was the most cherished apartments and social community in Tucson . . .




7671 E. Tanque Verde Rd.
Tucson, AZ  85715

a/k/a Holualoa Tanque Verde Apartments, LLC
a Delaware limited liability corporation

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Gone with the Dust

by Reverend Cherie Phillips


Part I

Unethical Management
Not Economy
Destroys Business

What You Need to Know
You Sign the Lease



Updated:  Supplemental Exhibits S-2, S-3, S-4, S-5, S-6, and S-7



Exhibit 1



Five months -- still no maintenance.

The Rental Office stated that
maintenance reported it was repaired, and
will not discuss it any further.


Exhibit 2



Exhibit 3


Worms are in the wood
falling on the porch . . .


Exhibit 4


Exhibit 5


Exhibit 6


Exhibit 7


Rodents moved in . . .


Exhibit 8


Exhibit 9


Rodent droppings from their nest in the ceiling
increased until covering the porch.
Cleaning it up is very, very dangerous . . .


Exhibit 10


Rodent Feces
are broken down into dangerous powder
in 120 degree AZ sun on porch
(sometimes thermometer reading was over 140 degrees)
are inhaled into lungs causing breathing difficulty
suffering with feelings of suffocation.


Exhibit 11



Exhibit 12


Exhibit 13


Size of Rodent feces found on the porch


Not only do the tenants have to be concerned
about the rodent feces carrying diseases,
but also, their fleas increase the spread of diseases.

Rodents have fleas which jump on you.

Rodents can cause serious diseases,
such as the hantavirus
which has a 50 percent fatality rate and is incurable.

Both tenants exposed to the rodent feces
have suffered severe flu symptoms after exposure, and
one of the tenants was hospitalized
with a diagnosis of
"Swine Flu," (H1N1 virus) and
the other tenant is suffering with lung problems
after having the flu, and,
should be hospitalized, but cannot
because of family responsibilities.

Tanque Verde Apartments is next to a large open field, and,
has rodents,
but, the management refuses
to close up the hole in the ceiling that is
attracting them to nest there . . . 


Exhibit 14


Exhibit 15


Exhibit 16



Halloween figure -- all too real.




A tenant here advised me that he had bats that nested in his chimney, and, that maintenance refused to get them out!

Bats are mammals and also carry diseases, as well as frighteningly reminding  you of . . .

Can you face the night with bats living in your home, and flying down your chimney and into your room, perhaps while you are sleeping?




The management is allegedly concerned about cockroaches, to such extent that they are willing to spray the "hell" out of you and your entire apartment and all your possessions, no matter how meager.  Your apartment will be "bombed" as they call it, with the strongest known pesticides on the market.

In preparation, you are required to take everything out of the cabinets, and remove all living things from your apartment for half the day, and, then everything -- every -- thing -- including your clothes, your bed, your shoes, books, are "bombed" with deadly pesticides.  In fact, the pesticides are so deadly that "no life form" other than you and your pets are able to live in there afterwards.

A fly came in when I opened the screen door, and before I could find a fly swatter, it was dead on the floor, pulsating from exposure to the highly toxic residue of pesticides on the walls.  This was "before" the treatment, and was evidence of how long the pesticide residue lingers.

What are they treating if there are "no" bugs before the treatment? How does it warrant "extreme" pesticide exposure?

The management claims that the Arizona Code, A.R.S. Section 33-1343, permits them to "force" you to allow such extreme pesticide bombing.

But, the Code does "not" state any such thing, not even by implication. 

The Code only permits mutually agreed or necessary access for maintenance, but, not total annihilation of all living things -- including you!


"Please be advised that on August 27, 2009, management, with Burns Pest Elimination, will enter your apartment to spray and treat for insects.  In addition, a 14-day follow-up may be needed for total elimination. This Notice is being sent to you in accordance with A.R.S. Section 33-1343.

Please be further advised that you are to make your apartment ready pursuant to the instructions, which are attached to this Notice. In the event you fail to make your apartment ready in accordance with these instructions, you are advised that personnel from the management company will make your unit ready for the insect spraying, and you will be charged for the time associated with their preparation of your apartment."


Exhibit S-2



Preparation List for the Extermination of Cockroaches


Exhibit S-3



Although the Pesticide Notice states that a 14-day follow up "may" be needed, management, in fact, gave no further notice, but after 14 days, unbelievably just opened the doors with keys and administered the toxic pesticides again in apartments that were totally unprepared since tenants had put their food back in the pantry, and cupboards and so forth, and, those who were at work that day never knew that the management entered again for a follow-up treatment.

After this extreme pesticide treatment, you receive a note which discloses that these extreme pesticides are extremely hazardous to your health (Have a nice day!).

I called Burns Pest Elimination staff who advised me that they used several products during the treatments, including Gentrol IGR Concentrate, Cyfluthrin (Cy-Kick CS), and other pesticide sprays and also a pesticide paste. (see the photo evidence herein showing that I found such pesticide paste "inside" the dishwasher!)



The Data Sheet states:

Gentrol IGR Concentrate
Chemical Name:  (S)-Hydroprene: (Ethyl(2E,4E,7S)-3,7,11-trimethyl-2,4-dodecadienoate
Chemical Family:  Isoprenoid
Tolerance:  Not established
Intoxification not reported.
Probable symptoms of over exposure would be:
 nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal irritation

p. 1

p. 2

p. 3

p. 4


Exhibit S-4



The Data Sheet states:

Prescription Treatment brand CY-KICK CS
Controlled Release


This product has been reviewed according to the EPA "Hazard Categories" promulgated under Section 311 and 312 of the Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA Title III) and is considered, under application definitions, to meet the following categories:

Acute Health Hazard

p. 1

p. 2


Exhibit S-5



Exhibit S-6




Exhibit S-7



Acute Health Hazard? And tenants are forced to be exposed to it and other violent pesticides by Arizona statutes?  Not so!

Honestly, I would rather live with roaches . . . if there were any.  (They became extinct from previous extreme pesticide treatments.)  This is the strange fact:  there is no justification in "bombing" an apartment with pesticides, when there had not been any roaches, nor any other bug able to survive in your apartment, prior to the "bombing."

After the "extreme" pesticide treatment, you return to your apartment, and, as the pesticide enters your bloodstream, you suffer with various symptoms, including breathing difficulty, headaches, nausea, rashes, etc., and, pray that somehow, you will wake up in the morning -- alive.  But, the symptoms continue for months after your exposure.

Even with the door open, there is very little air coming in from the hot Arizona desert. And, if you leave the door open for any length of time, the dry air will plummet to a critically low level that can cause you to faint or collapse from "dehydration."

Living in Arizona is like living on Mars.



Exhibit 17


Trash bins left open
Feed the rodents


Exhibit 18


Garbage and litter everywhere


Exhibit 19



Exhibit 20


Bloody plastic glove


Exhibit 21


Bloody First Aid pad near glove


Exhibit 22



Exhibit 23


Exhibit 24


Dog Poo litter everywhere
and the aroma
fills the air
as it cooks in the 120 degree sun temperature
(over 140 degrees in summer sun)

Exhibit 25



Exhibit 26




Exhibit 27


Pool that you see in advertisements --
But, with no useable bathroom nearby
what are you swimming in?

Flesh-eating bacteria grow on sewage . . .


Exhibit 28

Women's Pool Bathroom


Exhibit 29


Exhibit 30


Exhibit 31



Exhibit 32


Exhibit 33


Exhibit 34


Men's Pool Bathroom


Exhibit 35


Exhibit 36


Exhibit 37




Business Center for Tenants:




Exhibit 38


Large Copier
that you are shown for your use in the Business Center
you sign the lease


Exhibit 39


Broken Copier/Fax you actually use
that leaves a white stripe down the center


After you sign your lease, and,
request to use the "large copier"
that you were shown before you signed your lease,
the Rental Office staff confesses
that the large copier cannot be used
because it is " permanently broken"
and, is just
"stored in the Business Center."

Therefore, NO copies are available in the
alleged "Business Center."

Currently, the ink is out of the small fax/printer,
nothing can be printed nor faxed nor copied.

No copies?
No printing?
No faxing?
This is not a Business Center!

But, wait, there's more deception . . .



The computer in the alleged "Business Center"
is broken, old, outdated,
only reads from floppy disks.



Exhibit 40


In fact, the computer has a huge
hole in the middle
where the broken CD drive was removed or
fell out.

This ancient computer is set up for
commercial use.
But no instructions are provided on how to access programs
nor how to set it up to print on the fax machine.

You have to set up the computer each time you use it,
because it defaults to a non-existent printer
and the
Rental Office employees become upset
because they "do not have time right now"
to set it up to print
(nor to provide instructions).

You have to figure it out.


I asked a computer expert to show me
how to print from this computer.
He gave me instructions.
But, since there was no ink, I could not print after all that effort.


Wait, there's more . .  .

"Virus Warning" stays on permanently.
Rental Office says they do not know why . . .

Therefore, the alleged "Business Center"
is equipped with broken equipment:





Advertisement says MOVIE THEATER . . .

AFTER you sign the lease,
the Rental Office admits that
the man who runs the alleged free Movie Theater
on "vacation"
But, no one knows when he will return
It has been many months . . .
and, they say,
"You can "RENT" the Movie Theater.

Rent it?
But, this is advertised as a Free Amenity,
not a Movie Theater Rental.

And, further, when I lived here several years before under different management, the tenants enjoyed free movies in the free Movie Theater every month with free popcorn and free sodas,
and, I specifically asked, and was lead to believe
that this was the same amenity we enjoyed before. 

Therefore, the community is no longer shown free movies
in the free Movie Theater
with free popcorn and free sodas and social gatherings
contrary to what we were told
we signed the lease.



Before you sign the lease, you are advised by the management that "This is a Drug-Free Community."

After you sign the lease,
you witness drugs being sold, and tell the management.
The Rental Office then advises that
YOU are personally responsible
for fighting the drug dealing, and
that it is
"not the responsibility of the Rental Office."



Theft, breaking into mailboxes, drugs, violence, drive-by shootings . . . have all been reported by residents.
(see the Tucson Police Department website for details)



No matter what you ask the employees of the Rental Office,
they look you right in the eyes and LIE.
They are functioning as professional LIARS
who have no conscience nor empathy for the pain
they inflict on their victims -- the tenants.

For instance, on November 7, 2009, "Michelle" advised that the ink cartridge for the printer WAS ordered
and would be in "by next week."

On November 17, 2009, (well past "next week") other staff advised that the ink was only ordered on Monday, November 16, and had "no idea when it would arrive."

(Maybe NEVER !!!. . .)

Therefore, presently, the only machine that is working in the alleged Business Center is the telephone.

(They claim that you cannot get on the internet because a car hit a pole which they allege shut down the internet . . . )



After signing the lease,
the Rental Office advised that
Tanque Verde Apartments is undergoing
to avoid Bankruptcy
there is "no owner"
to contact regarding the problems.



You are required to pay your rent in full
even though maintenance requests are ignored and/or deleted
advertised and promised services are denied, and,
the property is run-down, crime-ridden, and
getting worse every day.



While your electric bill is lower because of the
"Swamp Cooler/Heater,"
the management fails to tell you
before you sign your lease
that you must pay the electricity for the fan
of the Swamp Cooler/Heater
that blows the air through your apartment.
Therefore, it is "not" totally free.

Further, the management fails to tell you
before you sign your lease that you do not have any control over both heat and air conditioning.  In fact, after you sign your lease, the management admits that you are
without any heat until the
temperature goes down to 42 degrees
for three consecutive days.

If you are elderly, you should be warned,
it gets very cold
and you suffer many days and nights
with no heat at all.

In the summer, it gets very  hot -- very, very hot - over 100 degrees
before they switch the system to air conditioning.

(My thermometer reads over 140 degrees in the sun
whenever it is 100 degrees in the shade. You have to buy a commercial thermometer to read above 145 degrees. Apparently, the large variation between sun and shade temperature is due to the low desert humidity or some such phenomenon.)

Further, the system is old, and the ducts are

If you have any kind of respiratory problems
this may hasten your final days . . .

You feel like you are suffocating whenever the unit is on.

You must purchase an air cleaner if you value your lungs.

Since the dry desert air has fewer negative ions, and indoor air is even worse, you should make sure that your air cleaner also creates negative ions. Otherwise, you will feel fatigued and have difficulty concentrating, which is noticeable if you study a lot as I do. 

In addition, this Swamp Cooler/Heater, fails to bring in fresh air from the outside.  It draws air exclusively from inside your apartment and then continually circulates the stale dry air, processed with filthy ducts over and over.

Therefore, you are forced to open the windows and doors or suffocate.




Part I

Unethical Management
Not Economy
Destroys Business

What You Need to Know
You Sign the Lease



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May the Wisdom Force be with You.

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