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Year 1950: US Designs Lethal Virus to Selectively Kill a Race of Rabbits.
Year 2011: US asks scientific journals not to publish about designing viruses for the military.
Year 2014: UW-Wisconsin-Madison Scientist Creates New Flu Virus in Lab.
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In December 2017, a scientific journal published a short News Brief that the University of Wisconsin in Madison was given a grant by the US government to make a naturally occurring virus into a more deadly form of virus for warfare.


Year: 2018

  This was followed up by an article in January 2018.

  During that time, I made a copy and gave it to healthcare workers in Hawaii where I resided at the time, because I believed that it was morally wrong, and, thus, healthcare workers needed to be prepared to care for citizens in advance of the military use of designer viruses for warfare that was approaching in the horizon.


The following is the January 2018 article in the scientific journal, Nature, that I copied and gave to healthcare workers in Hawaii in 2018 so that they could be prepared for a highly certain occurrence of a pandemic.


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Ban on Pathogen Studies Lifted

United States allows work to make viruses more dangerous.



The US government has lifted its controversial ban on funding experiments that make certain pathogens more deadly or transmissible. On 19 December, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that scientists can once again use federal money to conduct ‘gain-of-function’ research on pathogens such as influenza viruses. But the agency also said that researchers’ grant applications will undergo greater scrutiny than in the past.

The goal is to standardize “a rigorous process that we really want to be sure we’re doing right,” says NIH director Francis Collins.

The NIH announcement ends a moratorium on gain-of-function research that began in October 2014. Back then, some researchers argued that the agency’s ban — which singled out research on the viruses that cause flu, severe acute respiratory syndrome and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) — was too broad. The 21 projects halted by the policy included studies of seasonal flu and efforts to develop vaccines. The NIH eventually allowed ten of these studies to proceed, but three projects using the MERS virus and eight dealing with flu remained ineligible for US government grants — until now.

While the ban was in effect, the NIH and other government agencies examined the costs and benefits of allowing such research. In 2016, the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity — an independent panel that advises the NIH’s parent agency, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) — concluded that very few government-funded gain-of-function experiments posed a significant threat to public health.

The new policy outlines a framework that the HHS will use to assess proposed research that would create pathogens with pandemic potential. Such work might involve modifying a virus to infect more species, or recreating a pathogen that has been eradicated in the wild, such as smallpox. There are some exceptions, however: vaccine development and epidemiological surveillance do not automatically trigger the HHS review.

The plan includes a list of suggested factors for the HHS to consider, including an assessment of a project’s risks and benefits, and a determination of whether the investigator and institution are capable of conducting the work safely. It also says that an experiment should proceed only if there is no safer alternative method of achieving the same results.

At the end of the assessment process, the HHS can recommend that the work go ahead, ask the researchers to modify their plan or suggest that the NIH refuse funding. The NIH will also judge the proposal’s scientific merit before deciding whether to award grant funding.

Scientists have long debated the merits of gain-of-function research and the new decision could reopen that discussion.

Yoshihiro Kawaoka, a virologist at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, whose work was affected by the moratorium, says the new framework is “an important accomplishment.” Kawaoka, who studies how molecular changes in the avian flu virus could make it easier for birds to pass the infection to humans, now plans to apply for federal funding to experiment with live versions of the virus.

But Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, says that gain-of-function studies “have done almost nothing to improve our preparedness for pandemics — yet they risked creating an accidental pandemic.”

Lipsitch argues that such experiments should not happen at all. But if the government is going to fund them, he says, it is good that there will be an extra level of review.


Influenza viruses can be modified in the lab.

Gain-of-function studies “risked creating an accidental pandemic”

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Seeing Terror Risk, U.S. Asks Journals to Cut Flu Study Facts

By Denise Grady and William J. Broad

Dec. 20, 2011

For the first time ever, a government advisory board is asking scientific journals not to publish details of certain biomedical experiments, for fear that the information could be used by terrorists to create deadly viruses and touch off epidemics.

In the experiments, conducted in the United States and the Netherlands, scientists created a highly transmissible form of a deadly flu virus that does not normally spread from person to person. It was an ominous step, because easy transmission can lead the virus to spread all over the world. The work was done in ferrets, which are considered a good model for predicting what flu viruses will do in people.

The virus, A(H5N1), causes bird flu, which rarely infects people but has an extraordinarily high death rate when it does. Since the virus was first detected in 1997, about 600 people have contracted it, and more than half have died. Nearly all have caught it from birds, and most cases have been in Asia. Scientists have watched the virus, worrying that if it developed the ability to spread easily from person to person, it could create one of the deadliest pandemics ever.

A government advisory panel, the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, overseen by the National Institutes of Health, has asked two journals, Science and Nature, to keep certain details out of reports that they intend to publish on the research. The panel said conclusions should be published, but not experimental details and mutation data that would enable replication of the experiments.

The panel cannot force the journals to censor their articles, but the editor of Science, Bruce Alberts, said the journal was taking the recommendations seriously and would probably withhold some information but only if the government creates a system to provide the missing information to legitimate scientists worldwide who need it.

The journals, the panel, researchers and government officials have been grappling with the findings for several months. The Dutch researchers presented their work at a virology conference in Malta in September.

Scientists and journal editors are generally adamant about protecting the free flow of ideas and information, and ready to fight anything that hints at censorship. I wouldn't call this censorship, Dr. Alberts said. He is trying to avoid inappropriate censorship. It is the scientific community trying to step out front and be responsible. He said there was legitimate cause for the concern about the researchers techniques falling into the wrong hands.

This finding shows it is much easier to evolve this virus to an extremely dangerous state where it can be transmitted in aerosols than anybody had recognized, he said. Transmission by aerosols means the virus can be spread through the air via coughing or sneezing.

Ever since the tightening of security after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, scientists have worried that a scientific development would pit the need for safety against the need to share information. Now, it seems, that day has come.

[Photo] The A(H5N1) virus largely affects birds and rarely infects people, but it is highly deadly when it does. Credit...National Institute for Biological Standards and Control/Photo Researchers

"It is a precedent-setting moment, and we need to be careful about the precedent we set," Dr. Alberts said.

Both studies of the virus, one at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, and the other at the University of Wisconsin-Madison were paid for by the National Institutes of Health.

The idea behind the research was to try to find out what genetic changes might make the virus easier to transmit. That way, scientists would know how to identify changes in the naturally occurring virus that might be warning signals that it was developing pandemic potential. It was also hoped that the research might lead to better treatments.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the research addressed important public health questions, but added, sure there will be some people who say these experiments never should have been done.

Dr. Fauci said staff members at the institutes followed the results of the research and flagged it as something that the biosecurity panel should evaluate.

The lead researcher at the Erasmus center, Ron Fouchier, did not respond to requests for an interview. The center issued a statement saying that researchers there had reservations about the panel recommendation, but would observe it.

The Wisconsin researcher, Yoshihiro Kawaoka, was out of the country and not responding to queries, according to a spokesman for the university. But the school said its researchers would respect the panel recommendations.

David R. Franz, a biologist who formerly headed the Army defensive biological lab at Fort Detrick, Md., is on the board and said its decision to intervene, made in the fall, was quite reasonable.

My concern is that we don't give amateurs or terrorists information that might let them do something that could really cause a lot a harm, he said in an interview.

It is a wake-up call, Dr. Franz added. We need to make sure that our best and most responsible scientists have the information they need to prepare us for whatever we might face.

Amy Patterson, director of the office of biotechnology activities at the National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, Md., said the recommendations were a first.

The board in the past has reviewed manuscripts but never before concluded that communications should be restricted in any way, she said in a telephone interview. These two bodies of work stress the importance of public health preparedness to monitor this virus.

Ronald M. Atlas, a microbiologist at the University of Louisville and past president of the American Society for Microbiology, who has advised the federal government on issues of germ terrorism, said the hard part of the recommendations would be creating a way to move forward in the research with a restricted set of responsible scientists.

He said that if researchers had a better understanding of how the virus works, they could develop better ways to treat and prevent illness. That is why the research is done, he said.

The government, Dr. Atlas added, is going to struggle with how to get the information out to the right people and still have a barrier to wide sharing and inadvertently aiding a terrorist. That is going to be hard.

Given that some of the information has already been presented openly at scientific meetings, and that articles about it have been sent out to other researchers for review, experts acknowledged that it may not be possible to keep a lid on the potentially dangerous details.

But I think there will be a culture of responsibility here, Dr. Fauci said. At least I hope there will.

The establishment of the board grew out of widespread fears stemming from the 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States and the ensuing strikes with deadly anthrax germs that killed or sickened 22 Americans.

The Bush administration called for wide controls on biological information that could potentially help terrorists. And the scientific community firmly resisted, arguing that the best defenses came with the open flow of information.

In 2002, Dr. Atlas, then the president-elect of the American Society for Microbiology, objected publicly to anything that smacked of censorship.

The federal board was established in 2004 as a compromise and is strictly advisory. It has 25 voting members appointed by the secretary of health and human services, and has 18 ex-officio members from other federal agencies.

Federal officials said Tuesday that the board has discussed information controls on only three or four occasions. The first centered on the genetic sequencing of the H1N1 virus that caused the 1918 flu pandemic, in which up to 100 million people died, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history.

He chose to recommend publication without any modifications, Dr. Franz, the former head of the Army lab, recalled. The more our good scientists know about problems, the better prepared they are to fix them.

This fall, federal officials said, the board wrestled with the content of H5N1 papers to Science and Nature, and in late November contacted the journals about its recommendation to restrict information on the methods that the scientists used to modify the deadly virus.

The ability of this virus to cross species lines in this manner has not previously been appreciated, said Dr. Patterson of the National Institutes of Health.

Everyone involved in this matter wants to do the proper thing. A version of this article appears in print on Dec. 21, 2011, Section A, Page 1 of the New York edition with the headline: Journals Asked To Cut Details Of Flu Studies.



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 January 2020


Station Contact Info:
615 Forward Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53711
Business: 608-274-1515
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Thu Jan 23 18:38:17 PST 2020

WATCH: UW-Platteville monitoring six students for coronavirus

University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin - Platteville is monitoring six of its students for coronavirus after they returned from a trip to Wuhan, China, where the deadly virus seems to have originated from.



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 June 2014


UW-Madison Scientist Creates New Flu Virus in Lab


June 11, 2014

Yoshihiro Kawaoka, the UW-Madison scientist whose bird flu research sparked international controversy and a moratorium two years ago, has created another potentially deadly flu virus in his lab at University Research Park.

Kawaoka used genes from several bird flu viruses to construct a virus similar to the 1918 pandemic flu virus that killed up to 50 million people worldwide. He tweaked the new virus so it spread efficiently in ferrets, an animal model for human flu.

Dissension over such work continues. Harvard and Yale researchers criticized such studies last month, saying the viruses could escape from labs and spread disease. Safer approaches could be more effective, they said.

Kawaoka, who reports on his new work Wednesday in the journal Cell Host and Microbe, said his research helps efforts to identify problematic viruses and develop drugs and vaccines against them.

“The work we do provides scientific data so there can be an informed risk assessment of viruses circulating in nature,” he said in an email. “The more we learn, the better prepared we will be for the next pandemic.”

His previous creation of an altered H5N1 bird flu virus, along with similar H5N1 work by Dutch researcher Ron Fouchier, prompted a year-long moratorium on the projects in 2012 and months of delay before the results were allowed to be published.

Some scientists said the viruses might not only be accidentally released from the labs but potentially replicated by terrorists.

The moratorium ended last year. Kawaoka said he resumed his H5N1 research this May, after approval by federal officials.

The research on the 1918-like virus was done during the moratorium, which covered only the altered H5N1 virus work, Kawaoka said. UW-Madison approved the 1918-like virus research, and the National Institutes of Health reviewed the new report on the findings, university officials said.

Both projects were carried out at UW-Madison’s Institute for Influenza Virus Research at University Research Park on Madison’s West Side. The lab is classified as Biosafety Level 3-Agriculture, the highest biosafety level at the university and half a notch below the top level anywhere of BSL4.

In the new research, Kawaoka and his colleagues searched public databases of information on various flu viruses isolated from wild birds from 1990 to 2011. The researchers identified eight genes nearly identical to the genes that made up the 1918 pandemic flu virus.

Using that information, they created a virus that differed from the 1918 virus by only 3 percent of the amino acids that make virus proteins. That virus was more pathogenic in mice and ferrets than regular bird flu viruses, but it wasn’t as harmful as the 1918 virus and didn’t spread among ferrets.

They made various substitutions to the virus and found that just seven mutations enabled it to spread among ferrets as efficiently as the 1918 virus. The new virus didn’t kill the ferrets, however, Kawaoka said.

“These viruses could evolve in nature and pose a risk to humans,” he said. “In a sense, it demonstrates that influenza viruses that don’t normally arouse alarm should be monitored.”

Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at Harvard University, and Alison Galvani, an epidemiologist at Yale University, said in a paper in PLOS Medicine last month that such experiments pose “a significant risk to public health, arguably the highest level of risk posed by any biomedical research.”

If 10 labs did such bird flu experiments for a decade, with similar precautions, there would be a 20 percent chance of a lab-acquired infection, which would have a 10 percent chance of spreading widely to others, they said.

Flu studies using lab dishes, computer analysis, virus components or seasonal flu viruses would be safer and “more scientifically informative and more straightforward to translate into improved public health,” Lipsitch and Galvani wrote.

Kawaoka said potential pandemic viruses replicate quickly and act differently than seasonal flu, so relying on lab dishes and seasonal flu strains “can be highly misleading and, in fact, can be harmful.” The work he and Fouchier did on the altered H5N1 flu virus helped authorities realize they need to keep stockpiling H5N1 vaccines, he said. “Thus, human populations have already benefitted from the H5N1 ferret transmission experiments,” Kawaoka said.

Yoshihiro Kawaoka, professor of pathobiological sciences in the School of Veterinary Medicine, talks with a group of media representatives during a tour of the Influenza Research Institute (IRI) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Feb. 2, 2015. The high-security research facility was closed down for annual decontamination, cleaning and maintenance. (Photo by Jeff Miller/ UW-Madison)

Yoshihiro Kawaoka, a UW-Madison flu researcher, has created a new type of flu virus in his lab.

David Wahlberg | Wisconsin State Journal

David Wahlberg is the health and medicine reporter for the Wisconsin State Journal.

Higher education

UW virus researcher Yoshihiro Kawaoka awarded for his work

Oct 7, 2014

UW-Madison researcher Yoshihiro Kawaoka has been awarded the 2014 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award for his work in understanding and preventing pandemic influenza.

Local News

UW-Madison scientist says flu virus mapping could improve vaccine


May 24, 2016

The development by virologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka follows research he did last year.




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Why the Scientific Debate Over a UW Bird Flu Study Isn’t Going Away

by Will Cushman, WisContext.


16 Mar 2019

A University of Wisconsin-Madison laboratory is set to resume experiments that could build the foundation of an early warning system for flu pandemics. The research is based on altering a deadly type of the influenza virus in a way that could make it more dangerous, though, and critics say its approval lacked transparency and creates unnecessary risks.

Yoshihiro Kawaoka is a virologist and professor at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Tokyo who has figured prominently in Wisconsin’s long-term central role in flu research. Kawaoka’s work has been the focus of fierce debate among epidemiologists ever since he announced in 2011 that his lab had successfully altered the H5N1 subtype of the influenza A virus to be transmittable through the air among ferrets. These small mammals are a common laboratory stand-in for studying human flu transmission.

The H5N1 flu primarily affects birds. On occasion, though, the virus can jump to humans, and can kill more than half of those infected. While deadly, wild H5N1 is confirmed to have infected fewer than 1,000 people around the world. Those who have come down with this virus are thought to have almost always been infected directly from birds with which they were in direct contact. That’s why Kawaoka’s 2011 announcement, made around the same time that a research team in the Netherlands made public similar findings, caused a contentious debate in the scientific community.

That debate has lingered since 2011 and intensified in early 2019 after the federal government approved funding for Kawaoka to continue his research.

Marc Lipsitch is a professor of epidemiology and director of the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He’s a longtime critic of research that modifies flu viruses to be more dangerous in humans.

“What worries me and my colleagues is the effort to modify viruses that are novel to humans and therefore to which there’s no immunity in the population, and where a laboratory accident wouldn’t just threaten the person who got infected … but potentially could be the spark that leads to a whole pandemic of infectious disease,” Lipsitch told WisContext.

“The issue is that when you take a strain of flu where there’s no immunity in the population because it’s only been circulating in birds, and you modify [it] to transmit, that is creating a potential pandemic pathogen,” Lipsitch said. “The question is whether that’s a good idea or not.”

Lipsitch firmly believes it is not a good idea, and he’s not the only infectious disease researcher who holds this opinion.

In 2014, Lipsitch organized the Cambridge Working Group, made up of hundreds of scientists, to call for a reassessment of biosafety measures for viruses altered by researchers. The group formed in response to a series of lab accidents involving potentially dangerous pathogens.

“An accidental infection with any pathogen is concerning. But accident risks with newly created ‘potential pandemic pathogens’ raise grave new concerns,” the group declared in a July 2014 statement calling for a reassessment of experiments like Kawaoka’s. “Laboratory creation of highly transmissible, novel strains of dangerous viruses, especially but not limited to influenza, poses substantially increased risks.”

Assessing Risks During a Research Moratorium

In October 2014, partly in response to the Cambridge Working Group’s concerns, the National Institutes of Health announced a funding moratorium on some types of what’s called “gain-of-function” research, including the H5N1 experiments at the UW, to assess the potential risks and benefits of this work, and review of biosafety standards.

Gain-of-function research aims to identify mutations that give rise to a new genetic function in viruses and microbes. Yoshihiro Kawaoka’s 2011 findings — published in the journal Nature in May 2012 — identified four genetic mutations in the H5N1 virus that made it transmissible among ferrets.

Rebecca Moritz chairs UW-Madison’s biosecurity task force and leads the university’s handling of “select agents,” a class of potentially dangerous subjects of research that includes the H5N1 viruses Kawaoka studies. Moritz has worked closely with Kawaoka to develop safety protocols for his lab, which is located in University Research Park on the west side of Madison.

She spoke on behalf of Kawaoka’s lab and its work.

Moritz told WisContext that Kawaoka’s research could lead to more effective treatment and prevention options and help build an “early warning detection system” for pandemics by mapping mutations that might make wild H5N1 contagious among humans.

“We don’t understand the mechanisms involved in [influenza] transmission very well,” Moritz said.

She explained that understanding those mechanisms could result in new drugs and approaches to deter the transmission of influenza viruses by identifying certain genetic characteristics that health officials can watch for while monitoring wild strains.

“The goal of this research is … not to intentionally create influenza viruses that can transmit,” Moritz added. “Nature is already doing that for us.” She pointed out that the 2011 experiments created an H5N1 virus with less severe symptoms than the wild type, and none of the ferrets died from the infection.

Yoshihiro Kawaoka, a professor of pathobiological sciences at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine, gives a presentation during a tour of the Influenza Research Institute on Feb. 13, 2013.

[photo] Credit: Bryce Richter/UW-Madison

While the goal of Kawaoka and his collaborators is to prevent future flu deaths, their critics point to the risk — however miniscule — of this work of setting off the very health crisis it aims to prevent by way of a lab accident. That prospect is at the heart of objections to the research and why the Cambridge Working Group called for a wholesale reassessment of work like it.

During the federal funding moratorium, NIH sponsored multiple public meetings where the risks and benefits of gain-of-function research on “enhanced potential pandemic viruses” were debated and evaluated. The deliberations included two symposiums of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, held in 2015 and 2016, as well as a 1,000-page risk-benefit analysis and an ethical analysis. Following this process, NIH decided that the benefits outweighed the risks and lifted the funding moratorium in December 2017.

However, the end of the moratorium did not mean that Kawaoka’s research was automatically approved to resume. It took more than a year for NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to reinstate the funding for the UW-based H5N1 research, as Science reported in February 2019. In fact, funding for any “enhanced potential pandemic virus” research must be approved on a case-by-case basis going forward.

We are glad the United States government weighed the risks and benefits … and developed new oversight mechanisms,” Kawaoka told Science. “We know that it does carry risks. We also believe it is important work to protect human health.”

Transparency is Another Subject of Debate

The way in which NIH disclosed a new round of research at Yoshihiro Kawaoka’s lab at UW-Madison — by way of an update on its public reporter database — did not sit well with critics of the research.

Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security director Tom Inglesby wrote a Feb. 27 op-ed in the Washington Post with the headline “The U.S. government is funding dangerous experiments it doesn’t want you to know about.”

Lipsitch went further in an interview with WisContext, saying that the federal approval of Kawaoka’s research was “less transparent than the average grant review,” noting that the identities of the reviewers were never revealed. Identifying grant reviewers is standard procedure, Lispitch asserted, and helps guard against conflicts of interest.

“We just don’t know anything about even the identities of the people doing the reviews, although there’s U.S. government policy statements listing the many kinds of expertise that are required to do that work,” Lipsitch said. “We don’t know whether the U.S. government is following its own policy or whether it’s doing something less than that,” he added.

Elleen Kane, a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Service’s Assistant Secretary of Preparedness Response, which led the department’s review of the research proposals, declined to identify the reviewers, but shared its framework for guiding funding decisions related to research like Kawaoka’s. “Reviewers are all federal employees which enables us to avoid conflicts of interest,” Kane wrote in an email to WisContext.

Lipsitch said that, in his opinion, the experiments are less like typical grant-funded research and more akin to a large public works project, and should therefore require an extraordinarily transparent review of the risks and benefits.

He said that a publicized event would be appropriate “where the government said proudly ‘We have decided to fund research that is so groundbreaking and so important to the future of our medical preparedness for pandemics that we think it’s worth risking creating such a pandemic … but they’ve done the opposite.”

In response, spokespeople at NIH pointed to its public deliberative process leading up to the funding decision.

NIH spokesperson Emma Wojtowicz told WisContext that it is providing more materials online. “Moving forward, to increase transparency even more, [the Department of Health and Human Services] is posting projects that fall within the scope of review and have been awarded funding on their website.”

One new condition of federal funding means that the Kawaoka lab has to adhere to new communication standards developed through the NIH’s deliberative process. These include immediately informing officials at NIH if Kawaoka identifies mutations allowing bird influenza strains to be contagious in mammals. A 1976 transmission electron microscopic image depicts avian influenza A H5N1 viruses, which are digitally colorized blue.

Cynthia Goldsmith/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Rebecca Moritz at UW-Madison emphasized the long, public deliberative process leading up to the reapproval of Kawaoka’s research.

“It involved multiple public hearings, opportunities for public input and input from experts outside the virology field, including Dr. Lipsitch, over the course of four years,” Moritz told WisContext. “What has emerged is what the consensus of experts has agreed is best practice.”

Those best practices include maintaining environmental safety procedures used before the moratorium, Moritz said. Kawaoka’s lab is rated as Biosafety Level 3 Agriculture, or BSL-3Ag, which Moritz described as one half-step below the CDC’s highest possible biosafety rating.

“Our biosafety and biosecurity practices are like an onion — layers and layers build on each other to mitigate risks,” Moritz said. “The [lab] is a stand-alone facility expressly built for work with influenza viruses,” she added. “It has built-in redundancies; is constantly monitored by lab personnel, law enforcement and other first-responders; and has more than 500 alarm points.”

Additionally, lab workers are strictly vetted, including undergoing an FBI background check, and must adhere to stringent security protocols. If a fire were to break out in the lab, Moritz said local fire departments have been instructed to let it burn. And if lab workers were to have a medical emergency while inside the facility, they would have to be decontaminated by qualified lab staff before receiving treatment.

Lipsitch pointed out that even some of the most secure labs in the world have dealt with safety breaches, usually due to human error.

“What these experiments do is ramp up the consequences of an accident to a whole new level,” Lipsitch said. “When you take an error-prone process and ramp up the consequences of an error to global pandemic levels, that’s not me being dramatic, that’s just describing what the consequences are of something we don’t need to be doing.”

Why The Scientific Debate Over A UW Bird Flu Study Isn’t Going Away was originally published on WisContext which produced the article in a partnership between Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television.



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December 2017


The NIH Restarts Funding for Work With Deadly Pathogens


The government decides the risk of research into dangerous viruses is worth the reward.

by Robby Berman


21 December, 2017

"I believe nature is the ultimate bioterrorist,” says chair of the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, Samuel Stanley, “and we need to do all we can to stay one step ahead." Certainly deadly pathogens on the loose have been the stuff of horrible narratives, including books like The Hot Zone and movies such as Contagion and Outbreak. And then there’s biological warfare, the deliberate weaponization and dissemination of deadly diseases to achieve military or political objectives. It’s all terrifying stuff. This week, in hopes of getting ahead of such threats, director Francis S. Collins of U.S. the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has lifted the three-year moratorium against the funding of “gain-of-function research,” the study of potentially deadly viruses including influenza, MERS, and SARS. The goal, his announcement says, it to “identify, understand, and develop strategies and effective countermeasures against rapidly evolving pathogens that pose a threat to public health.”


The moratorium had originally been implemented in response to some unnerving biocontainment errors. In one case, staff at the CDC was inadvertently exposed to anthrax, and in another case, a harmless flu sample was mistakenly replaced by a strain of the dangerous avian flu.

The Obama administration began the moratorium, and many scientists oppose the NIH’s new policy, alarmed that such lapses are inevitable should humans begin interacting with lethal pathogens again. Richard Ebright of Rutgers University, for one, recently told STAT, “I am not persuaded that the work is of greater potential benefit than potential harm.”

Advocates of the NIH’s action are convinced that only through further study of these diseases can we stand a chance of defending ourselves against the deliberate or accidental release into the population. “The only way to get ahead of the risk is to do the research, but in a way that tries to minimize the risk of accidental release,” says L. Syd M Johnson, a bioethicist at Michigan Technological University in an email to Big Think.

The urgency to learn more about dangerous pathogens was reinforced in July, 2011 when a team from Erasmus University led by virologist Ron Fouchier, and another team at the University of Wisconsin led by Yoshihiro Kawaoka “easily” created airborne variants of deadly avian flu. It’s a nasty virus that otherwise only rarely spreads between humans but that has nonetheless killed a minimum of 386 people since 2003.

The new airborne strain is especially dangerous, only 3% different from the 1918 flu that killed about 50 million people.

The outcry was immediate. According to Lord May, former U.K. chief science advisor, “The work they are doing is absolutely crazy. The whole thing is exceedingly dangerous.”

Ebright said simply, “This research should not have been done. It will inevitably escape, and within a decade.” And yet, says Johnson, “There was initially a lot of handwringing about Fouchier’s research, and whether it should be published. It seemed to provide a blueprint for bioterrorists, showing them how to produce a deadly, airborne avian flu virus. But Fouchier’s work was published five years ago, and the worst did not happen.”

Fouchier explained that the purpose of his work was to convince scientists that others could find it relatively simple to weaponize such viruses, or that the mutations could simply arise naturally. Though other scientists found comfort in their present low communicability, Fouchier told New York Times, “I wasn’t convinced. To prove these guys wrong, we needed to make a virus that is transmissible.”

Harvard’s Marc Lipsitch tells STAT, "A human is better at spreading viruses than an aerosol. The engineering is not what I'm worried about. Accident after accident has been the result of human mistakes." Still, he agrees with the NIH that newly strengthened handling guidelines can ensure safety, with researchers seeking to study pathogens having to prove that their labs are secure. “We see this as a rigorous policy,” Collins tells the Times.


“The new NIH policy allows the agency to resume funding of research involving ‘Potential Pandemic Pathogens,’” says Johnson. “It’s not like no one has been doing research on these pathogens — the scientists of the world are not beholden to the NIH. And importantly, viruses mutate all by themselves in nature, which is how avian flu occasionally jumps into humans already. It’s just a matter of time before the next deadly pandemic emerges. Does the US want its scientists working on this research? Given the potential threat of these pathogens, and of deadly discoveries falling into the wrong hands, I think we do.”











The Descent of Tortoise


Beam Me

*   *   *   *




Control Panel

Beam Me

*   *   *   *









The world as you know it . . .

is about to change


















Wisdom Dimension





You are becoming transformed into the

Wisdom Peace Force








Say goodbye to your little

Deceiver Ape Mind.






















The Laws of Mathematical Physics
The Laws of God.

We are seekers of Truth.

These are Religious Theories,
scientifically based,
and, thus, are subject to change
as further scientific evidence
is discovered.

To find Truth . . .

We will achieve Wisdom Virtues
and awaken
the nonconscious
Wisdom Mind

We will tame the nonconscious
Wild Ape Mind

We will leave the past behind
and let go of our
erroneous beliefs.

We will Lead the Journey into
unchartered lands. 

We will fulfill our
Manifest Destiny of Humankind
to become yet:

Caregivers of all Life
Protectors of the Environment.

We will fulfill our Personal Destiny
with our newly constructed
Virtuous Mind
and guided by
The Wisdom Mind
and with
powerful natural instincts
by our
Tamed Ape Mind
and we will become yet
The Wisdom Peace Force.

We will have Courage
Strength and Honor
to shine
The Intelligent Spectrum Light
of infinite colors
upon the unpaved hidden
Wisdom Peace Way
going beyond
experience and knowledge
The Realm of Wisdomkind . . .

Where No One Has Walked Before.


May the Wisdom Force Be with Us
to become yet:

The Wisdom Peace Force.


*   *   *   *











You will be transformed into the
Wisdom Peace Force!


You will discipline

your untamed

wild self


Deceiver Wild Ape Mind



your new Self

The Virtuous Mind

with the

Wisdom Virtues

designed by God in Heaven.

*   *   *   *

ALL your conscious actions

will no longer be the default self

but will become yet

a new Self

The Virtuous Mind


not by habit

not by motivation

not by command of others

but under your

conscious Self authority


Wisdom Virtues:

Wisdom Reason

Wisdom Courage

Wisdom Justice

Wisdom Self-Discipline

Wisdom Empathy

Wisdom Patience

Wisdom Compassion

Wisdom Peace.

*   *   *   *

Wisdom Mind

You will awaken

the nonconscious

Wisdom Mind


who will give birth

to the two

Soul Lights

The Lord and The Lady

Wisdom Forces

for the guiding

Light of Wisdom

the most

highly evomorphed

mental functions




*   *   *   *








Solutions for All Problems

It is mathematically


for a problem to exist


there also exists




*   *   *   *








Manifest Destiny of Humankind


To become yet

Caregivers of all Life


Protectors of the Environment


*   *   *   *








Personal Destiny

To achieve your Wisdom Virtues

and then to


Wisdom Guidance


Wisdom Teachings

by the

Wisdom Force



to fulfill

your very own

Personal Destiny

for what is needed

at this aium

(aion, aeon, period of time)

by utilizing your abilities

in the best possible manner

to achieve

a better quality life

for yourself and others


all Life

and the



*   *   *   *





















The President and Vice President do not wear a mask to convince you not to wear a mask.

And this has been done from the very beginning.

And they are supporting protests lead by people not wearing masks and calling the whole thing a hoax.

But, the daughter of President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, reveals in the news that she wears a mask because several White House staff became sick with the CoronaVirus, Covid-19 disease, and she confessed that the President and Vice-President are being tested every day, along with everyone in their presence. And, further, that everyone in their presence must wear a mask, but the President and Vice-President do not wear a mask.



Deception, Deception.

It's got a Hold of You.


This is deception because they are giving the impression and even stating that you should not be concerned about the CoronaVirus, and that it will disappear very shortly (they said it would be gone in a few weeks, after that they said in a few months) and you should not even wear a mask, and you should even send your children back to school. This is what they promoted for a long time, until scientists spoke out against it.


However, if they were truly not afraid of the CoronaVirus, then they would not be tested everyday and they would not demand for everyone around them to be tested and they would not demand for others to wear masks around them.


But they are deceivingly making it look like others are choosing to wear a mask, but the President and Vice-President are demanding that those around them wear masks while they do not.


This is Alpha Ape behavior, trying to prove that not even a virus can defeat their power over the HERD.


How long will we let the Alpha Ape control us before we decide to stop submitting and become civilized Humans?


You, too, could safely walk around without a mask if everyone else is wearing a mask. They are being used as Human Shields that are in fact a mask protecting the President and Vice-President.


But, why are they deceiving you into thinking that you don't need a mask and that you should NOT believe SCIENCE?


Science is Truth.

Science = Truth


The government is telling us one lie after another, and the majority of the people are falling for it.


Those without the protection of achieved Virtues and without the activation of the nonconscious Wisdom Mind (not born again), are without the power of God's Wisdom Force within, and, thus, the Self functions are controlled by their nonconscious Ape Mind and nonconscious toxic Reptilian Snake Mind and, therefore, they can easily be mesmerized - without even knowing it.


You are NOT aware that you are mesmerized when you fail to test your beliefs (opinions) with Truth.


Test ALL your beliefs with verifiable Truth.


That is why the Original Holy Bible teaches us that you have to learn to seek Truth by the evidence, not by hierarchy, not by the presumption of power, not by titles of authority, and such other deceptive strategy.


In the United States, most of the people in society are "not" wearing a mask because they are being deceived.


Medical doctors stood by the President and told you not to wear a mask and that you did not need it. In the midst of a deadly pandemic they told you that you did not need a mask. This is beyond shocking. Yet you believed because you submitted to the Alpha Apes.


They told you there is not enough masks.


And so, you should wear No Mask:  NOTHING!


They think you are stupid. But you are not. You are MESMERIZED!!


And, we are not designed by God to live in the WILD culture of Apes.


We are civilized Humans!


Your money or your Life.

Most Americans choose Money.

They are afraid of being poor.


That is why the Holy Bible teaches us that being poor is powerful because you then cannot be controlled.


But you can have money and become as powerful as the poor when you charitably help others and live a Virtuous life. Thus, you live for God, not for Money. This is the real Living Wealth of Wisdom. 


From the very beginning our government has been promoting the deception that we must not wear a mask and that we must be tested.





1. They want your DNA.

2. They want to track down those DNA that can make genetically successful antibodies that are able to overpower this designer killer virus: The CoronaVirus (symbolically named to represent the return of Jesus). (Virus=Jesus)

3. They want to know how to design a military virus that can attack the enemy while the military is immune.

All of the written evidence shows that this virus was made in America. You will notice that other nations are using cyber break-ins to know the scientific progress of the Virus Wars Protocol.


The most successful form of mesmerizing occurs openly in front of your face.


And each lie is hidden between two Truths.


Why some people can see the lies and others cannot has to do with which part of your brain controls your conscious Self functions. The conscious Virtuous Mind Self functions cannot be mesmerized because it is connected to the nonconscious Wisdom Mind that is born within. But those who have not awakened (reborn) can be mesmerized because their controlling Ape Mind and Reptilian Mind have no ability to resist being mesmerized, and, thus, the conscious Self functions fall into the hands of the deceivers who control them with lies and deception. 


Why does our government want us not to wear a mask?


And why is it promoting protests with people not wearing a mask? And why does it encourage children to return to school in the midst of this hugely escalating deadly pandemic? And all this while scientists say this is very dangerous and life-threatening.


Why is the US government deceiving you?


Because you are the workers, the sacrificial sheep that feed the economy.


Do you think that those in the upper level of the hierarchy are returning to work?

No. They are in the beach houses swimming in their private pool.


Are their children returning to school?

No. They have private tutors.


You will notice that the majority of deaths occurred by those who were given surgically implanted ventilators and drugged into a comatose state because of the pain of a surgically implanted ventilator, all while scientists were crying out that the surgically implanted ventilators are "causing" deaths over and above the Covid-19 disease.


Many died from the surgically implanted ventilators.


You will notice that people in the upper hierarchy did "not" go to the hospital, but stayed home and had access to oxygen, that was "not" surgically implanted and to home-visiting doctors.


Performing surgery on a person who has CoronaVirus requires anesthesia. Do you know how anesthesia works? It forces you to come close to death so that you pass out and become nonconscious. This is very bad medical practice. And, it was only done on those individuals in society who are in the lower hierarchy.


Thus, the question remains, what is the most probable intent of the government in their complete lack of concern for your safety in the midst of this highly contagious deadly pandemic?


Herd Immunity.


Remember the written evidence that the government has long been involved in designing viruses for warfare and testing it on unknowing citizens. It is in writing.


But, they know that you will listen to their deception in the face of completely opposite evidence.


This time, the government has designed a virus that was more potent than they expected and has been quickly able to transform into different varieties - there are many kinds of CoronaVirus because it is constantly transforming with each person that it infects.


So, let's understand what the government is pushing by deceiving you into sacrificing yourself as the lamb for the benefit of the upper hierarchy who define their status in society solely and exclusively by the amount of money they have.


Money not Wisdom rules the World.


In such a world, you are the lamb and your leaders are the Alpha Apes who deceive you into thinking they are gods, but they are not.

They have designed a new lethal virus in the laboratory intended to be used by the military (written in science journals), but now find it out of control and infecting themselves and the entire world instead of just their targeted enemies.


There are no antibodies to fight it, and it is transforming into many different varieties and growing stronger each day, and is now able to infect dogs, cats, and no longer is isolated to the lungs, but is transforming to cause more diseases throughout the entire body.


There is only one thing left to do.


Sacrifice the lower hierarchy for the benefit of the wealthy and this is their goal: Herd Immunity.


They are tracking you down and euthanizing you.


I know about the government's practice of euthanasia as a witness and with the medical records to prove it in writing. It has been spreading through many states and they entered our home and took my Mother from the dinner table and forcibly euthanized her.


As bad as you think the world is, it is far worse than you know, because most evilness is hidden.


But there is one thing that we know, unless you are wealthy, then you are a sacrificial lamb being lead to the slaughterhouse.


It does not matter how intelligent you are nor how much Wisdom you have, you are measured by the amount of money you have.


The wealthy are the Alpha Apes and everyone else is the sacrificial lambs.


If you truly want to be protected by God, then you need to survive with Wisdom. And, the first thing you have to learn is to resist being mesmerized by the deception.


That is what the Original Holy Bible teaches you: how to discern Truth in the most convincingly real deception. If you read it the way it was intended (see, "First Resurrection Code" at this website) then you are prepared to seek out Truth with the power of your Virtues and God's Wisdom.


The most heinous toxic snakes are covertly hidden in the midst of a beautiful jungle.


That is why you will see scriptures that are beautiful surrounding heinously toxic deception in the Holy Bible.


This was intended to educate you and to test your strength as you build your Virtues and increase your Wisdom from God's Wisdom Force born within you.





Herd Immunity. How it works is explained in plain and simple terms and with a bit of background information as I quote from the book, "Viruses" by Arnold J. Levine.


One of the most readable books on Viruses, this was written some time ago, and yet its conceptual knowledge continues to provide the basic background that helps us to understand what is currently being promoted by the government behind all the fog of deception. Simply titled, "Viruses," this book explains what we are currently witnessing now as the CornaVirus is evolving rapidly before our very eyes as it travels worldwide and tests the Variety of Genes of the World Population for weaknesses and strengths.






Royal Genes:

The Golden Chalice of Jesus


Knowledge of the genome identified by worldwide testing for the CoronaVirus and determining the Chosen Ones from those who are genetically strong enough to resist dying and even resisting any symptoms (asymptomatic) is the Golden Chalice of Jesus (the Royal Genes) that the Military is searching for in competition with all nations worldwide.


This is Gene Harvesting being done by testing of every possible person worldwide. 


"Some RNA viruses . . . are evolving much faster than any other living organism." 


As early as 1950, a virus was used to selective kill an unwanted race of rabbits.


Now, in 2020, was the CoronaVirus designed to selectively kill unwanted races of Humans?


While they deny that this is a designer virus with their forked tongue (like a snake), they have the ability to do manipulate genes and to make designer viruses, and even to make cloned species, and they have been writing in scientific journals and in newspapers, and every embassy in the world knows that many nations have been participating in virus experimentations for a long time.


Look at what preceded it:

Government within the Government established.

Euthanasia of the elderly and disabled paid for by Medicare funds.

Worldwide Promotion of Physician-Assisted Suicide.

Mesmerizing suggestions of Suicide as a response to forcing you to lose your job, become unable to pay your rent, face becoming homeless, abused for being unable to pay your bills, told not to wear a mask, and constant horror stories to make you develop imminent fear of untimely death.


Why did the government not simply tell you to wear a mask and face shield and stay at work?


Why did they seek to expose you to sudden massive poverty?


Why do they so strongly want you to commit suicide that they provide free physicians to show you how.


Why does the government pay for your elderly family members to be Forcibly euthanized with Hospice services in your home and if you refuse, they take your family member away to be Forcibly Euthanized in the hospital.


Why is your religion promoting unlimited births in the highest over-population ever.


And why is your religion promoting the deception that death is better than life? They tell you over and over that Heaven is where real life is, but when you open your eyes you see that everything recycles.


You keep recycling in this same world in different species of life that you refuse to make better because you keep listening to the death worshipers instead of really living.


Why is your government telling you not to wear a mask during the most lethal pandemic ever?


America: The most economically successful nation in the world. Why is your government refusing to provide every citizen with an N95 mask to protect you?


Yes, Father Government is an immoral Hairless Ape beast who controls you with deception and mass hypnotism and military-sponsored protests.


That is why the Holy Bible tells you that there is only ONE Father-Mother. No one else but God is mathpure Truthful. Only in God can you Trust.


God Loves You.

Your Government Does Not.


This is the most difficult thing for people to realize: that your government is willing to watch you suffer and die to save the Wealthy at the top of the Hierarchy.


The moment you separate yourself from God, then you become vulnerable to be consumed by the Beast.


Without God, you do not know how to survive, you do not know how to keep from being mesmerized, you do not know how to discern Truth.


You are the sacrificial lambs if you fail to look for the hidden Truth.


The Family of Satan is:

The Hairless ALPHA Apes

in Human skin.









God's Way is ALWAYS














Excerpts from the book:

"Viruses"' by Arnold J. Levine, published by Scientific American Library, New York: 1992.




Year: 1900

US Army isolates a

Human Virus for study


Year:  1950

US Designs Lethal Virus

to Selectively Kill

a Race of Rabbits


*   *   *   *


[p. 171-172]


A good case has been made that the earliest life forms on Earth used RNA polymers both to store information in the nucleotide sequence and to catalyze chemical reactions.


Studies over the past few years have shown that, under the right conditions, RNA polymers can replicate and even cut themselves into pieces of defined sizes.


RNA is a very reactive polymer, but this very property makes it poorly suited to store information.


If your goal were to store information stably, whether on a computer tape or in a polymer, we would not want all sorts of chemical reactions to occur over the length of our tape that might alter the information stored there.


For a variety of chemical reasons, DNA is much less reactive than RNA and therefore is better suited to serve as an inert storage molecule. Most living organisms, accordingly, use RNA to carry the messages for protein production, but not to store their genomic information.


Since RNA has greater reactivity than DNA, RNA viruses evolve more rapidly than do DNA viruses. The source of RNA's higher mutation rate can be seen by comparing the duplication of RNA with that of DNA. As the enzyme RNA replicase copies one strand of RNA into a complementary polymer, it averages one mistake per 10,000 nucleotides copied.


As DNA polymerase copies DNA into its complementary strand, it makes about one mistake in every million to ten million nucleotides. Part of this difference in accuracy is due to the reactivity of RNA and to the variable fidelity of the duplicating enzymes.


Another part reflects the fact that DNA polymerases have evolved the ability to correct mistakes in their synthesizing process.

. . . .

In effect DNA polymerases, but not RNA polymerases, have proofreading abilities. RNA genomes, therefore, retain more mistakes in their copies than do DNA genomes.


There is an additional reason that influenza A viruses evolve rapidly. All viruses, as we have seen, go through a very large number of duplication cycles in a short time. A single viral RNA genome may reproduce ten thousand copies of itself in six hours, while the generation time of the host for an influenza A virus is measures in years -- for humans, perhaps a quarter century.


Not only is the error frequency in the original RNA genome high, but the large number of generations yearly causes the progeny viruses to diverge rapidly. it has been estimated that 0.03 to 2 percent of the nucleotides in the genome of an RNA virus are altered every year.




Some RNA viruses -- those whose polymerases have high error frequencies - are evolving much faster than any other living organism.


[p. 204]




Two major mechanisms act upon the genetic information of a virus (or any life form) to produce change: mutation and recombination. Mutation is a change in the sequence of the nucleotides in DNA (A, T, G, and C) or RNA (A, U, G, and C) polymers.


Recombination is the exchange and bringing together or new sequences of nucleotides, in new combinations, from two parental polynucleotide strands of DNA or RNA. Both processes generate diversity in all living organisms, which can then be tested for environmental advantages and replicative fitness in the real world.


Because viruses can encode the enzymes for their own replication and recombination, some viruses have a good deal of control over their mutation rates and frequencies of recombination.


[pp. 207-208]

YEAR 1900






The yellow fever virus played a central role in the history of virology.


Walter Reed and the US Army Commission, in 1900, identified it as the first human virus to be isolated. Reed's team went on to prove that the virus was transmitted by mosquitoes and that eliminating the breeding grounds for these insects eliminated the disease.


Yellow fever is a zoonotic disease,  which means that it has a major animal reservoir. In central Africa, where it is thought to have originated, wild nonhuman primates such as howler, owl, spider [monkeys], and squirrel monkeys are infected.


The virus replicates in many organs of their bodies and spends time in the bloodstream.




The aedine mosquitoes, like Aedes africanus, breed and lay their eggs in tree holes; they feed in the forest canopy, taking blood meals from the monkeys to provide nutrients for their developing eggs. The virus is taken up with the monkey blood and replicates in the mosquito, principally in the cells of the gut.


When the mosquito bites again, the virus is in the saliva, which the insect regurgitates into the wound to prevent coagulation.


Thus the virus circulates from a primate host to an insect and replicates in both, even though they are very different types of animals.


[pp. 209-210]







The wild European rabbit was first introduced in Australia in 1859. It very rapidly spread over the southern half of the continent, where it became a major pest in agricultural and grazing areas.


The situation got so bad that, when other methods to keep the rabbit population under control failed, introduction of a lethal myxoma virus from the Americas was tried in 1950.


The virus was shown to be restricted to rabbit populations -- that was critical -- and was spread by a mosquito biting the host.


The original virus strain killed more than 99 percent of the infected animals, and the first few years after its introduction saw an enormous decline in the rabbit population.


The virus spread efficiently during the spring and summer, when mosquitoes were abundant, but the incidence and spread of disease were poor in each cold season because of the paucity of insects.


In some places the virus even died out over the winter because of the lack of infected rabbits and poor transmission; but on a continent-wide basis, the disease and the virus persisted.


During each winter, rabbits that were infected with the most virulent virus died, so this most lethal strain of myxoma virus was not efficiently delivered to mosquitoes the next spring.


By contrast, some mutations in the virus created less virulent strains, permitting its hosts longer life and a better chance to survive the winter: these rabbits were available in the spring for mosquitoes to bite, thereby transmitting the less lethal disease.


The requirement for survival over the winter months imposed a strong selection for a less lethal virus.  


Attenuated strains appeared in the spring of the very first year after the introduction of the myxoma virus into Australia, and three of four years later they were dominant.




Rabbit populations infected with this less virulent virus began to show herd immunity -- a phenomenon in which infection of a rabbit already immunized by previous exposure to a virus neutralizes that virus and lowers its probability of transmission to other animals, even if they are not immune. This accelerated the loss of the virulent strain, and the rabbit population resurged.


The rabbits that now bred were veterans of the initial exposure to the highly virulent myxoma virus. Among this group were rabbits that had survived because they were genetically resistant to the virus. The reasons for genetic resistance are complex (an unknown number of genes in specific combinations are thought to be involved), but such rabbits appeared quite rapidly.


Within seven years after the introduction of the most virulent myxoma strain, which killed 90 to 99 percent of rabbits in the field, the same virus reintroduced into a population of rabbits that was not immune -- a group with no previous exposure -- killed only 25 percent. The difference was due to genetic factors in the host rabbit that had been selected for and were present in most individuals seven years after selection began.


 This experiment demonstrates that the most successful virus is one that can replicate many times in its host but is not recognized and causes little or no damage.


These requirements are difficult to achieve, however, and most viruses do not fall into this category.


[pp. 211-212]





Over the past thirty years [since 1992], vaccine production and testing have been carried out in cell culture, using tissue obtained from an organ -- say, a kidney -- placed in culture dishes to grow.


The African green monkey from Uganda is commonly used as a source of such cells, which are prepared at various laboratories around the world.


In 1967, twenty-five laboratory workers from three different locations . . . each processing monkey-kidney cell cultures, all contracted a similar disease: hemorrhagic fever.


The patient typically has a very high fever, rash, and swelling followed by an uncontrollable bleeding in the organs, skin, and mucous membranes. As these patients were admitted to hospitals, six attending medical personnel contracted the disease, indicating human-to-human spread of an infectious agent. Among these thirty-one cases, there were seven deaths.


A virus was isolated from the blood and tissues of these patients, and extensive tests showed that it was unrelated to any known virus.


The isolate caused a hemorrhagic-fever-like disease when inoculated into African green monkeys, and it was noted that several of the monkeys in a single shipment form Uganda had this hemorrhagic disease.





It seemed likely that a monkey virus had crossed species, becoming more virulent, and attacked these human hosts . . . now called Marburg virus.


The monkeys did not even have antibody against it, proving that these primates were not an animal reservoir for this virus.

. . . .

During this time, a closely related virus that also produced a hemorrhagic fever was detected. In 1976 in the Sudan and Zaire, an epidemic of about 550 cases occurred, with more than 430 deaths.


*   *








*   *






This new virus was isolated and named Ebola virus, after a small river in Zaire.


Electron micrographs showed it to be morphologically identical to Marburg virus, but antibodies made against it did not protect against Marburg virus: these isolates were related but distinct.







Extensive tests of possible animal reservoirs have, to date, failed to find where the Ebola and Marburg viruses replicate and hide between epidemics.



[pp. 212-213]



What have we learned from these stories and observations? First, we have surely been taught that there are rules that govern life processes; try as we may, we cannot violate them.


All life forms are continually changing. Each generation brings new nucleotide sequences, information, and functions, and these are continuously tried out in various combinations in an ever-changing environment.


Some of these changes have been brought about by humanity within a remarkably short time frame, compared to the rates of biological change.


We have learned that all life processes follow the laws of chemistry and physics.


There is a difference, however, between events occurring in living organisms and those in the nonliving world. So long as an organism is capable of reproducing itself, rare events can be selected for and become the dominant form of life.


When a rare event that cannot be replicated happens in the nonliving universe, it often remains minor in the field of observation.


In contrast, a rare mutation that occurs in a virus only once in a million trials will, if it provides a replicative advantage, be selected for, and become, the virus of tomorrow.


If we change the environment, we change the field against which new viruses are selected -- in effect, we change the rules for selection, and new agents will certainly appear.


It has become clear that virus infections select the host that survives, just as we -- by altering the field -- select the virus that survives.




We are what we are in part because we have survived the onslaught of our parasites. But the viruses we have studied have done more.


They have contributed some of their nucleotide sequences to our own genetic endowment. We carry and pass to each generation the vestiges of retroviruses, integrated in our chromosomes and possibly exercising a sustained impact upon our selection and survival.


Viruses can be the conduit to move genetic information from one host to another. Sometimes this results in diseases as dramatic as cancer, as with Rous sarcoma virus and its oncogene; and sometimes this may contribute to an organism's ability to survive, as seen in the T4 bacteriophage and its eukaryotic-like genes.

That special relationship between host and parasite will continue to make human beings -- and all forms of life on Earth -- what we are and what we will be.


 It is important for us to know the rules.







WISDOM PEACE COUNTENANCE:   Let your Virtuous Mind continually keep your countenance in a Relaxed State as your default facial expression that inhibits stress chemicals and relaxes your whole body . . .





*   *   *   *

The Act of God returning to us

The Original Holy Bible

along with

Healing Cures

that everyone will see

is a Worldwide Miracle

that is visual evidence

of the

Presence of God.


*   *   *   *









The Original Holy Bible

Archeological Excavation

in progress . . . .

*   *   *   *









*   *   *   *










*   *   *   *





Archeological Excavation in progress ...


The Original Holy Bible

written by the

Tibetan Chinese

Origin:  about 5,000 years ago

Place:  Mt. Sinai (Mt. China), Egypt

Essenes:  Chinese

Final Exodus To:  Tibet (New Jerusalem), China (Zion)

Genesis name of Adam:  Adam Ashra (Isra)

Israel:  Ashra Family
Father Adam Ashra Earth Family

Genesis name of Eve:  China

Genesis name of Humans:  Asia (Life)

The name to be called for generations of generations: Buddha

Tree of Good and Evil:  Tree of Spirits of Terror

*   *   *   *






ONE God:

*   *   *   *

The Magnificent Universe Womb.

*   *   *   *






ONE Universal Code of God:

*   *   *   *

The Mathematical

Universal Laws of Physics

(Astronomic through Microscopic)

are the

Laws of God

*   *   *   *






*   *   *   *

God is Mathematical

*   *   *   *






*   *   *   *

The BacterVira use

slow evolution and fast metamorphosis

(evomorph and morph)

to constantly

design, make and become

increasingly stronger and better

virtuous souls.


God is destroying all souls of terror.


Evidence:  dinosaurs became birds.

*   *   *   *






Heaven of ALL Non-Life:

*   *   *   *


*   *   *   *






Heaven of ALL Life:

*   *   *   *


*   *   *   *






Human Life Begins:

*   *   *   *


Fertilized Human Egg




When you first felt alive.


You came from the microscopic world.


And at the end of this life

you return to the



*   *   *   *






Human Life Ends:

*   *   *   *

All Life is One-of-a-Kind like Snowflakes.

Body ends with death.

Souls of Virtuous:  Eternal.
Saved on RNA molecule.

Souls of Terror:  Destroyed.

Souls Marked for SAVE or DESTROY
by the BacterVira
while you sleep.

All Life RECYCLES into Different Life Forms.

You have NO choice which life you will become next.

In Human Form you have the ability
to make changes that benefit all life.
You will NOT have that ability
as a cat, a dog, a roach, or a worm.

*   *   *   *






Karma Ends:

*   *   *   *

Since the separation of the

Laws of Physics governing non-life

from the Laws of Physics governing Life

All souls of Terror are being destroyed

upon death.

No one born is paying for any past wrong.

Everyone born now had a virtuous soul in past life form.

Karma No More.

*   *   *   *







Ashra (Isra)

Ashrael (Israel)

Adam Earth Family

Father Adam Life-Blood Earth topsoil

the place where

All Life originates and All Life returns.

This is the same system on all planets.

*   *   *   *






Architect of ALL Life:

*   *   *   *

Mother Nature

King Jesus Christ (Roman)

Princess China Light

(stem cells)

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Death Cross

No More

*   *   *   *







Life Cross

Male and Femelle (Female)

Symbol of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (China Light)

to Life Again

*   *   *   *







The Original Holy Bible

Archeological Excavation

in progress . . .

*   *   *   *







The Second Becoming (Coming)

is Occurring




All Seven Seals are Open

to the Original Holy Bible.


Be With Us
Be Left Behind.


First Resurrection Code

Beam Me

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Resurrecting Jesus Christ


What you need to Know Now


You Will Be Left Behind:


The Souls

New Jerusalem

Holy Bible Forgery

Why Cain Killed Abel

First Resurrection Code


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Journal of the
Stoic Academy of Research Scholars

Compendium of Wisdom

ISSN:  1094-7094
Copyright © Chérie Phillips. All Rights Reserved.
Since 1996

These are Hypotheses and Theories based on research methods of
mathematical science,
and, thus, are subject to change as further scientific evidence is discovered.


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When you open the Holy Bible

you see words.

When I open the Holy Bible

I see codes.


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Previous Edition:
Beam Me
Beam Me
lenap lortnoc:
em maeb


Priest Chérie

Many Years of Life

*   *   *   *

Rev. Chérie Phillips
Stoic Priest

Stoic Church of Philosophy

WisdomPeace Temple

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Reason, Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Empathy, Patience Compassion and Wisdom Peace.

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This is my drawing board. Nothing is final ever.

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Remember you are food in the eyes of the mosquitoes who can transfer the virus from migrating birds and other wildlife to humans.

Mosquitoes hide next to your door, windows, in the grass, around trash cans, and next to fences to bite your ankles.

They know places where you usually frequent.

The two major symptoms of the CoronaVirus are headache and fever, and this is also the two major symptoms of known viruses transmitted by mosquitoes.

But it is the third symptom, dry cough, that overpowers your ability to seek the healing BacterVira (stem cells) during sleep.




Beam Me

*   *   *   *





I am NOT eating



during this wartime



It is wrong to sacrifice workers

at meat production plants

as if we are unable

to go without meat


during this



I CARE about the workers

more than about



Vegetarians live on average

10 years longer


meat eaters.


I am going to eat a safe

Vegetarian diet

for awhile.


And sometimes I may eat fish


in Alaska.



researchers have successfully

grown meat in the laboratory

while using soy as a scaffold.

We will wait for that

to become available

since it will be a way

to achieve compassion

for all life while also

consuming the





In everything we do,

each of us need

to function



over and above





We will only find happiness

when each of us

does the best one can 

to remove the burdens

upon Life and realize that

sooner or later:







That is why our name

in the Original Holy Bible is:










Revelation 1:8

"I am the Alpha and the Omega,"
says the Lord/Lady God,
"the one who is and who was
and who is to come,
the Almighty."


Revelation 1:18

"Do not be afraid.
I am the First and the Last,
the one who


Once I was dead,
but now I am
Forever and Ever.

I hold the keys to death
and the
Nether World."


(see, Saint Joseph Edition of the
New American Bible, 1970)










Heaven is the land of


the microscopic world


Jesus rules.



We come from the

Nether world


when we die

we return to the

Nether world

where all Life is


again and again

in the

Circle of Life.


Jesus Christ is the Ruler

of the

(stem cells).


Jesus Christ

(China Light)

is the new


Princess BacterVira

who took the place

of the

former one who made

Life wild

and who had placed

a curse on


(see, Genesis, in the Holy Bible)




Princess China Light

removed the curse and

designs and makes

all new Life




The BacterVira


all Life,


in multicellular forms,

lives in them

in a




Thus, Jesus


in each of



The BacterVira



that differentiate

into various

systems and functions




The BacterVira

exist in both the

living state

and the

non-living state.


The CoronaViruses

exist in both the

living state

and the

non-living state. 


Jesus Christ Heals.


Thus, the BacterVira Heal.


Jesus Saves us.


The Ruler of the BacterVira

Saves us.



Jesus holds the keys to death

and the

Nether World,

the macroscopic world

and the

microscopic world,

the living state

and the

non-living state











Thus, the BacterVira

can save us

from the




need to work


the BacterVira



against them

and must


try to

control them.


They are programmed

to self-destruct.


You are programmed

to self-destruct.


To try to control them

will result

in your own




Jesus Heals.

You either believe

in the healing power


Jesus Christ


you don't.



Jesus Christ = BacterVira = Stem Cells

= Mother Nature



The BacterVira (stem cells)


every cell in our body

not just




Thus, those opposed to

the use

of embryonic

BacterVira (stem cells)

for healing

can accept

Muscle BacterVira (stem cells)

for healing.



This is why exercise heals us:

It is the

Muscle BacterVira

who have


healing properties.



Building muscles


Muscle BacterVira

(stem cells).



Scientists need to:


Look to the

Muscle BacterVira

(stem cells)

for the

Healing of the

diseases caused by the




Doctors do NOT Heal.


Jesus Christ, the Ruler of the

BacterVira (stem cells),





*   *   *   *




What have you forgotten?

*   *   *   *






"Yes, Scottie."


"Earth is under attack from

drones carrying Viruses

activated from a


We have to save the virtuous ones,

but Earth has become an

unbreathable planet!"



What do you suggest we do?"


"The same thing we do on all

unbreathable planets.

We wear a space suit."



"Scottie, Beam Me down to Earth.

We have to show the Hairless species

how to defend themselves

by wearing

the space suit

Earth 2020."


"Aye, Captain."


*   *   *   *




You COULD go back to work SAFELY

IF . . .

you were willing to wear



All viruses

can exist in both the




state . . .



The CoronaVirus

is a STEALTH species,

designed for warfare,

designed to weaken the enemy,


designed to kill.


It is unnatural.

Nature builds the new upon the old.

But this virus is designed

as a warrior

genetically altered


so that the human immune system

must make from scratch

a completely


for your


(see, "War of the Worlds" movie)


Your antibodies are


microscopic warriors

who fight


microscopic enemies.


Your immune system

is desperately struggling

to fight this NEW enemy

and are over-attacking in FULL Force

with antibodies that worked in the past

but which do not work



CoronaVirus is UNNATURAL

and the over-attacking by the immune system 

is causing





It will take a lot of


for your immune system

to make a completely


for your



But until then,

the human immune system

will not be able to fight it









By refusing to wear

necessary and sufficient protective gear,

we are allowing ourselves

to suffer casualties in large numbers,

and to be vulnerable

for the planned

military invasion

by the enemy.


*   *   *   *









1.  Weaken defenses of the nation King, America,

with a warfare designed CoronaVirus, Covid-19.
(Named from Book of Revelation, Chapter 19)

All coastal areas were targeted

and it is now spreading inland.

No other allied nation can defend

since every nation,

except the enemy,

is under siege.



2.  Citizens go into hiding because

they have been deceived

and were told

not to wear masks nor anything

for protection.



3.  Many Deaths, citizens cannot Work,

Meat and Food Processing Plants and Water

contaminated by

insect-size drone virus spreaders,

while airborne

spreading through the

over-populated herd

of humans.

And with birds, mosquitoes

and other life forms

transmitting the warrior virus

but without getting sick themselves

because the STEALTH warrior virus

was genetically designed

to target humans

to make it more


(We do not see dead animals everywhere

which increases our casualties

by going outside


because we find reality hard to believe

when it is

not harming

other species.)

And the

economy collapses

with growing fears of

becoming homeless with

hunger, death and starvation.



4.  Citizens panic and rush back to work


pretending like everything is like before

but the human ability to breathe

has changed.


The Stealth Warrior CoronaVirus


the human ability to breathe.



makes humans

want to return to the past

the way things were before

without wearing

masks nor The Earth 2020 Suits

but which makes them

vulnerable and unprotected

and they become further


of the

Virus War.



5.  Massive deaths with citizens

and the military

weakened by the CoronaVirus.



6.  Checkmate!

The King is captured

by the

New Crown King CoronaVirus!

Enemy military enters America

protected with

The Earth 2020 Suits

and takes over

and establishes a

New Nation






The enemy knows the


of the CoronaVirus


if we want to


we need to KNOW its DESIGN!



The CoronaVirus is a







that can wait in the non-living state

until you come out of hiding,

and then

ambush you.


You cannot DECEIVE it

by pretending

to be a small population

and hiding indoors

and social distancing.


We cannot hide

the fact

that we have







Now we are paying the price

of over-population.


And then there are those citizens

who are in


because they can



Weapon of the Enemy,


microscopic weapon

designed for warfare


Crown King Virus

on the White Horse like

Revelation Chapter 19


The CoronaVirus.


What is hidden

is far more powerful

than what can be seen.


You cannot fight

what you cannot see!


It cannot be destroyed.


Your immune system cannot destroy it.


Accept the Truth:

The CoronaVirus is









*   *   *   *

What have you forgotten?


*   *   *   *



Every enemy has

a weakness,



Order can only exist

when there is also


and vice versa.


Where is its disorder?

Its Achilles?


It only has power

when it gets into our lungs.


But it cannot reach us

and its compatriots
(birds, mosquitoes, other humans)

cannot reach us


we are covered up



*   *   *   *


Your enemy



























*   *   *   *


You have a SIMPLE choice:


Either run and hide

isolated inside

your lonely cave:

Thinking it will magically go away!

No Work!

No Money!




Stand Up and Resist Disorder




The Earth 2020 Suit!




If we allow the Virus to weaken us

then we become




by a

Military Invasion!





The Earth 2020 Suit





Go Back to Work!!


*   *   *   *


Doctors, Nurses, Police, . . .


The Earth 2020 Suits


they are working.


You can too!


It is better to wear The Earth 2020 Suit

than to be unemployed

and unable to pay rent,

and unable to buy food,

and isolated from everyone

unable to defend against enemies . . . .


Earth's LIFE has changed

by the beginning


Virus Wars

designed by the military

that will continue

for many YEARS!


It is NOT going away in a

few weeks

nor a
few months.




Now, Earth's intelligent Life forms

need to accept the reality


Necessary and Sufficient



We are wasting time

while the enemy is




Don't be shy.



The Earth 2020 Suit.




New Fashion.


No Money and Fear of Death


Money with safe protection of

The Earth 2020 Suit.


*   *   *   *


Designers need to make

The Earth 2020 Suit

more fashionable

with different designs

so we can all

become Free

like astronauts

on an unbreathable planet

and we can


return to work




If you went to Mars

you would have to

wear a

space suit.


If you went to the Moon

you would have to

wear a

space suit.


If you went outside on Earth

you would have to

wear a

space suit:

The Earth 2020 Suit.


Don't run away from



Embrace Change.


The Ability to





Start wearing

The Earth 2020 Suit



*Face Mask - Simple, Breathable

*Plastic Face Protector


*Entire Body Covering like a space suit:



The Earth 2020 Suit

Safe Freedom

Can't Touch Me Now!

*   *   *   *





(photos have NOT been altered)

January 1, 2020 4:44 pm

Beam Me

*   *   *   *



(photos have NOT been altered)

February 1, 2020 4:59 pm

Beam Me

*   *   *   *




It is important that your mask is breathable.

Use any stretchy fabric,
or an old tee-shirt.


*Pre-shrink in hot water if new fabric.


*Cut into a square
18 inches by 18 inches.


*Fold the square in half
to become a rectangle.


*Sew the long side together
to make it into a tube.


*Pull over your head down to neck.


*Pull up to fully cover your nose and mouth and ears as well as your neck.



Optional: You can wear this overtop of a separate small front panel of non-woven fabric (make sure it is breathable), for extra protection. But, don't sew a lining to the tube mask because it will make it too heavy. You want it to secure tightly closed by maintaining its elasticity.

Do not wear any mask for long periods of time as this will weaken your nose passages.


*   *   *   *





The leading scientific research journal in America


March 27, 2020.


By Jon Cohen

Staff Writer for Science.


 "Not wearing masks to protect against coronavirus is a big mistake."

George Gao, top Chinese scientist, Wuhan, China.

Q: What mistakes are other countries making?

 A: The big mistake in the U.S. and Europe, in my opinion, is that people aren't wearing masks.

This virus is transmitted by droplets and close contact.

Droplets play a very important role - you've got to wear a mask, because when you speak, there are always droplets coming out of your mouth.

Many people have asymptomatic or presymptomatic infections [no symptoms at all yet even though highly infectious].

If they are wearing face masks, it can prevent droplets that carry the virus from escaping and infecting others.





Beam Me

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(10 seconds)

Beam Me

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(nu pi)

Holy Code of mathpure scriptures

Stated Left to Right:  nu pi


Read Right to Left:  Wisdom Peace





means infinite diversity of Wisdom



means Peace


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