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April 6, 2020
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12:00 MIDNIGHT TO 2:00 AM

During this pandemic, I will only open my windows between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 2:00 a.m. to let in fresh air.

Most birds nest after 7:00 pm and people have long been indoors and I don't see any mosquitoes during the timeframe of 12:00 midnight to 2:00 a.m. when overall the air seems to be the most clear.

There is scientific conclusions that fresh air helps resist harmful microbes.

I await God to guide us and the scientific researchers on this issue.








 Strange Cloud

January 1, 2020 4:44 pm

Beam Me

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 Cross in Sky

February 1, 2020 4:59 pm

Beam Me

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WisdomPeace Temple


Prayer Meditation
Morph into Wisdomkind
(our new species designed by God)

* *
From April 1 to April 22
Earth Day 2020

* *
I Am Becoming New Wisdomkind,

Virtuous with Wisdom from God.


I am entering my personal monastery
to become One with L'Dova God
the Wisdom Force (Spirit)
in my personal
WisdomPeace Temple
(my apartment made sacred by God)
in Prayer Meditation.


No more fruits of the Tree of Terror.


Only Fruits of the Tree of Life.


Unless I see changes occurring outside my window or hear an emergency siren or if God advises me otherwise:

I will not read worrisome news on the internet.

I will not listen to the radio (since it is anxiety-ridden and interjects worrisome news).

I will not go outside.

I have food, water, and supplies.

I will only open my window between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 2:00 a.m. to let in fresh air. Otherwise, I will not open my window since there is evidence of contamination of the air, and I have healthy plants generating fresh oxygen.

I have sealed off all vents
from other apartments.

I will not take the trash outside.
And I will put my perishable trash
in the refrigerator.


I completely release this problem
For God.


I have made my personal monastery on a magnificent Wisdom Island with L'Dova God (Wisdom Force) far away from all problems.


I will remain in the
WisdomPeace Temple
becoming New with God.


I pray that everyone will do the same. Pray to God for Wisdom Guidance. If you must be outside, cover yourself completely as described herein and wear a mask, and limit outside as much as possible and then return to your personal WisdomPeace Temple.


Strength and Honor

Priest Chérie

May the Wisdom Force Be With You

*   *   *   *









It is important that your mask is breathable.

Use any stretchy fabric,
or an old tee-shirt.


*Pre-shrink in hot water if new fabric.


*Cut into a square
18 inches by 18 inches.



*Fold the square in half
to become a rectangle.




*Sew the long side together
to make it into a tube.




*Pull over your head down to neck.


*Pull up to fully cover your nose and mouth and ears as well as your neck.



Optional: You can wear this overtop of a separate small front panel of non-woven fabric (make sure it is breathable), for extra protection. But, don't sew a lining to the tube mask because it will make it too heavy. You want it to secure tightly closed by maintaining its elasticity.

Do not wear any mask for long periods of time as this will weaken your nose passages.


*   *   *   *










The leading scientific research journal in America


March 27, 2020.


By Jon Cohen

Staff Writer for Science.


 "Not wearing masks to protect against coronavirus is a big mistake."

George Gao, top Chinese scientist, Wuhan, China.

Q: What mistakes are other countries making?

 A: The big mistake in the U.S. and Europe, in my opinion, is that people aren't wearing masks.

This virus is transmitted by droplets and close contact.

Droplets play a very important role - you've got to wear a mask, because when you speak, there are always droplets coming out of your mouth.

Many people have asymptomatic or presymptomatic infections.

If they are wearing face masks, it can prevent droplets that carry the virus from escaping and infecting others.





Beam Me

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(10 seconds)

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The Second Becoming

is NOW Occurring.

Be With Us
Be Left Behind.


First Resurrection Code

Beam Me

*   *   *   *





WISDOM PEACE COUNTENANCE:   Let your Virtuous Mind continually keep your countenance in a Relaxed State as your default facial expression that inhibits stress chemicals and relaxes your whole body . . .





*   *   *   *

The Act of God returning to us

The Original Holy Bible

along with

Healing Cures

that everyone will see

is a Worldwide Miracle

that is visual evidence

of the

Presence of God.


*   *   *   *









The Original Holy Bible

Archeological Excavation

in progress . . . .


*   *   *   *












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Fertilized Human Egg




When you first felt alive.


You came from the microscopic world.


And at the end of this life

you return to the




*   *   *   *












Journal of the
Stoic Academy of Research Scholars

Compendium of Wisdom

ISSN:  1094-7094
Copyright © Chérie Phillips. All Rights Reserved.
Since 1996

These are Hypotheses and Theories based on research methods of
mathematical science,
and, thus, are subject to change as further scientific evidence is discovered.


*   *   *   *

When you open the Holy Bible

you see words.

When I open the Holy Bible

I see codes.


*   *   *   *





Priest Chérie

Many Years of Life

*   *   *   *

Rev. Chérie Phillips
Stoic Priest

Stoic Church of Philosophy

WisdomPeace Temple

*   *   *   *


Reason, Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Empathy, Patience and Compassion.

*   *   *   *

This is my drawing board. Nothing is final ever.

*   *   *   *


This year, I am celebrating many years of Life Knowledge and Experience, and thus, it will be many years since the BacterVira (stem cells) designed me and formed me in my Mother's Womb, and, in honor of St. Mamie, my grandmother, they designed me to become the first lady priest and to know the mathematical language of codes, and, my Mother's brain programmed my brain.

And, after I had grown into a lady, the Wisdom Forces taught me to achieve my Virtues and to become a lady priest and taught me the Stoic Religion designed by God, sent by the messenger Angels to the Wisdom Forces (Holy Spirits), and taught me all about the BacterVira (stem cells), and taught me how to open the Seven Seals of the Holy Bible, and taught me code deciphering and code reading, and taught me how to receive daily Revelations of God, and taught me Strength of Mind and Honor of God, and taught me to be assertive, but not aggressive, and thereby to remain in Wisdom Peace without being provoked by the enemy and without toxic emotions, when standing up for my rights and the rights of others, and to remove all enemy toxins through meditation, and to keep a relaxed countenance to resist the flow of stress toxins and they taught me everything I needed to know.

And every day I have been receiving profound Revelations from the Wisdom Forces of God by and through the Wisdom Mind designed in Heaven and made by the BacterVira, the Hand of God and the cell phones of God and the living computers of God the Magnificent Universe.

Look around you and see all the beautiful Life in the Womb of God.

God Lives!

*   *   *   *


Stoics need to study the book, Marcus Aurelius, edited and translated by C.R. Haines.

It is an English version and has the Koine Greek and English together and is the best available source.

However, it is old and contains contamination and prejudice words typical for that time-period.

Thus, you simply need to apply the Stoic Protocol of reading it with your Virtuous Mind which is the same way you should study all ancient and old text.

Ladies have been doing this for a long time, especially when reading religious scriptures. When one reads "man" she thinks "woman" and thereby applies the reading to herself without being excluded.


*   *   *   *




It is essential that you follow Integrative Healthcare and learn to support the healing BacterVira (stem cells) that are primarily in the muscles, and, that is why exercise is so important.

Every night when you sleep, the chi living energy is manufactured by the BacterVira and stored in your muscles, and, thus, in the mornings, you need to stretch really good to release the chi from your muscle BacterVira for which you live in a symbiotic relationship.

*   *   *   *


All Life is ONE in the Diversity of Life Forms.

We all RECYCLE into the Circle of Life.

Let us promote Natural burials to freely return to Life.

*   *   *   *



Fertilized Human Egg




You are from the
microscopic world
you return to the
microscopic world.

*   *

You don't DIE!


*   *

You were a
microscopic egg
when you first felt

All Humans look
exactly alike.

No matter what
we are ALL the
Human Species
under God.

God Loves Diversity.

Races are differentiation
for survival
but races are
not a different

Race is
not species.

Race is differentiation
in the kind of
Human species.

We are not

We are Humankind.

In the English language,
which excludes

Astronauts need
to change the sign
on the moon to
instead of

We are
in the
Circle of Life.

From Egg to RNA molecule:

anabolic build-up
catabolic break-down
RNA molecule.

And then
from RNA molecule
you are
into different
life forms . . .

Recycled in
Circle of Life

you are cremated.

Then your life


From egg to life again
and again.
From egg to dust.

Cremation is primitive
and based on
guilty fear of revenge
by the soul.

All enemies of the church were cremated.

Now cremation is done
to save money.

But we need to
save the

Support Natural burials.
Your Loved Ones
deserve to be
and Ever . . . .

*   *   *   *





Raw Rolled Oats

Raw Banana

Raw Apple

Raw Whole Almonds

Raw Sunflower Seeds

WestSoy Organic Soy Milk

Raw Honey

*   *   *   *





The Virtuous Mind is unconquerable when, being the discipline over all Self actions including thoughts, it remains in Wisdom Peace, and does nothing that it does not will, even if it refuses from immediately advised Wisdom in opposition to prima facie wrong, and not yet from any formed conclusory reason. Much more then, if the Virtuous Mind judges a thing, upon analysis with Virtues, on factual and evidentiary grounds and Wisdom Mind guidance.

Thus, the Virtuous Mind, when disciplining all free will actions of the Self and being moved by feelings with Virtuous Strength and Honor but not controlled by emotions (impulsive actions), is a Light House facing the vast ocean, for one has no fortress more untouchable wherein to find refuge and to be untaken, not even an iota, by any disorder or chaos for aions (aeons) of everlasting time.

*   *   *   *



Stoics need to subscribe to Nature (British) and AAA Science (American) scientific journals to know the earliest scientific discoveries of everything as made by researchers and scholars - weekly!

In these technical scientific journals, there are "student discounts" and (non-professional) "science advocate" discounts and free online limited material to study.

It is technical reading, necessary to show Truth. However, you can read the concepts easily, and later, after learning to understand the technical writing, you can apply the technical knowledge to your field of study.

*   *   *   *




Further, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association keep you informed on the latest developments in the allopathic form of healthcare.


Find journals on integrative healthcare including naturopathy.

Learn go work with the BacterVira, not to overpower and control them, as this will result in our self-destruction.

The BacterVira are the first species and the default species designed directly by God. All other species were designed by the BacterVira.

Thus, all life defaults to the BacterVira species who can survive both in the living and non-living states.


Learn all about the healing properties of the BacterVira in the healing foods that they designed for us under the command of the Universal Mathematics of Life Physics of God the Magnificent Universe.

*   *   *   *





Tame your Wild Alpha Ape within who wants to continue to run:


In a civilized society it cannot run free and wild, and so it turns to government where it has immunity.

However, our government should be the model of Virtues for its citizens. But it is not.

It is time to stop this split between society and government.

It is wrong for a citizen to kill, and, thus, it is wrong for the government to kill.

All killing is wrong, but only by virtuous acts of self-defense.

Instead of killing, we need to learn Wisdom ways of solving problems and resisting enemies, and thus, to avoid killing.

Further, we should not harm animals, and should not use them for experimentation and should not keep them in cages like collected objects. They need to enjoy their life in nature.

And we need to learn better ways of making the vegetarian diet both higher in health more than meat and more affordable.

it is
within our

as commanded by


Wild Ape within
each of us
that is a necessary
but unintentional


on our
along the

Wisdom Peace Way

to become
the new species,


*   *   *   *





Sometimes, with a strong purpose, seemingly out of the blue, God commands the BacterVira to make and become a new species architecturally designed by the Universal Mathematics of God.

And, the BacterVira always build the new upon the old.

Such was the case when our new species was designed and we were made from the old design of the Wild Ape.

We are in the Intermediary Stage which we call Humans, or which should be called Hairless Apes because we are still functioning primarily with the ape mind. Thus, we still have the unfortunate nature of the Wild Ape, and it is a daily struggle for each of us to become yet fully Human.

However, it is necessary to achieve Virtuous discipline over the inner Wild Ape, and to tame it within, and for which we must accomplish in this Intermediary Stage to verify that we are ready to evomorph in the final phase.

With each step forward, we long to turn around and go back and live again during the times when we were wild and free.

Thus, we see that we must not follow what we are biologically driven to do, but must take control with our Virtues and God's Wisdom even over and above our biological drives.

Such feels unnatural and difficult because we are coming out of the controlled robot design into the more virtuous design that requires responsibility of all actions.

With freedom comes responsibility.

For example, I would like some cherry ice cream, but it is loaded with sugar and there is none that is sugar-free. And, further, I cannot eat milk products without having a reaction since I don't have the enzyme to digest the milk as I am American Indian.

It is difficult to want what I cannot have and what I know, logically, that I should not have, and that I would have to pay for with my health and stomach cramps.

Yet my inner ape wants it because it does not understand logic. And so I communicate visually with thoughts of pain and misery for only a few moments of pleasure. It is not worth it.

Eventually my inner ape stops crying out for it and I reward it with something fun to eat that will not cause such problems.

This is just a simple example, but it is not easy to do what you know is right.

And it is even more difficult not to do what one is biologically driven to do.

Further, to reward my tamed inner Ape for submitting to my Virtuous Mind, on Fridays I have a free day, to eat things like french fries or potato chips, but I need to completely let go of ice cream, and that is hard. 

We can look forward to how new and improved our life will become when we complete our evomorph into the new Wisdomkind species.

With our newly designed brain with higher powers, it won't be as difficult to function in the higher realms.

I am experiencing some of it now with both visual and auditory dreams when I sleep. My dreams are much more realistic.

Also, I am able to go to sleep on command using a technique that L'Dova the Wisdom Forces taught me. I will write an entire article about this since at first I thought it was just a one-time event. But every time, it works.

Even though right now we are just Humans, all those who struggle to become Virtuous in the face of great difficulties in this intermediary Human design will contribute their Virtuous Mind Codes to the future and will be saved on RNA molecules by the BacterVira.

*   *   *   *








We live in a symbiotic relationship with our BacterVira (stem cells), and they are the ones who designed, made and became the body of each of us.

They are commanded by the Universal Mathematics of the Laws of Physics designed by God the Magnificent Universe.

They are living machines, computers, robots of precise mathematics of God.

That is why they malfunction when we interfere with their mathpure functions.

And we are programmed to self-destruct if we try to alter the Universal Mathematics of God that functions precisely the same on every planet throughout the Womb of God the Magnificent Universe.

With this in mind, there is a "habit" that most of you reading this have, but that I know your BacterVira absolutely reject, body and soul:


Coffee is not just caffeine. There is something toxic in it that our BacterVira totally reject.

And, further, it inflicts control over the "timing" of the body's functions that exceed the timing of the BacterVira's ability to function.

It alters the Universal Mathematics of Life under which they must function as commanded by God.

Coffee speeds you up critically far beyond what is needed, and drives you to do work with mental stimulation at a speed that is unnatural and alters the mathematical timeframe needed by the BacterVira to take care of life processes within you in your symbiotic relationship.

You need to become aware of the microscopic world that lives within you and for which it affects you and you affect it.

Slow Down.

Your employer may want you to speed up, to increase profits, to be hyper-alert, but you can do all these things at a natural pace and much better if you are not plagued with headaches which means you are approaching affliction with diseases caused by this harmful drug, called coffee.

While this conclusion of the nature of coffee may seem difficult to accept, part of your resistance is caused by your "addiction" to coffee, an addiction so strong that you may have violent headaches during withdrawal.

All addictions have painful "withdrawal symptoms" that only go away when you begin taking the drug again, but then the withdrawal symptoms occur more frequently and more violently and you need more and more.

In short, you fall into the Circle of Chaos.

Also, remember that radium was once put into everything, even in soft drinks and chocolate candy, until it was discovered to cause cancer.

Our BacterVira communicate to us when we are consuming something that is harmful to them and thus harmful to us.

And they are not driven by profits and other selfish motives.

Your headache is the BacterVira's way of saying: "NO!"

The stronger the headache, the more you are ignoring the problem, and, so, they speak increasingly louder.

Every person I have ever met over my entire lifetime, who has a problem with headaches, all have the same addiction to coffee.


I "never" have headaches because I do not drink coffee, but the few times I did drink coffee, each time I had headaches.

Now, how do you break away from your addiction to coffee?

Here's the solution for you that God's Wisdom Forces (Holy Spirits) taught me.


For some reason your BacterVira LOVE tea.

You can make tea taste similar to coffee.

However, there are many different kinds of tea and you need to stay with organic without pesticides, if you can afford it, but if not, then get the highest quality since you will be brewing it.

But, even with tea, you should not consume excessive amounts. Anything in excess can and will cause a reaction from your BacterVira. You can even drink too much water. So, don't overdo anything.

The way to wean yourself off coffee and onto tea is this:

Mix half coffee and half green tea and black tea with soy milk and honey.

Slowly, over the months, reduce the amount of coffee and increase the amount of tea. Unless you drink it plain, since you mix it with soy milk and honey, it tastes the same as coffee with cream.

Eventually, you will completely eliminate the coffee and just drink tea, soy milk and honey.

The tea has just the right amount of caffeine to keep your energy flowing, and yet also keep your BacterVira happy. And when they are happy, your headaches will go away if the cause is addiction to coffee.

The coffee companies need to instead grow and manufacture tea as this is the certain direction of the future as our species becomes more intellectually aware of the microscopic realm.

All symptoms are coming from your BacterVira, as this is a form of their symbiotic communication with us.

We also have ways of communicating with them which will be discussed later. See if you can figure it out.

I like to mix green tea with black tea because green tea is healthier, but it is a wee bit bitter, and so black tea balances it out and I can even drink it plain with the mixture.

I boil the water and then tear open the packets of tea and let it brew loose to obtain the best flavor and release the tea oil.

Loose tea is hard to find and I don't like the taste of tea bags, so this method is the micro-brew since the tea is ground up, but not as flavorful as real loose tea leaves. Oh, well. 

In the mornings I drink a combination of green tea, black tea and WestSoy Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk and three teaspoons of raw honey.

*   *   *   *


Green Tea
Black Tea
Unsweetened Soy Milk
Raw Honey

*   *   *   *

Your BacterVira also prefer honey instead of sugar.

They rule the body.

Sugar should only be eaten on your free day. My free day is Friday.


Also, I only drink tea in the mornings and my cut-off time is 12:00 noon. No caffeine after that time. This assures that I do not over-stimulate my brain which is composed of BacterVira Neurons, and thus I will sleep well.

Finding cures for anything involves understanding our symbiotic relationship with the BacterVira clones (stem cells).

I know that when you change to tea and stop drinking coffee, you will find the peace that comes with a mighty cure.

Oftentimes what you love the most is the source of your pain and health problem.

Giving up the drink that you love, coffee, is painful, but in the end you will learn to love tea and your headaches will go away and the source of all that pain will end in Wisdom Peace.



During your fasting times you can end your fast by searching for food problems. Introduce one suspicious food at a time and see if you have a reaction.

Learning discipline means to know the difference between good pain and bad pain.




If you don't drink coffee and you have headaches, then it could be too much computer time (or other electronic devices), with the over stimulation of bright lights shining into your eyes and brain, or it could be that you do not get enough restful sleep.

The BacterVira perform very important functions while you sleep and they need sufficient time to store your memories and to make new energy to store in your muscles and many other routine and repair-type functions.

Become aware of the presence of the BacterVira in our symbiotic relationship.

*   *   *   *







APES . . .




Some say we evolved "from" Apes. However, we are still a species of Ape as evidenced by our nature being biologically driven exactly as the Alpha Ape.

Humans are the "Hairless" family of the Ape species:

The Hairless Apes.

See yourself the way all of the other living things see us. We look like apes to them! And we act like apes!

Except many of us are trying very hard to resist being pulled back into the comfort zone where we run wild and free.

We have not yet finished our evomorph into a new species.

We are apes.

Our nature is apes.

This "Hairless" kind of ape that we are, is the Intermediary Stage in our Evomorph into our newly designed species, Wisdomkind.

That is why we are having so many problems letting go of our wild desires and using others as scapegoats for displaced anxieties and primitive cultural habits and fame-competing to be the Alpha Ape.

Since we are apes, then what did we evomorph from?

Or, to put it another way, what did we "really" evomorph from?

Perhaps, if you look at yourself a little more lean and more muscular, the way we are healthiest and closest to our design, it might be more clear to see yourself.

The Holy Bible tells us.

In the Book of Genesis, which other species did Humans speak with?

You're getting closer.

With what other species' language could we communicate?

You're burning up! You're so close it could bite you!

Which species was punished with Humans?

You Know!

The concept of evomorphing (evolution or slow metamorphosis) came from the Holy Bible.

And there is much more on evomorphing in the Holy Bible as you will see.

Now you know why others doing wrong are so toxic to us and why we need an antidote to deal with stress.

And we need to pray and meditate to receive Wisdom for the antidote.


Then, after you have done all you can to solve the problem including correcting and redeeming (paying for) any wrong that you have done in Wisdom Justice, always give the remainder mind codes (memories) of the problem For God to resolve. Finally, you consciously clear your mind.

Then the BacterVira will remove the reminder mark and store them away peacefully.

But, when you are continually having to fight against memories then they are repressed and thus marked as unresolved, or unredeemed or you have not yet given the remainder For God to resolve.

You cannot drink your problems away with alcohol nor with drugs. This is repression that merely covers them from your conscious minds, but not your nonconscious and not your BacterVira and this repression will lead to severe anxieties, fear, phobias, or even psychoses.

In some ways, we are like bees. When they sting, they die.

Stress is toxic to us and to others.

But we need to have the antidote with Wisdom, not with harmful drugs that just repress the problem only to arise again and again.

Give it For God to keep and clear your mind.

Now you know that you have both a nonconscious reptilian mind, the King Cobra Mind, and a nonconscious mammal mind, the Alpha Ape Mind.

The Cobra Mind afflicts the Ape Mind when it controls the Self and you can easily become mesmerized unless you achieve your Virtues and transfer the control of the Self to the self-made Virtuous Mind.

Our Virtues are made by us and designed by the mathpure BacterVira (stem cells) under the Universal Mathematics commanded by God.

The Ape can be mesmerized without resistance, but the Virtuous Mind is set free from this weakness.

Become more powerful.

Become Virtuous.

*   *   *   *



It is beyond absolutely imperative that you exercise daily.

While Meditation prevents the build-up of harmful stress chemicals, it is exercise that removes released stress chemicals while releasing happy chemicals and increasing the healing Muscle BacterVira.

Plain and Simple, you were designed in Heaven to be happy, healthy and relaxed only when you exercise daily.

All the meditation in the world will not "remove" the stress that is already there. And since your nonconscious minds release stress chemicals, you have no control over them.

You cannot stop the nonconscious release of stress chemicals.

Thus, your daily protocol should include:

*   *


*Motivation music for exercise.

*Pray and Meditate throughout the day.

*Calm and Relaxed Countenance (facial expression) continually and which automatically relaxes your whole body.

*   *

There are several online motivational exercise music websites and also, some exercise videos with routines to lead you in your workout.

You don't need equipment for sufficiently healthy exercises. However, machines intensify your workout.

If you are really stressed out and cannot turn it off, then it is nonconscious and you need to take immediate action using all methods and you need to get equipment.


A simple effective equipment is the stepper machine. This is commonly used at airports for private pilots to exercise while waiting for their plane to be refueled. It looks like a bicycle design with bars to hold onto, and you can get one that also moves your arms. It takes up very little space in your room. It has a hydraulic attachment that makes the stepping smooth and easy to use.


Simply walking up and down stairways is a great workout.


Another machine that is good is the rowing machine that exercises your legs and arms while your seat slides forward and backward to exercise your legs and knee joints.


Weights add power to your exercise routine.


Using a stick measures your movements and assures good overall exercising. You can get an inexpensive stick in the hardware store and have fun decorating it. You can also use the stick for a good workout if you are wheelchair bound or elderly or have trouble standing. But, age in itself is no excuse to be sedentary. Get up and begin simple exercising routines and your stamina will slowly increase.


Turn on the music and dance.


If you do a lot of computer work, then you need to get a stand-up desk and do simple exercises while you work or intermittently exercise and work. 

You need both cardiovascular exercises and overall body muscle exercises.

The only way to remove harmful stress chemicals is by exercise.

The more stress you experience, the more exercise you need to do.

Exercise consists of feel-good movements that are rewarded with naturally produced happy endorphins.

*   *   *   *







(nu pi)

Holy Code of mathpure scriptures

Stated Left to Right:  nu pi


Read Right to Left:  Wisdom Peace





means infinite diversity of Wisdom



means Peace


*   *   *   *











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May the Wisdom Force Be With You




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