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October 7, 2017
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Beginning on the morning of

October 7, 2017


ending at midnight on

 October 9, 2017.


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Remember to end your fast

very slowly

since your BacterVira

need time

to restart your digestive system


after a fast.


Our symbiotic BacterVira

must always be supported

by conscious awareness

of their microscopic existence

but yet who are


with us.




See Paul Bragg's book

"The Miracle of Fasting"

for instructions.





If you are on any medicine

or if you have never been on a Fast before,

consult your

nutritionally-oriented physician.


God Bless the Naturopath Physicians.


If you cannot do a Food Fast,

then Fast from doing something else

that will be challenging

and will require


over an important biological drive.


After your Fast has ended,

assure that you

have a quality exercise plan.


As life becomes more stressful

because of unsolved problems

more exercise is needed.


Remember this:

When under stress

it is vital to your emotional health

to increase your amount of physical exercise

in direct proportion

to your increased amount of stress.


Thus, when under more stress

exercise more.


Further, remember that

your countenance

(facial expression)

is an indicator

of your

level of stress.


Look at yourself in the mirror

intermittently throughout the day

to assure that your countenance



Wisdom Peace.


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Adamil and Evil function as catalysts

that materially change matter.


You MUST change

when confronted with

any catalyst.


The Laws of Physics are the Laws of God.


Don't say you will live your life

as usual.


When the equation changes on the other side

you must change on your side also

or disharmony will occur.


Your Survival Goal is to

Live in Harmony.


Changes are necessary




If you hate change

then you need to



for the

realities of life.


Find a good method of

religious self-mesmerizing

of your nonconscious Ape Mind

for difficult times

when none of your other

religious tools

will respond.


When you change because of an

adamil and evil catalyst

it is not about others controlling you.


It is about responding


Wisdom Peace


external catalytic changes

that are






The solution to the problem

returns you to harmony.


Nothing in the Universe

stays the same.


Neither should you.


The Power of Change

is in

Becoming Stronger.


Sometimes you have to leave

and make a new kind of 



Life is not made for the weak.


Become stronger

with each change

and discover

a better way than before.


As long as suicidal terrorists

are glorified in name

and become famous

in worldwide news,

they will continue

and escalate

their destructive meme.


They should be nameless


without any photo

except at a special

coward website.


Life was not like this before

even during my generation

and we need to analyze

why this change occurred

toward mass violence.


This is because of:

1. Suicidal - miserably failed lifestyle.

2. Instant fame in worldwide news.

3. Biological drive to compete for fame.

4. Drugs/Medicines acting as viruses
that cause a raging mind
as a side effect.


Mental disorders must be resolved.

The world needs heroes

in the field of psychology

that has failed all of us

by using drugs/medicines

that make the patient worse

and change them




There is no easy way

to solve mental disorders.



are lazy attempts,

that are not solutions, and

need to be abandoned.


Drug therapy

for psychological disorders

is driven


Lust for Money!!!


There are solutions

to EVERY mental disorder

but it requires

much effort

to discover.


No one can just take a pill

and overcome mental disorders

any more than

one can take a pill

to obtain a PhD.


Those chosen for this field of study

will find answers

by analyzing the facts

with an open mind, and

finding commonalities

in each occurrence of the event.


We put our trust in

those who are chosen for this field

and know that

the heroes will

find solutions

to stop these escalating



No one person

should bear

the entire world's problems.


Do NOT sit and look at all the details

of terror events.


None of us were made to bear

so many problems.


We have a self-destruct mechanism

that is nonconscious.


If you try to bear all these problems

by watching them

over and over

you will self-destruct

as if they actually

occurred to you


in mental reality

they have.


And with all the

simulated pain of empathy

causing harmful stress.


Higher intelligence


heightened Empathy.


We feel more

and thus we need

an opposite and equal

amount of the antidote

to remove the

stress toxins. 


But you cannot bear them all.

We are not made to bear worldwide stress.

We would like to be able to do so

but we cannot.


We do what we can if it is in our ability

and we prevent what we can

and we need to know what happens

but we cannot sit

and watch it over and over

every day.


Give them to L'Dova God

in prayer and meditation

and fasting

for the BacterVira

to seek out and find

the Heroes

that we need

to save us.


Then CLEAR your mind

of all the stressors

and return to your chosen field

to contribute

for the betterment

of life

for  others and yourself.


L'Dova God works through the

BacterVira (Stem Cells)

to communicate with

their brother and sister clones.


When you pray

your BacterVira neurons

communicate to the

other BacterVira clones.


Since the BacterVira are a species

just like other species

they are subject to


and defects

and disorders.


But, they know how to solve

problems mathematically.


The BacterVira are the

living computers of God

who are clones

that live within


life form.


Humans have


Free Will


Programmed Actions.


A biological drive is a 

Programmed Action

but some can be overridden




At the very least

the biological drive can

be diverted

and eventually

become yet in harmony

to support life.


The digestive system

changes under stress

to prepare for injuries.


That is why we

Fast and Pray-Meditate

during difficult times.


We assert our ability

to over-ride

the biological drive to eat

which is the most powerful

biological drive

we have.


When you Fast

you are saying:



strong enough

to even overpower

my biological drive

of hunger!!!"


Each of us must

focus on our individual abilities

to overcome



to contribute new ideas

in our chosen field.


We need to speak out to the

field of psychology

to make changes


we need to pray for

The Heroes of Change

to become yet


in every field of study.


Become successful

but not for fame nor fortune.


Secure success

for a better world

because each of us

will recycle

and thus

will return to this world

in one form or another.


All life is connected





into different



The Circle of Life.


In human form

you have the ability

to make more changes

than you will

in your next life form

for aeons

until you become yet




Life is

never completely destroyed

but rather

is constantly changing

from one form into another

in the

Circle of Life.


Get busy and use your time wisely

instead of melting in stress

that you were not meant to feel.



your mind and body

in a

Wisdom Peace

Fast and Prayer-Meditation.


Strength and Honor.


*   *   *





Ending Your Fast


Beam Me

*   *   *








May the Wisdom Force be with You.
Wisdom Peace.


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