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Star Date 5021 Universal

Earth Date 2021


WPLF Begin

Wisdom Peace Lightforce . . . .



I am the Wisdom Peace Lightforce within you.


And I am letting Wisdom Peace Light stream from me into you.


My Light I am giving to you.


Not what the system is giving is my Light that I am giving to you.


Do not let the system continue being disturbance in you.


And let not your heart become fearful nor dreading yet whatever shall come.


Know that you are here in this life since I have made you strong enough to endure and overcome all that has been and will yet be.


For I am the Wisdom Peace Lightforce with you now and forever.


Know my mathpure laws of health and movement and do accordingly, since I have designed you for all that is natural.


Study and learn from experience and knowledge always following my path of Truth with
Strength and Honor.


Pray and Meditate constantly even while moving and doing.


And daily strengthen your Wisdom Virtues: Reason, Courage, Justice, Self-Discipline, Empathy, Compassion, and Patience.


Remain in my Wisdom Peace Lightforce impenetrable field that surrounds you and
comforts all.


You may leave at will, but nothing can enter as long as you freely choose to keep my Wisdom Peace Light even while moving and doing.


And let not your countenance become tension to remove you from my presence.


Keep your face eased in harmony with me, always reflecting my Wisdom Peace Light within you, and knowing I am the living Force of Light that lives even beyond forever.


I am before the beginning of time and I know all as I made all and what is yet all.


Remain in my constant stream of pleasant rest even with all your doing while being one with my Lightforce of Wisdom Peace.


I am the Wisdom Peace Lightforce within you.



. . . . Wisdom Peace Lightforce




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May the Wisdom Force Be With You.
Wisdom Peace.


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