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Join me in a Four-Day Worldwide Human Rights Wisdom Peace Fast and Prayer Meditation on December 7, 8, 9 and 10.     Strength and Honor.












The evidence shows that my Mother's wrongful death was a political murder by anti-American Nazi domestic terrorism acting in allegiance with an illegal branch of physician-assisted suicide turned into homicide: The Death with Dignity Hemlock Society physician-assisted homicide of those (wrongly) deemed unfit to live.

(This is a similar method used by North Korea to kill their political enemies disguised as medical treatment.)

The Nazi command headquarters is at St. Luke's Hospital in Boise, Idaho.

They control the Idaho State and County governments and the Boise, Idaho Judicial System. 

*   *   *   *

My Precious Mother was Forcibly Euthanized at Nazi St. Luke's Hospital from:

October 17, to November 15, 2016.

The Anti-Christ Nazi St. Luke's Hospital [sic],
in the State of Nazi Idaho
in the City of Nazi Boise
the first documented case of
Human Forcible Euthanasia
in America.

(Prima Facie Evidence, Written, Witnesses, Photographs, Testimonies, similar events happened to other families . . . .)

*    *    *    *

Physician-Assisted Homicide

If one commits murder, then you will be prosecuted. But if a political group commits murder, and is inside the government,
No One Cares.

State License to Kill.

All you need is a medical degree.

*    *    *    *

America has been invaded. The military did not arrive in boats from another nation. 

The Nazi military is concealed within the government.

*    *    *    *

This is Domestic Terrorism.

*    *    *    *

This is the establishment of the Nazi government within the American government and who are slowly eroding away every civil right set forth in the US Constitution.

I am peacefully resisting these horrendous crimes against humanity to document the facts in my effort to resist this anti-American political movement; but I have no power to stop them from continuing and growing and spreading to other states, because these Nazi political group leaders are at Nazi St. Luke's Hospital [sic] and inside the government in the State of Nazi Idaho, including covertly in the Idaho State Judicial System.

Forensic analysis of the evidence shows that the said Nazi Idaho political group is covering their tracks with fraudulent medical and governmental records.

The Nazi St. Luke's Hospital has adapted their statewide computer network with unprecedented deceptive alterations of the Medical Records of all medical staff and all affiliated offices and agencies statewide; and, further, commands their county and state governments and Judicial System and assigns and contractors while covering their tracks with fraudulent medical records.

The Nazi St. Luke's Hospital is using unlabeled vials to alter lab work and manipulate the data and in loyal allegiance with their exclusive Nazi hospital pharmacy to lethally execute the victim slowly and covertly, to elicit blind cooperation with unsuspecting medical staff; and, further, fictionalizing the medical records with ongoing repetitive mesmerizing propaganda against the family to exterminate legal rights of family protection,  to explain why the victim is being held against their will, and all of which is coordinated with the County and State governments, and the Idaho Judicial system.

However, with all systems of unresisted disorder, patterns emerge, and truth has a way of slipping through the cracks of the covering to become visible.

Forensic analysis shows evidence of alterations, inconsistencies, altered changes in patterns of opinions, thoughts, beliefs, and other evidence; and, the emerging patterns identify the writers of the massive editing of the Medical Records; and, further, with remnants of patched alterations, identifies who altered the text and who are the operant deceivers.  

The method used by Nazi St. Luke's Hospital is similar to the method used by North Korea to kill their political enemies disguised as medical treatment. This physician-assisted homicide method was used to murder Otto Warmbier, the University of Virginia student, after he became a political prisoner in North Korea.

 *   *   *   *

Investigation by the US Federal government is our only hope.

*   *   *   *

No one cares about the elderly because, they tell me, "They are going to die soon anyways."

Idaho lawyers say, "There is no money in legally fighting for an elderly person."

 However, everyone has a right to live as long as God is willing and then to peacefully die a natural death under God.

But NOT to horrendously die an unwilling forced death under Man/Woman by Human Forcible Euthanasia commanded by Nazi St. Luke's Hospital and the State of Nazi Idaho.

Every elderly person has a legal right for their murderers to be prosecuted and to be stopped from committing further crimes against Humanity; and,

Every elderly person has a legal right to be protected and to live safely in their own home without fear of government invasion without due process of law.

This is our legally guaranteed Civil Rights under the United States Constitution no matter what our age.

This is not only for those with a certain income nor those of a certain age nor those of a certain race, but rather, civil rights are for ALL Americans with EQUAL
Wisdom Justice
under God.

Prejudiced Justice
under Man/Woman. 

However, there are no
United States Constitution
civil rights without any
enforcement of the
Bill of Rights.


But yet, where are those who enforce this?

Where are they?

*    *    *    *

No one is doing anything.

The silence is deafening.

*    *    *    *

It is all about money.

Lust for money generates systems of immorality.

Our healthcare system must not be based on money; and,

Our legal system must not be based on money;

 Otherwise, this is what happens.

No legal rights at all.

Today the elderly poor.

Tomorrow the wealthy.

The victims will be the elderly wealthy with large inheritable property and impatient beneficiaries.

However, at this point, those on Medicaid are being targeted because they cannot afford attorneys for protection, and Nazi St. Luke's Hospital commands the State to block the targeted poor from using Idaho Legal Aid Services who are also wrongfully involved.

However, don't think that just because you have a lot of money that you are safe.

The Nazi command center at Nazi St. Luke's Hospital is using in-home Nazi Hospice as their primary method of covert Human Forcible Euthanasia.

Those with a lot of money grow old, and, the corrupt one who stands to inherit your large estate could become impatient and simply contact Nazi St. Luke's Hospital to covertly hasten your death using in-home Hospice fully paid for by US Medicare funds.

The corrupt need not wait for the large inheritance when Nazi St. Luke's Hospital can illegally commit the homicide for you using opiod narcotic drug-induced coma and malnutrition and starvation in the covert privacy of your home, and no one will hear your
silent screams
as you cry out from your opiod drug-induced
catatonic state
unable to move
while you feel yourself slowly slipping away from life and knowing that they will get away with murder without any trial, without any investigation, without any prosecution, without any lawyers caring, without any concern by anyone in the world:

Except Me.

I Care.

Let me be the only one,
if I must, to speak out against the atrocity of
Human Forcible Euthanasia.

It must stop NOW!!

It is the Perfect Murder designed by Satan, the Wild Ape Mind.

Killing with warfare.

Killing with in-home Hospice.

Killing with Nazi St. Luke's Hospital [sic].

Killing with nurses.

Killing with highly educated physicians.

The Wild Ape Mind loves to kill.

But it is a coward who always chooses defenseless victims.

This gives the illusion of power and fame amongst the group members and establishes the Wild Ape Leaders.

It is the coward's wild display of Power for Fame.

Want a license to kill?
Get a job at Nazi St. Luke's Hospital in Nazi Idaho.

They have a license to kill:
Homicide, Genocide,
covertly kill:
anyone you don't like,
anyone without money,
anyone with money,
anyone with Alzheimer's
anyone sick,
anyone disabled,
anyone too skinny,
anyone too fat,
anyone who is foreign,
anyone who is not a Nazi.

Legal Homicide, Genocide.

Feeling Guilty?

Free endless supply of hospital certified pure opiod narcotics to remove all your guilt and enjoy endless hallucinations of Fame as a Nazi reborn to remove the weeds of diversity and establish a new genetically, designed by Satan, all white supreme Nazi Idaho potato race.

*   *   *   *

I am not eating any more White Supreme Nazi Idaho potatoes. I am diversifying in every way in deliberate disobedience to Nazi ideology.

*   *   *   *

My Precious Mother became the most valuable person on the face of the Earth, the first person being cured of Alzheimer's disease, and Nazi St. Luke's Hospital desperately wanted her body, and initiated covertly written propaganda on their computer system alleging that she was dying a natural death and needed immediate physician assistance to die because she had Alzheimer's disease.

But she was not dying and was very healthy and was very happy and was beginning to speak sentences again and was responding to words even from the television and was eating full meals and was able to walk and loved going with me to the nature trail by our home and was able to see doctors as an outpatient and was not ready to die.

Nazi St. Luke's Hospital first attempted to forcibly euthanize my Mother in our home using a Nazi St. Luke's Hospital affiliated Nazi Hospice with their doctors and nurses funded by Federal Medicare funds.

I refused.

Thereafter they entered our home with a key, and, violently with weapons and screaming, took my Precious Mother from the dinner table and bound her and carried her away to Nazi St. Luke's Hospital to be forcibly euthanized using opiod narcotics and other lethal drugs, malnutrition, starvation, brutal internal injuries, and external injuries, painful and cruel experiments . . . by over 50 doctors and nurses, et al., (at enormous hospital charges fully paid by you the Federal taxpayers), and eliciting cooperation of everyone with coordinated attacks of massively fraudulent medical records filled with propaganda, lies, and deception.

This was a military operation.

*   *   *   *

Domestic Terrorism.

*   *   *   *

This is a new species of Covert Warfare.

This is the destruction of Democracy in America.

This is the government inside the government.

This is the government of non-elected officials slowly moving within to overthrow Democracy while permeating every facet of society: schools, homes, churches, and others, to be mesmerized to support and defend Nazi ideology, by actions and beliefs rather than by their name:

This is a non-elected covert government operating within the elected government.

The Nazi government dictating commands inside while using the US government as a mask.

Further, there is a Nazi hospital covertly within a hospital.

Only two at St. Luke's Hospital refused to participate on ethical grounds as shown written in the Medical Records.
God Bless Them.

*   *   *   *

Sometimes an entire society can be corrupt.

*   *   *   *

That is why your Virtues must be
individually achieved,
not as a group.

God speaks
 directly to

And does so through
BacterVira (stem cells),
the living computers
of God.

*   *   *   *

All of these horrendous Human Rights violations were paid by
the Federal taxpayers,
United States
Federal Medicare

*   *   *   *

The evidence shows that the perpetrators are a large political group with allegiance to Nazi ideology, and have grown a branch of the physician-assisted Death with Dignity suicide cult who branched into a homicide cult, and, together, they have formed an illegal anti-American Nazi political group forcibly euthanizing those (wrongly) deemed unfit to live in the White Supremist State of Nazi Idaho.

*   *   *   *

Genocide. Homicide.


Anyone not a Nazi dies.

*   *   *   *

Nazi St. Luke's Hospital
Nazi Hospice Murder

They are using hidden, covert, in-home Nazi Hospice murder commanded by Nazi St. Luke's Hospital, and anyone refusing this Nazi ideology is forcibly taken to be murdered disguised as medical treatment at Nazi St. Luke's Hospital [sic].

*   *   *   *

This is premeditated murder by a political cult.

*   *   *   *

During World War II, the Nazi movement began in Germany within the government and was supported by highly educated physicians who initiated atrocities of the Nazi political movement with forcible euthanasia of those (wrongly) deemed unfit to live, and taking selected citizens from their homes, and then, being unresisted, escalating to further unconscionable acts of crimes against Humanity: mentally ill, homosexuals, disabled, deformed, diseased, and the majority of the victims were the Jews.

The exact same pattern is unfolding as shown in the facts and incontrovertible prima facie evidence in this case, and, without a doubt, in many cases before, and, consequently, will lead to the same result if not stopped


*   *   *   *

Where am I failing?

What words am I lacking?

*   *   *   *

What did the world do to stop the atrocities when they knew or should have known the facts and the evidence?


Not until it massively grew to unthinkable crimes against Humanity.



While the world ignored the cries for help, just like the world is doing in this case.

Unthinkable Nazi atrocities all over again.

You see it growing, building, and becoming so massive that it is in the largest hospital in Idaho and in the County and in the State and even in the Judicial System.

This did not happen over night.

It took a long time for it to grow this massively.

This is fully home grown Nazism.

Flourishing and spreading their genetically white supreme Nazi toxic seeds throughout America to kill all of the weeds of Democracy.

The root is growing underground.

It was invisible, but God moved to make it visible through my Mother, the one chosen by God to be the first to become cured of Alzheimer's disease.

God made those hidden to become visible for a reason.

Should you look away from what God has revealed?

Should you wait until it grows so large that it reaches your doorstep?

Nazism beginning all over again!

And society is responding the same way all over again.

You cannot progress into the future life of survival order unless you first securely sustain resistance to the past anti-life death disorders or you will be pulled back into the past, repeating the same wars over and over again,
ad infinitum.

*   *   *   *

It is not The War that will end all wars.

It is The Peace that will end all wars.

The Peace is in the Future.

Not the Past.

We must Progress in Time.

Not go Back in Time.

We must solve problems in

Wisdom Peace.

Not War.

*   *   *   *

Our government is effectively closed to all except the wealthy.

Yet it will reach the doorstep of the wealthy but deemed unfit along with the elderly, and then others, as it did in the Nazi past.

To look away is to repeat what society did in the past.

This  time we have to do it right.

We have to accept reality and peacefully resist disorder.

*   *   *   *

I am an eye witness. I saw it. I read every horrible written detail in the Medical Records. I saw the pictures of this atrocity. I spoke with the Nazi doctors and nurses who openly admitted it . . . .

I am an Eye Witness.

I have a moral obligation to speak out against it.

And beyond that, it is in your hands.

And I place all of my memories of this atrocity in God's hands.

And I know that God will move someone of authority to peacefully resist this Nazi political movement.

I am clear.

I have Empathy.

I have Compassion.

I have Wisdom Virtues
that I daily maintain and improve with
Strength and Honor.

Strengthening myself
Honor for God.

And God is With Me
as evidenced by the profound revelations that God gives me daily.

The Wisdom is flowing like an ocean in me. God is teaching me theories on cures for diseases, and I have to study textbooks on things that I have never known before so that I can understand what God is teaching me.

And God opened all seven seals and revealed the Original Holy Bible.

I have difficulty keeping up with all of the Wisdom that God reveals to me daily.

God is With Me.

The Wisdom Force is With Me.

And I am doing the best I can each day.

I am just a simple Priest.

I am the least of all of you.

Even more will God bless you who achieve your Wisdom Virtues and give birth (awaken) to the Wisdom Mind within you.

And tame the Wild Ape Mind.

My tamed Ape Mind has powerful instincts and senses that amaze me.

Look at a dog who can sense by smell what is inside of closed suitcase.

What more can God give to humans than God has given to dogs.

I am in awe.

Since me, then you also.

*   *   *   *

We, as a society, have a tendency to wait until problems become very large and then turn to violence to solve the problems.

However, to solve a problem peacefully, you have to stop it when it starts, and patiently take time to resist in Wisdom Peace.

The evidence shows that these human rights violations in Nazi Idaho have been going on a long time and there are many people involved; and, since the leaders are fame-competitors, it is quite certainly growing underground nationally. 

How many elderly and others (wrongly) deemed unfit to live will have to be forcibly euthanized without protection before someone of authority peacefully stops them.

These anti-American illegal crimes against Humanity are being fully paid for by you, the taxpayers, with your Federal Medicare funds. You are paying Federal taxes to support a huge, growing, Nazi military and paying for all their wealthy luxuries, and, paying all those who give allegiance to them.

It is your money.

I am refusing to pay.

And I am in a court battle right now where I am refusing to pay one of the perpetrators. It is in the Idaho Supreme Court. And after that, I will appeal to the US Supreme Court.

But I will NOT pay the criminals who murdered and/or participated in the political murder of my Precious Mother.

The State of Nazi Idaho is corrupt.

*   *   *   *

Deliberate Disobedience

*   *   *   *

The evidence and testimonies show that the said Nazi Idaho political group has committed similar illegal acts from within the government under color of law many times before and quite certainly will continue unless someone with authority in the Federal government stops them and peacefully brings them to
Wisdom Justice.

*    *    *    *

Remember that the default state is disorder. Anger and violence act as a catalyst for change, but such change is only temporary like a band-aid. It is not a solution to the problem because it ignores the cause and effect that, without sustained resistance, always return like clockwork.

*   *   *   *

Cause and Effect

*   *   *   *

Any enemy of God is an enemy of Mine.

God is an enemy of Satan.

I am an enemy of Satan.

I am an enemy of The State of Nazi Idaho and The Anti-Christ Nazi St. Luke's Hospital [sic].

We need to learn how to solve problems against our enemies, not beat them up with violence that releases self-destructive toxins like anger.

Humans are like bees who sting and then die. We get sick when we even think about hate and allow the toxins of angry feelings to arise into our conscious thoughts.

And we get more sick when we allow these feelings to incite angry acts of emotions.

Because we were not designed to solve problems with destructive, toxic thoughts and emotions. The Wild Ape can, but not Humans.

*   *   *   *

Peace Resist with Deliberate Disobedience.

*   *   *   *

It is essential to the Strength and Honor of the ultimate highest level of Virtues to learn how to Peace Resist with Deliberate Disobedience to wrongful acts committed by a corrupt government or a large number of people in society.

Otherwise, your enemies use your angry emotions as your own weapons turned against you and takes the focus away from them and onto you and your angry emotions.

This strategy is used by attorneys in the courtroom.

When you remain peaceful and calm, the enemy has no weapon but their own and all eyes are on the enemy and their wrongful acts.

To effectively solve problems long-term it requires all Wisdom Virtues working together including a great deal of patience of actions and empathy as an antidote for anger; and, further, the solution must be maintained because otherwise it will slip back into the default state of disorder.

Life is a resistant force remaining in the order of Peace Resist and Deliberate Disobedience to the default force of disorder.

*   *   *   *

Life is Order and only exists as long as it resists Disorder.

*   *   *   *

But it cannot destroy it.

Order cannot destroy Disorder.

When you use disorder as a catalyst to solve problems you are merely exchanging one species of disorder for another species of disorder and thus remaining all the time in the state of disorder.

It becomes a never-ending game battling between the teams of X Disorder and Y Disorder to see which Disorder is strongest. This is the Protocol of the Wild Ape Mind.

*   *   *   *

Fame Competition

*   *   *   *

Do not become a Fame Competitor.

This is not a solution to the problem in real time and you will notice that the Wild Ape morphed into Humans because Life was designed, made and became better.

Life became civilized.

Or at least is designed to be civilized.

But not yet functioning as designed.

That is why we are having problems and falling back into Disorder, which results in the unintentional death of

We can survive better than Wild Apes in a civilized society.

But we have to let go of our past and envision the future, and then, design, make and become the reality of the future.

Everybody worldwide is looking to the past for all one's designs. Even the Original Holy Bible tells us that we must pick up where they left off and continue writing the story of Life with everything new.

The new is in the future, not the past.

Yet we cannot let go of the past because we must sustain resistance to all past disorder in our quest to secure our intended new benefits in the future designs.

The Wild Apes were designed for the Wild Jungle during a time when everything was lawless and uncivilized. Yet we still have the Wild Ape Mind within each of us until we tame it.

We were made to solve problems mathematically not with Wild Ape emotions.

You do not solve Disorder with Disorder.

Disorder is a catalyst for change, but thereafter you have to design, make and become the change.

You have to emerge out of disorder by effectively using mathematical methods of resistive order.  

Anger obfuscates and obscures the solution with a dense mental fog, and the Ape Mind instincts take over the Self functions with wild emotions that block all attempts to think with logic.

*   *   *   *

The Ape Mind does not comprehend logic.

*   *   *   *

The Ape Mind only understands the Language of Symbolism.

That is why the Holy Bible is written in Symbolism.

That is why Jesus Christ spoke in Symbolism.

Learn it.

Understand it.

Your Ape Mind does.

The antidote for anger focuses on the Virtues of Patience and Empathy while working on the other virtues to solve the problem.

Once your begin to feel sorry for your enemy then the anger snake bite begins to heal.

You have heard the theory that we have all evomorphed from Apes. But did you ever think about who the Ape evomorphed from?

Read the beginning scriptures in Genesis in your Bible. It is clearly written as revealed by God. See if you can figure it out. 

Thus, feeling sorry for your enemy with empathy and peacefully resisting with patience and all your Wisdom Virtues working together is the Wisdom Peace Way that leads to the solution, and you must not abandon the Pathway of Life designed by God. You must solve the problem with your best ability in Wisdom Virtues or you will suffer with repressed anxiety disorders.

*   *   *   *

Human or Hairless Ape

*   *   *   *

We are blessed by God with a profound Human mind but most of us are thinking exclusively with the Ape Mind.

Most of us are Hairless Apes struggling to become Human.

Yet is does not stop there.

Humankind is only the Intermediary Stage of our designed evomorph.

We will become yet the  profound

We have a complex design as Humans, and, this is only the Intermediary Stage of our evomorph. We are being designed further to become Wisdomkind. We suffer whenever, in our thinking and behavior, we fall back on the Wild Ape species design, but we find peace when we move forward with the Wisdomkind species design.

Then the pathway is open and the fog dissipates and your thoughts become clear to solve the problem with mathematical precision using all of your Wisdom Virtues.

However, it must be maintained or you will slip back into the default state of disorder all over again.

Everything in God the Universe Womb functions in multiples of two or one plus a decimal fraction.

Remember This: Order and Disorder are the opposite con-joined twins who can never function independently.

Satan uses Order as a disguise to mesmerize you into following patterns of disorder. Think about this when you study your Bible scriptures.


*    *    *    *

In Honor of my Precious Mother


In Honor of Human Rights


I dedicate my

Fast and Prayer Meditation for Wisdom Justice


every nation



Wisdom Peace.

We are living in this world together at this point in time, and, let us do our Fast and Prayer Meditation together as One Nation under God.

Each one of us was handmade by God and we were each intended to be here and to be alive and to be happy and to solve our problems in Wisdom Peace.

And to live and die under God's power and authority.

You know what is right and what is wrong because God designed you to know.

Stay on the Wisdom Peace Way and move forward not backward.

Look into the future that is ahead of you and live like you've never lived before.

Break the Sound Barrier with Light Warp Speed Ahead.

Live with a Purpose and fulfill all your Wisdom Peace dreams that God designed and intended specifically for you and personally chose you to be given these gifts and you have received them and all you have to do is open them and use them to unlock your profound Wisdom Gifts.

Have you opened your Wisdom Gifts from God yet?

Are they still sitting under the Wisdom Tree?

These are your real Christmas presents under the Wisdom Tree of Life.

When you open your real presents you will begin living in the real world that God designed.

We are the Worldwide Family under God.

And we are brothers and sisters who take care of each other in God the Universe Womb.

May the Wisdom Force Be With You.

Wisdom Peace,

Priest Chérie


*    *    *    *

Help Stop
Human Forcible Euthanasia

More Details

Beam Me

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November 17 - December 10




December 6




I Hope I am Not Alone.



*   *   *   *





*    *    *    *






Human Rights Day is

December 10, 2019.



*    *    *    *


I invite you to join this

Fast and Prayer Meditation



Four Days of Human Rights


during the

last four days of my Fast on

December 7-10, 2019.


*    *    *    *









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December 7

December 8

December 9

December 10


*   *   *   *


Beginning 12:01 am

on the morning of

December 7, 2019,

(one minute
after December 6 midnight)


ending at midnight on

 December 10, 2019.


*   *   *   *


Stoic Priests

must Fast for at least one day longer.


*    *    *    *

Everyone Must

Follow the Fasting Protocol

unless you have Fasted before

and have experienced

knowledge on Fasting.



*    *    *    *    *    *


Fasting Protocol

Beam Me

(See important update.)

*    *    *    *    *    *


Ending Your Fast

Beam Me


*    *    *    *    *    *


Since Jesus Christ was born

and became the new

Quantumaria Life Architect

you have had two new souls.


Now you need a

Virtuous Mind

to awaken them.


*    *    *    *    *    *


The Souls

Beam Me


*    *    *    *    *    *













Journal of the
Stoic Academy of Research Scholars

Compendium of Wisdom

ISSN:  1094-7094
Copyright © Chérie Phillips. All Rights Reserved.
Since 1996

These are Hypotheses and Theories based on research methods of
mathematical science,
and, thus, are subject to change as further scientific evidence is discovered.


*   *   *   *

When you open the Holy Bible

you see words.

When I open the Holy Bible

I see codes.


*   *   *   *



Priest Chérie

*   *   *   *

Rev. Chérie Phillips
Stoic Priest

Stoic Church of Philosophy

Wisdom Peace Temple

*   *   *   *

This is my drawing board. Nothing is final ever.

*   *   *   *


LDova is my personal name for the Wisdom Forces (Holy Spirits).

You are welcome to use this name or choose your own.

*   *   *   *

The word, God, is a mask and is used similarly in your translation to the word, Lord, to cover-up the real sacred name of God, that will be revealed to you yet.

The word, Lord God, should be read as Lord, not God. The word, God, is covering up the last name of the Lord, since there were many.



These hypotheses and theories may be inconsistent and chaotic at times.

Everything is subject to change yet.

Science must never be controlled by a political motive nor historical nor belief nor social nor other motives but solely Truth.

The ability to seek Truth without fear is Strength and Honor.

Religious beliefs must not come from humans but must solely come from God.

Religion must be based on Science because Science is the mathematical Truth of God.

The Original Holy Bible states in the Universal Language of Symbolism that the one act of Creation of God was The Astronomic Architect using the first part of the Mathematical Laws of Physics to design, make and become all matter;

And who gave birth to her daughter, The Quantumaria Architect of the second part of the Mathematical Laws of Physics to design, make and become all Life from the microscopic realm;

And, the microscopic realm of the Quantumaria is our home.

We are governed by the Mathematical Universal Laws of Physics that completes the Universal Mathematics that has not yet been fully computed by mathematicians, for there is a link-gap that connects the infinitely large with the infinitely small and when deciphered it will become yet the complete Universal Mathematics of the Theory of Everything.

It is possible that our denial of who we are and where we came from and why we are here has concealed the link-gap in mathematics that will only be visible when we remove the boulder of human fame-seeking self-glory of what I want but not what is and thus humbly allow the stream of Truth to flow freely. 

And, thus, you are briefly travelling through spacetime in the middle dimension, but must return home to the Quantumaria where you are made into all different forms of lifekind, recycled again and again;

And, yet, with each new birth, you become stronger and better, and, each of us are a uniqly beautiful artwork, one-of-of-kind, designed and made from the Womb of our Mother, and thus you become yet living again and again;

And as long as there is life, you can never be created nor destroyed, since you become all life, and all different life forms in the magnificent
Circle of Lifekinds.

Our permanent home is microscopic
and originally called Nether Land, and thereafter called, our Heaven, symbolized by the Egyptian nye flute, As L'Dova revealed it to me with the name in scientific terms:

The Land of the Quantumaria Architect:

*    *    *    *    *    *


*    *    *    *    *    *

Two Heavens:

The Astronomic Heaven of all non-living matter.

The Quantumaria Heaven of all Life: Our Home.




All Seven Seals are open.

The Original Word of God is being returned to us.

The Second Becoming (Coming) of Jesus Christ is occurring now.

We are participating in the First Resurrection Code to receive the Mark of God according to the instructions in the Book of Revelation.

(See, First Resurrection Code in the Control Panel.)

Be With Us or Be Left Behind.





The CHINESE wrote
The Original Holy Bible.

Extensive Verification Codes have been found in the original scriptures confirming that the Chinese wrote the Original Holy Bible that I am now excavating under the command of the Wisdom Forces (Holy Spirits).



The Stoic Religion
24 years

Founded July 4, 1995
July 17, 4995 U

Scientific Truth
in the
Language of Logic.




The name, Saturday, has been changed to Rest Day, Sabbath, in the Universal Calendar to remind us to take this very important day of rest designed by God just for you.

This also includes ministers, priests, and others.

Preaching is hard work, not rest.

Thus, your outside Worship Day, when you go to church, should be a different day from your home Rest Day.

If your religion requires you to go to church on Saturday, then honor the doctrine of your chosen religion and rest before and after church.




Every day should begin with your Worship Time at home, and, thus, every morning should begin in prayer and meditation, alone, in your own private space.






Compassion, Not Love

Pray for Healing Changes, Not Blessings

For God, Not Forgive

*   *   *

You should Love God
Not Satan!

To Bless Satan, we would
pray for Satan to be successful!


*   *   *   *

Beam Me





Sin means Chinese in the original Biblical sacred word.

The use of the word, Sin, began as political jealousy against the Chinese authors of the original Holy Bible.

Those of us who want to be religious in Truth and not to be used as political puppets, then we should use a word without prejudice to describe wrongful acts, such as bad or wrongful or adamil and evil, or such other word.





*   *   *   *

The space ship in the
Descent of Tortoise
is an actual photograph
of a
REAL object
in the sky.

*   *   *   *

"Captain, we must not let the
Hairless Apes know
our secret of
Molecular Expansion

*   *   *   *


Can you figure out what is the object in this photograph?




Not a balloon.

Not anything known to be
human made.

You will know it by its name.

It is a . . . .


Beam Me



*   *   *   *




This is an important name that originated in the Holy Bible and will be made known to you later along with the full meaning of LAM that is in the Holy Quran.


Essenes = The Chinese


Sadducee = Debt Collector for Merchants


Pharisee = Farsi = Persian


is an important name that originated in the Holy Bible.


Holy Spirits = Buddha (plural name, spirits-light, Light Spirits) now within all Life forms (instead of outside), but only activated when one becomes Virtuous (Righteous)
(see, Exodus 3:14) Not "I am who I am," but rather, "Buddha" is the name to be remembered for generations of generations, forever.


The writers of the Holy Bible, during the Exodus from Egypt, first journeyed to the Black Sea (not the Red Sea).  Then, they changed their direction and followed the ocean border of Iran and then to India and then to Tibet.

Apparently, this very long route was to protect their identity by making their destination unknown, and, they most probably journeyed on well-established trade routes.

This is why both Persia and India were highly influenced by the Holy Bible as you will more fully see.

The final books of the Holy Bible, the Gospels (which have since been Romanized and modernized), which are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, are indelibly connected to the Old Testament.

The Holy Bible architecture simulates God's mathematical protocol, two acting as one. or multiples of two or one plus a decimal.

The Holy Bible is apparently the origin of Buddhism.

There is much more that the Holy Bible teaches. Its full functions will be made known to you yet. 


In the Original Holy Bible:

The practice of NOT using God's name is evidently because God's name is FEMININE.

You do NOT know God's name even though the Holy Bible states for you to call on God by NAME.

There is NO word, God, nor any word, Lord, in the Holy Bible, but rather, translators use these words to cover-up the feminine name of God and the numerous names of the Lord.

In the Book of Isaiah, whose name is "Joshua," the name of the Lord translates "Moth" and is intended to communicate that the Lord in that Book is actually like the Moth who destroys your fabric and is the destructive Lord from the family of Satan (Ape Mind).

By covering up the words, your translators covered up the intended meanings throughout the Holy Bible.

Nevertheless, your ministers do a good job of siphoning out the good text, but that is not the purpose of the Holy Bible. You will never learn to achieve the Mind of Jesus Christ until you properly study the Holy Bible by discerning all the scriptures, and interactively looking for deception, and so forth.

This simulation of life hardships and deception will prepare you for dealing with life in real time.

The reason so many of us fall apart when problems arise is because we have not achieved our Wisdom Virtues and have not tested our knowledge with simulation of events by properly studying the Holy Bible interactively.   

(See, First Resurrection Code at this website to learn how to study the Holy Bible and to prepare for the Second Becoming/Coming that is occurring now.)

You will notice throughout the Holy Bible that all wrongful actions of the family of Satan are accompanied by beautiful scriptures, and, thus, to warn the reader that Satan is a deceiver who conceals teachings of immorality by mixing them with beautiful religious teachings.

Religion is the number one method of the practice of Satan who is the Ape Mind who will not let go of us because, this is necessarily a part of our morph from the wild ape; however, it is an unintended consequence that we must learn to overcome by functioning from a strong virtuous conscious mind instead of allowing our ape mind to continue functioning as the self.

You MUST construct the SELF and you do so automatically, but you need to intelligently and logically learn to reconstruct the conscious SELF with the Wisdom Virtues of Jesus Christ.

Otherwise, if you do not reconstruct the conscious SELF, then your are functioning with the WEAK default Self that SUBMITS as if it were NOT there and the nonconscious Ape Mind or some leader outside of you will control you.

Be weary and cautious of religious leaders who use hypnotism, such as repeating things over and over, unless you agree to what is being said first through logical analysis. You may try to resist consciously, but it is your nonconscious Ape Mind that actually gets hypnotized even without your conscious awareness.

Your ability to construct the SELF is God's method of allowing us to overcome the unintended consequences of our morph from the Wild Ape.

We would have known this long ago had the Original Holy Bible and the accompanying oral teachings been available to us before now.

There are few ministers who know how to properly interpret the scriptures, and, one who does, always has a large following. But you also need to learn how to do it yourself.

The conscious SELF Mind was intentionally designed by God's BacterVira to be malleable because it must be constructed by your Wisdom Virtues.

We DID come with instructions, but they have been hidden from us by those who want us to worship the human leaders. The Pharaoh never dies and seeks the power of God by deceiving to be God but is not.

Further, in the alleged translations (which were actually severely altered or new text added), most or all about a lady were changed to masculine and most instances stating anything about a lady was changed to "harlot" or characterized her as having loose morals, but which was NOT actually in the scriptures.

For instance see if you can find the lady in the beginning of the  Book of Joshua who was stated to be a "harlot," however, actually, it states that she was a gardener and that is why she had palm trees on her balcony. 

The SAME word used for "woman" throughout the scriptures is a part of God's FULL name. That part literally translates:  "Life-Womb."

GOD is the Magnificent Universe Womb.

(The exact full sacred name of God will be revealed to you yet.)

*   *   *   *


Israel = Ashra-el = Adam Ashra Family

(see, Genesis 2:7, Adam Ashra is the Life Blood Earth-top-soil, from which all life is made and in which all life returns. He is Father Adam Earth. Your translation may have covered his name.)

*   *   *   *


Tibet = the new Jerusalem
(with the highest mountains on Earth)

*   *   *   *


China Dao (Tao) (China Light, chi-of-us light, Light Chi of us) (Eve), Princess Nature
(NEW FULL NAME to be revealed to you yet.)

*   *   *   *

Human = Asia = Life

Humans are ALL Life
recycled into different forms.

*   *   *   *


Mary is the Mind of God the Universe Womb.

Mary = Most High = Elohim = LAM


FIRST Mary Image:

Mary is God's Astronomic Architect, the designer of the Laws of Physics, and is the Mathematical Mind of God.
(Mary is her Roman name.)

Mary is God's ONE act of Creation. She is the Womb of all Molecules and Forces (Lamas) that design, make and become all matter.

Mary saved us from the Genesis Curse by designing a Daughter Architect, China Light (Jesus Christ).

 Mary designed the Laws of Physics for the cells of all Life distinctly different from the Physics for Molecules.


SECOND Mary Image:

With the Womb and Egg and Human Form designed by the Mind of God, the human Mary gave birth to China Light to save all Life from the Genesis Curse.

China Light is the daughter Womb of all Life and BacterVira (stem cells) that design, make and become the cells of all Life.


THIRD Mary Image:

Mary and Joseph = Wisdom Mind (Holy Spirits, Wisdom Forces, male and femelle/female)

Mary and Joseph are their Roman names,  not original.

Mary and Joseph became the Wisdom Mind that hears our prayers and guides us, and is the Buddha (Light Spirits) that are born when we achieve our Virtues and build and become the Virtuous Self Mind in our thoughts and actions, and when we maintain our Virtues with daily efforts.

The Wisdom Mind is interactive. We communicate with Mary and Joseph during our prayers, and in meditation, and in some dreams.

When you become Virtuous then you give birth to the Wisdom Mind (born again).

*   *   *   *


Those who become Virtuous are called Angel (China-Family). The Human form of  China Light (Jesus Christ) is the Model of our Virtues with her two souls of male and femelle/female in each of us.

*   *   *   *


Genti Family
(see Qumran text called Kittim)

The Family of Terror
Any life form that is very bad in human and non-human forms.

Also called the Family of Satan, meaning Snake Heaven Flyers or Bad Dragons.

(There are good dragons and bad dragons.)

They are the family of the flying geni from the gehenna hellfires in the center of the Earth, burning souls of terror or causing diseases or earthquakes or flying above from the astronomic disasters, such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

*   *   *   *


China Light is Mother Nature and is the Princess of the Nether World of the microscopic realm.

(See, Catholic Bible, Rev. 1:18, and some Asian Bibles keep the original name "Nether World.")

(The realm of the BacterVira, stem cells.)

We are designed, made and become living from the microscopic Nether World.

Every human begins one's life as a fertilized egg.

When you die, you return to the Nether World.

The other life forms begin similarly as seeds, eggs, and so forth and return to the same place, the microscopic Nether World, which is Heaven.

This is the realm of the BacterVira (stem cells). ALL living things begin life in the Nether World, Heaven, and the body and soul return to the Nether World to be recycled into all the different living things in the Circle of Life.


The body decomposes into various forms of matter and crude oil in the living soil. (Not the same as oil manufactured by living plants.)

The crude oil is the "LIFE OIL," and, it is referred to as the "anointed" oil of Life in the Holy Bible.

This is the oil that Jesus Christ was anointed with in the Holy Bible.

This is why, from a religious perspective, we should NOT use crude oil (also called fossilized oil, fuel oil) because this is the substance that our loved ones and all of us decompose into and from which the BacterVira make new life.

Every living thing turns into this crude/fossil oil upon death.


We must promote the electric car now that we know the Truth.

We need to respect fossil/crude oil as we respect the living top-soil since this is the living part of all Life and thus the living part of all of us and all our loved ones.

The popular claim that SOME life does not go to Heaven is false. Everything comes from Heaven and everything returns to Heaven/Nether World.

Most translations erroneously translate "Nether" as "Hell" or "Hades" or "Sheol." However, it is properly translated as "Heaven" or just leave it as "Nether" since we now know its meaning.

Five Thousand years ago, our ancestors knew this, but it was covered up.

Most people worldwide are mesmerized by lies and deceit coming from false religious interpretations of Bibles. This is why you have to read the Holy Bible and study it yourself, individually.

Every life form begins life in the microscopic realm of the Nether World, which is Heaven, and returns to the Nether World upon death, which is Heaven.

*   *   *   *


*Unnatural Exposure to Worldwide Problems

*10-Minute Yeast-Free Flat Bread


Beam Me



In 2007, the Wisdom Code of Genesis II,
became one of the most widely read
Wisdom Codes worldwide
resulting in the widespread use of the term, MORPH.

This was revealed to me by L'Dova
(Holy Spirit,
Wisdom Force)
as I typed with my eyes closed:




INFINITY has no beginning and no end,
And the infinite Force is infinity,
And the infinite Force is the Grand Unified Force.

2 The Grand Unified Force has two states:
The anabolic state that creates forces,
Thus it morphs and coalesces,
And the catabolic state that destroys forces,
Thus it breaks down and recycles different forces.

3 The U-Force morphs into a diversity of forces,
And this morphing is metamorphosis,
And metamorphosis is the process of changing,
As one or more forces morph into another force.

Beam Me

*    *   *   *

See all of the Books in the 2007 volume:

Wisdom Bible, v2, 2007, V

Beam Me

*   *   *



Since Jesus Christ died
everyone after that who is born
lived a Virtuous
previous life.

Otherwise, they would not
 be born.

No one is paying for any previous life wrongdoings.

There are NO different classes of people. We are ALL children of God now.

Thus, Jesus Christ ended all Karma. Those who do not have the Mark of God are not being born again, but become the inert dust of the Earth.

All Life must be treated equally without discrimination. Each new generation is tested for Virtues.

The measure is in the patterns of mathematical order that all systems of Life must achieve and must also maintain.

Life is designed for the strong. Make yourself stronger each day and honor all Life.


*   *   *   *


The translations of the Holy Bible have new text not in the Holy Bible.

*   *   *   *


There is nothing in the Holy Bible about humans being made in the image of God. It states that the BLOOD of all LIFE was made in the IMAGE of God.

Water is God's purified blood.

*   *   *   *


The Holy Bible says nothing about humans having dominion over all life. It states that BLOOD flows through all Life.

*   *   *   *


There is nothing about witches in the Holy Bible. The biblical reference cited was new text written in translations only.


The Holy Bible is the Scientific Truth of Universal Mathematical Certainty written in the Language of Symbolism to be understood by everyone in the Universe.


The main theme throughout the Holy Bible is evolution and metamorphosis. It describes how one thing becomes another and that all things originated with God the Universe Womb.

The whole concept of being saved by our own changes and the changes in our design and the Becoming/Coming of Jesus Christ is based on evolution and metamorphoses.

(I simply call this Evomorph or Morph).


God the Universe Womb is destroying the souls of all life forms of Terror.

The operant code is Terror, the nature of the 666 Beast described in the Book of Revelation.

The tree in the Book of Genesis was NOT the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad, but rather, it was the "Tree of the Spirits of Terror."

When Adam and China (Eve) ate the forbidden fruit (souls), they, and all humanity, were punished with the Genesis Curse of pain and suffering from the Terror Soul seeds planted within all life from that moment until now.


The return of the Original Holy Bible by God opening the Seven Seals and revealing the Protocol of The Second Becoming (Coming) is evidence that it is activated NOW and all that was stated in the Holy Bible is now occurring.

All religions worldwide will be affected because there is NO religion of God that teaches us to act with Terror. Every Bible of every true religion worldwide in the diversity of God only teaches us to be Virtuous. God made different religions because diversity is part of God's nature.

God is Perfect.

We need to search for God's Way because the Human's Way is made from lies, deception and destruction.

Those who act with Wisdom Virtues and have the Wisdom Mind activated, being the Mark of God, will be saved, without any concern for which religion of God you are practicing. It is you the individual who must transform.

This is not easy. It requires daily efforts.

Disorder is easy. Do nothing and you will function with disorder by default.

Those who act with Terror will be eternally destroyed by God.

God the Universe Womb is now destroying all souls who function with the Fruit of the Tree of the Spirits of Terror.

The permanent death by extinction of those souls of Terror will remove the Genesis Curse.

This is stated in the Language of Symbolism and means that we are living in a period of extremely high evomorph as explained in the First Resurrection Code (see book above).

The writers of the Original Holy Bible were Architects with profound mathematical and technical knowledge and Wisdom from God. In addition to being Architects, they were Mathematicians, Engineers, and Inventors, and,  further, they were chosen by God to write the Original Holy Bible.

With the forewarning knowledge set forth in the Holy Bible, we have a chance to be saved, no matter what our past errors of wrongdoings, by transforming our minds, beginning immediately.

We were made with instructions, but they had been covered by those who did not understand the advanced mathematical Wisdom from God.

By your own Free Will, those who participate in the First Resurrection will be saved by having the Mark of God.

(See, the First Resurrection Code in the Control Panel above.)

Thus, you will be granted the right to replace the Death Cross with the two Life Crosses, (souls of the two spirits, male and femelle (female) of the Wisdom Mind that is the Eternal Light that never dies.

Further, you will become the new life form that knows no more pain and suffering from this Intermediary Stage of our evomorph. Instead, you will have profound powers and become the intended species in final form, Wisdomkind.

Those who choose NOT to participate will NOT have the Mark of God and thus will be Left Behind and will become the inert dust of the Earth never to know life again.

Terror is becoming extinct by Command of God the Magnificent Living Universe.

Fear the One
who can

*   *   *   *

The name
found in the
Original Holy Bible

This is a
Very Important Name
in the Holy Scriptures and
shows the
relationship between
China and Korea.

Further, we now know
what most certainly is
The ORIGINAL Meaning
of the name


ACTS through JUDE

The books Acts through Jude are merely commentaries, but NOT a part of the Holy Bible. They are prejudiced and promote corruption, and were written about 1611 by those who erroneously interpreted the gospels to conform to their concealed text, changes, and new text in your translations, and, thus, are highly deceptive, and, mesmerizing.


Acts through Jude were written with the intent to be mesmerizing, controlling, and, persuasive interpretation, but which lead you terribly astray. Thus, these books should only be read LAST, after you participate in the First Resurrection Code and have become the Mind of Jesus Christ.

In the New Testament, only read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and, the Book of Revelation) until after you become the Mind of Jesus Christ.

Remember that Satan mixes good with the bad as the method of deception.

Satan never functions as totally bad but entices you with good that mesmerizes you to then listen to the bad.

You need to understand how easily your inner ape mind (nonconscious) can be mesmerized even when you resist consciously. Only when you tame your inner ape mind by becoming the Virtuous Mind of Jesus Christ and awakening the Wisdom Mind (Buddha) will you be able to resist being mesmerized.


The claim that the death of Jesus Christ saved you from all your wrong and guilt, and that you only have to BELIEVE in Jesus Christ and you will be saved from your wrongdoings and guilt is NONSENSE and FALSE.

Further, this LIE will lead to the complete destruction of your soul.

You can NOT be saved merely by believing that Christ died for your wrongdoings. This is common sense. However, this mesmerizing belief is leading to worldwide corruption.

There is much more very harmful interpretations in the commentaries (Acts through Jude books in your translations).

You have to REPENT for all your wrong and you have to become Virtuous to be saved. This requires enormous daily effort and you will then receive the Mark of God for your soul to be saved and recycled back into life again.

Remember that disorder is the default function. Do nothing and you will be bad. It requires effort to be good.

The Holy Bible tells us that those who are bad are NOT recycled, because they FAILED the test of life, but are discarded into the inert dust of the Earth, never to know life again. But, whether good or bad, we ALL return to the Nether World, Heaven.

But the bad do NOT rise again as this is the process of evomorph (evolution and metamorphoses) that rids life of bad designs which is the major covered-up theme in the translations of the Holy Bible.

Jesus Christ/China Light is the new Life Architect, the designer of the Laws of Physics of all Life.

Jesus Christ/China Light is the ruler of the Nether World, which is Heaven, the microscopic world that is our permanent home and where there is no pain and suffering since the nervous system is only in multi-cellular life forms that we are made into.





*   *   *   *






Storm has
lesser adverse effect
you are prepared.

*   *   *   *

Defend yourself
by being prepared
staying calm
in the
midst of a storm
at home
at work.

*   *   *   *

You can calculate
the occurrences of
PMS and HORMONE surges
(werewolf syndrome)
keep your Wisdom Peace,
knowing that it is
just side effects of
normal Human biological functions
causing temporary
emotional behavioral changes.


Make your plans
to stay indoors at night.
Monitor occurrences
of the Full Moon
since this event
causes hormone changes
of your BacterVira (stem cells)
eliciting emotional behavior
in numerous species,

*   *   *   *

Be prepared for
PMS and other HORMONE

The Universal Calendar
is based on
Human Biorhythm.


Beam Me


Wisdom Sermon:

The United States of America

is the promised

Nation of Freedom.

With Freedom


Responsibility . . .


Beam Me




(the nation)

*   *   *   *


Jesus is the name of many beings throughout the Old Testament and New Testament, but who are DIFFERENT beings.

The Second Name identifies which Jesus the scripture is about.

In Genesis, the one who gave all life a curse was named Jesus but had a different second name.

The Jesus name identifies them as microscopic beings instead of astronomic beings.

Mary is identified with a second Astronomic name and thus she is the human spirit/force of God and is the highest above all humans ever made.

Mary is the ONLY one in the Holy Bible who is human with an Astronomic name.

Jesus is identified by the name, CHRIST, that is a feminine name and reveals that she has a womb.

See if you can find in your New Testament translation where it states that there is one deceiving to be Jesus.

Thus, the name, Jesus Christ,  needs to be identified by the full name to distinguish between the others named Jesus throughout the Holy Bible of your translations in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Some of their last names have been covered up by your translations, but you will see their full names in the Original Holy Bible.

Further, Jesus Christ needs to be identified by her NATURE. It is essential that you read the Holy Bible by discerning every being by that one's nature rather than by name.

The Holy Bible functions just like your brain, sometimes you think it is God guiding you with thoughts, but instead, sometimes it is your nonconscious Ape Mind deceiving you to control you. Thus, you must learn to discern the nature of everything to follow Truth in all things.

Taming your inner Ape Mind is the only way to set yourself free from bondage. The Ape Mind can be hypnotized and can become addicted to many things, but your Virtuous Mind refuses all addictive things and cannot be hypnotized.

Jesus Christ is a Roman name and the original full name of her will be yet made known to you.

She is the first who has both male and femelle (female) souls in her because she becomes Mother Nature, but more properly should be called Daughter Nature since she is 12 years old when she dies and is honored by becoming the Architect of all Life on Earth and technically, she is the daughter of Mother God the Astronomic Architect whose spirit became Mother Mary in human form.

(See Michael Jackson's DVD, "This Is It" where his real daughter portrays the young Daughter Nature.)

We all came from a Mother. I have actually talked with men who believe that their mother is just an object and that a man made them in their mother's womb. We begin life as a fertilized egg that has both male and femelle souls, one made from the genes of our Mother and one made from the genes of our Father.

Thus, with the NEW design the father and mother have both male and femelle souls in them and the mother gives birth to a male or a femelle child, and each of whom also has both male and femelle souls, according to the Holy Bible.

Thus while our body functions with either male or femelle (female) reproductive functions, our brain has both male and femelle complete functions.

Society tries to separate our souls and then make us competitive, but when we realize that we have both, then we are complete when we function with both souls of the new design instead of just one soul that was in the past design.

Now our two souls are like our right hand and left hand, one is dominant, but we have two that need to fully function in our minds.

Imagine if you only used your right hand but never your left hand.

The writers of the Holy Bible were profoundly intelligent Architects and Mathematicians and they received this Wisdom from God over Five Thousand Years ago.

We should learn from them first and then pick up where they left off, take the torch and run forward, rather than trying to start at the beginning again and again with each generation and wrongly living in the PAST over and over again.

We need to keep LIFE moving forward into the FUTURE and beyond where we are supposed to be going.

Thus, Jesus Christ necessarily has a Womb and all life beginning with her has both male and femelle (female) souls within each of us as part of our NEW design, along with the egg of the Buddha (Light Spirits) that must be born (awakened) in each of us (our brain womb) and the Virtuous Mind of Jesus Christ that must be built personally by each of us according to the Architectural design by Jesus Christ.

See Carl Jung's description of our Anima and Animus for reference.

*   *   *   *

is NOT
in the Original Holy Bible.

Jesus Christ

In the Old Testament the Abrai cut the hair on the top of their head in a circle to symbolize the FULL MOON.

This practice was changed to Baptism in the New Testament and means that one has become Virtuous and the Buddha spirits have been born (awakened).

This is also symbolized by the dove flying from Heaven to sit on the top of the head of Jesus Christ.

The phases of the Moon represent the stage of morph of a sentient being, with the Full Moon being the highest phase, called ANGEL.

Thus, the one who achieves the Virtuous Mind and gives birth to the two Buddha within (Holy Spirits) becomes an Angel (China Light Family) and thus ruled by the Light, no longer ruled by the Earth-blood that was cursed until Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ to end the curse.

Israel becomes Angel.

Angel = China Light Family
( designed in Heaven) 

*   *   *   *


Jesus Christ (China) is a girl and is crucified at about age 12. She spoke with Wisdom "like" she was 30 years old.

This also stopped the common practice of child sacrifice when the people realized they had sacrificed the daughter of Mother God.

*   *   *   *


Mary and Joseph become the two Buddha (plural), Holy Spirits of Light born within, and are together the ONE Wisdom Mind who is Mary within every sentient living thing.

(These are their Roman names.)

Mary connects our thoughts to God.

Mary and Joseph are two acting as One who is Mary.

Mary is described as universal.

Mary, the Wisdom Mind, is Universal in every sentient life being on every planet in Mother God the Universe Womb.

God is the only true ONE.

Mary and Joseph set the new protocol of having both male and femelle (female) souls within each sentient being and who act as one with two souls.

One soul defines our body's sex, but yet, we function in the Wisdom Mind with both souls, male and femelle (female), fully acting together in harmony as one.

Mary is called the "Most High" which is the same called Elohim, God (in your translation).

Find in your Bible where it states "the other Mary." It actually states "Most High Mary" identifying her the same as Elohim, God (in your translation). 

However, Mary is NOT God.

God does NOT become human EVER.

Nor any other species.

God is ubiquitous and is ONE.

God is the Magnificent Universe Womb, even with many multiverses, She is still ONE.

Her perfect number is


*   *   *   *

You will be able to read all of this yourself when the Original Holy Bible is returned to all of us, letter for letter, word for word.

All Seven Seals are open and the Original Holy Bible is being read now and is being prepared for everyone to read.

*   *   *   *

Written in the Language of Symbolism, you need to interpret each scripture of the Holy Bible into the Language of Logic and discern whether it is Truth or Deception or any shade between.

Thus, you need to determine whether it is from the System of Order that supports Life or the System of Disorder that supports Death.

Everything in the Holy Bible must be discerned. It tests your ability to know the nature of the Buddha and to avoid being deceived by words, actions, names, and so forth.

The Holy Bible is intended to be interactive.


*   *   *   *


Death Cross

(No More)


*   *   *   *


China Light

Eternal Light Souls
All Life

(The Eternal Light is shown at the top of each Cross.)


*   *   *   *




Father Adam Ashra
(Life-Blood Earth top-soil)

(NEW NAME to be revealed to you yet.)

Israel = Father Adam Ashra Family

New Adam Earth
(New Life-Blood Earth top-soil designed by God)
Two New Life Light Souls.

Genesis Curse


*   *   *   *

You will yet discover how this was written more clearly in the Original Holy Bible.


*   *   *   *





New Jerusalem

Beam Me


Why Cain Killed Abel

Beam Me


The Second Becoming (Coming)
is Occurring

The Original Holy Bible
and you will read it


Be With Us
Be Left Behind.






(nu pi)

Holy Code of mathpure scriptures

Stated Left to Right:  nu pi


Read Right to Left:  Wisdom Peace





means infinite diversity of Wisdom



means Peace


*   *   *   *








May the Wisdom Force Be With You

Wisdom Peace







*   *   *   *

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