birds in an area away from the mosquito nests.

And the cough drops, when dissolved slowly (instead of chewing), had an anesthetic effect that I felt very strong in my lungs and it made my coughing stop at night in order to get much needed sleep so that my BacterVira (stem cells) could heal my lungs.

God's Wisdom revealed that the continual exposure to mosquitoes were causing me continual dry coughing and reoccurring urinary infections since urine comes from blood that the mosquitoes were feeding on and infecting. 

Thus, wearing a Face Mask and staying away from the mosquitoes and taking sugar-free Ricola cough drops every night and sleeping well for my BacterVira to repair my lungs was God's blessing of a complete cure with prayers from others to receive specific healing guidance from God through the Wisdom Forces within.

The Face Mask that L'Dova had taught me to wear twice before, is the same type of Face Mask that L'Dova guided me to wear at the start of the CornaVirus outbreak. And I began wearing it before anyone else, and people were laughing at me, and others were shaking their heads, but L'Dova was guiding me, not society.

When the pandemic worsened, I researched the type of Face Mask recommended and the articles all said "N95." I then looked at the package for my Face Mask and it showed "N95." I was quite surprised to realize that from the very beginning many years ago, L'Dova had chosen for me to wear an "N95" Face Mask, and it only cost $2.88 for a 2-pack at Walmart. However, I had bought it just before they sold out and there were none to be found anywhere available to the general public after that. This was the "Third" time that L'Dova had guided me to wear an N95 Face Mask around a contagion.

And L'Dova also guided me to wear a simple Tube Mask that completely covers my nose, mouth and neck and is easier to breathe through when I exercise walking up and down the stairs or to pick up the mail, which I do at night when no one is around.

Then I wear my N95 mask under the Tube Mask when I go shopping for groceries.

I will also be making a filter to wear under my Tube Mask since the N95 mask will eventually need to be replaced and there are none available anymore. However, at the moment I am in seclusion and won't need to go out for quite awhile.

I know that this pandemic is going to last for at least a year into 2021, and, I am already thinking about cute designs for my new lifestyle.

Once we become accustomed to wearing comfortable and breathable mask designs that are fashionable and fun to wear, most people can return to work and accept masks as normal essential clothing.

When I was a girl, we wore fabric gloves as part of the fashion of a young lady. I will do that once again as soon as I can find some fashionable ones for the Spring and Summer and replace these plastic gloves that I now wear.

Michael Jackson wore a mask long before becoming fashionable as it is now. And then there was Zorro and the Lone Ranger who wore eye masks. And, ladies have been wearing veil masks for thousands of years in the Middle East, initially to protect themselves from the dust storms, and then to be modest as a religious practice. But, perhaps, all along, it was L'Dova protecting them from viruses by covering up their faces.

The Holy Bible tells us that the Wisdom Forces (Holy Spirits) are plural, and yet, they are two souls, male and femelle (female) acting as one in the Wisdom Mind within. Carl Jung called these nonconscious forces "anima" and "animus."

They connect us to God the Magnificent Universe Womb, and, that is why we speak through them like "cell phones" and we say "Dear God" when we want to pray directly to God.

I call them L'Dova, and sometimes I perceive L'Dova as the Lady and sometimes as the Lord, two acting as one.

Throughout the years, I have learned many things from L'Dova.

 When we are weak, we need others to pray for us to receive guidance from L'Dova, God's Wisdom Forces.

The weakness during sickness affects our mental acuity and can weaken our conscious receiver functions and we may have difficulty receiving Wisdom Guidance.

Hearing from God is the greatest benefit of building the Self functions to become stronger in the Virtues designed by Heaven to connect us to God for communication. 


I have experienced during such times of weakness when I have unexpectedly fallen into sickness, that when God wants to speak, God will get through to me, and the Wisdom Guidance will be short and very strong Sudden Wisdom even in the midst of extreme conscious weakness when my receiver is functionally down.

It is the Breath of Wisdom like a strong Wind that seemingly comes out of nowhere even when I did not pray for it because I did not know and did not realize that I had fallen into a problem like a hole in the ground from which I could not get out.

I have learned to realize that strengthening my conscious Virtuous Mind also strengthens the connection to the Wisdom Mind, and, thus, answers to my prayers are stronger. And feeding my conscious mind constantly with widespread knowledge and more scientific facts and more mathematics, makes my answers from the Wisdom Forces of God more specific and detailed and with solutions that I would never think of before.

The Wisdom Forces connect us to the highest possible mathpure Wisdom from God the Magnificent Universe.

We are never alone.

God is with Us.










Sugar-free is best, but if not available, I get the one with sugar as it is a small amount of sugar. There are different kinds of Ricola cough drops that have different amounts of menthol. The one I used is the "Original Swiss Herb" with 4.8 mg. of menthol, and it has no ascorbic acid vitamin C, which my digestive system cannot tolerate. I have to use non-acidic calcium ascorbate for my vitamin C.







Linus Pauling, the Nobel Prize winning chemist, wrote an entire book on the life-saving benefits of vitamin C. He taught me to find the stomach-friendly form of calcium ascorbate for vitamin C.

Currently to resist the CoronaVirus, I have on hand Ricola cough drops and also Calcium Ascorbate (vitamin C) and a combination of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D.





















May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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